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Electromagnetic Frequencies and Stress

Electromagnetic Frequencies and Stress

EMF is an acronym which stands for Electromagnetic Frequency, Electromagnetic Field or Electromagnetic Force. There is also another acronym, EMR, which stands for Electromagnetic Radiation. Each of these refers to the same thing and has been used interchangeably. Wherever there is electricity there is also magnetism and vice versa. They are two sides to the same coin. This is a physical scientific law. All electrical and magnetic devices emit EMF. EMF is also emitted by all living things, the earth, lightning, the sun, stars, planets, etc. Everything has its own EMF, whether weak or strong. All things, animate or inanimate have their own unique frequency. Everywhere around us, we are constantly being affected by EMF in every way as it permeates our bodies. The ionosphere of the earth does protect us from harmful EMF from space, although with changes happening in the ozone layer we are not as protected as we once were in the past.

Over the last century and a half, artificial electricity or alternating current (AC) has been developed. Today this is the main form of electricity used worldwide to power just about everything, from household appliances to street lights. Natural electricity is direct current or (DC) which is what is produced by lightning, subtly found in all living things and is what is produced by batteries. The range of these frequencies is depicted in the electromagnetic spectrum. It covers the different frequencies such as radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays all the way to the extremely high frequencies of gamma rays.

The problem with a lot of these other EMF sources is that it can and does interfere and affect the EMF of the human body, causing stress, and over time will build up and cause disturbances in the natural processes and cycles in the human body, which can lead to disease.

All of these EMF"s from all the various sources are present around you in different degrees. Just because you do not see them, does not mean they do not affect you or they are no less real. On the contrary, what you do not see is what is best for you to be concerned with the most. For radio and television frequencies are just as real as the physical radio and television. For without them, these products would be nothing more than a fancy paperweight. Water is a great substance that has both changing physical forms and a gaseous form, which for the most part you can"t see, but nonetheless does exist. It goes from a frozen state to a liquid state, to a gaseous state after the water evaporates. We then see it reappear again when it condenses back into water droplets.

Just keep in mind that there are many invisible things around you, which in the past may not have been known until device were created to measure these "invisible" items. So there may be things now that have not been identified as of yet, but in the future new devices will be created that will show the existence of them. This has been proven time and time again within history, where certain "geniuses" have told the world about things, which could not be proven at that time, so they were ridiculed and their ideas thrown to the wayside. Only to have, many decades later, been proven right by new inventions which were able to scientifically prove the existence of them.

In certain areas in our development as a society, if we were to listen to these pioneers of the past with an "open mind," we would most likely be a lot further along in our knowledge and acceptance of all the environmental stress that is around us now and would have many things in place to eliminate or alleviate them. Well even though we have not been able to "fix" these stressors, we are now able to measure the affects they have on our bodies and introduce ways to reduce this stress now.

Quantum Biofeedback is a device which is able to send the electrical 3d signatures of over 10,000 compounds to the body and measure the body"s response and reactance to these items. In doing so, the system gets a snapshot of the over stress of the body and the different organs and systems of the body. With this information and the calculations derived from them, it is able to show the potential stresses put on the body and the degree of reactance to each. From this, the system is able to then able to work on balancing out these stresses in the body and bring the body back into a balanced state. In doing so, the immune system of the individual is then able to "heal itself" by not having these previous stresses hamper itself from working at its maximum potential. When the stress is eliminated, the body can do what it does best; keep itself in homeostasis and a state of unhindered balance.

There is really nothing outside of your own body, which can heal you. Everything else is just a tool to help your body get back into a state, where it can heal itself. Everything has its place, from drugs to surgery to natural remedies. It is just best to put everything in the proper order and not have to pull out the big guns, such as drugs and surgery, until other options have been investigated. If that does not work for you, then these other options are always there to use as a last resort. This is our opinion which we strongly believe. We"d rather use natural remedies and products first, since they have little to no side effects and are healthier overall for your body. This is why we offer biofeedback, which is none, invasive and has no harmful side effects.

Quantum Biofeedback has many tools to measure the stress in your body and show you potential things in your life which are causing the stress you are experiencing. We ALL have stress, whether or not we currently have any symptoms. Just because you have no symptoms, usually only means that your body has experienced the stress for so long that it has adapted to it. But while in this stage, if it continues for too long, it will build up and then start to cause more symptoms for you and eventually disease. body

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