Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uriel's Message -- The Power to Choose

Uriel's Message -- The Power to Choose

Your power to choose is an aspect of your free will and it is how you create your reality. Everything you are and have reflects a choice you make. Every aspect of your life on all levels is a reflection of what you have chosen. While you know you have this power you do not always use it to obtain the best results. When you feel powerless and stuck you question whether you have choices and that is not the issue. You must learn to use your power of choice to create your reality in a mindful, powerful way, focusing on yourself and your needs and rejecting any choice when it involves another's free will.

The people who have rejected and betrayed you, those who you feel do not love you have wounded your heart. From this wounded space you feel your choices are limited because you judge the results of your choice to be with them or part of their lives as not having manifested. Can you see that if the outcome you wish interferes with another's free will, that this is a choice that cannot be made? If you will eliminate all such choices from your mind, you will greatly increase the peace in your life and receive more powerful results from your choices.

No one can extend the day longer than what the earth has chosen. You cannot ask the earth to refrain from creating nightfall because you wish to see the sun for another five minutes. Yet this is what you do when you want to affect how someone chooses or to make choices for them. Those who wish to live through their limitations or powerlessness have made a choice that you cannot alter. Those who choose to ignore or reject your light are making a powerful choice that reflects their life path.

You array of choices is limitless as long as you are aware that your choices have power in your reality and reflect the use of your free will. The choices others make are what they think is best for them. Do not view their choices from your wounded heart space but from a place of detachment and give yourself the blessing of peace that comes with acceptance. Then choose what you wish to have in your reality, and allow it to manifest with the people who can resonate with the love that you are seeking.

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