Thursday, November 11, 2010

SaLuSa: You must start living your truth

SaLuSa: You must start living your truth
November 10, 2010

You are ever moving onwards, and your goal is well in sight as the Light lifts you up. This month is one that promises a surge of energy that will yet again power the Light Grids upon Earth. Gradually it is affecting each soul upon Earth and raising their level of consciousness. Even those that have hardly awakened to their true selves are feeling a stirring inside. They know not what is happening, but feel the air of expectancy and sense that changes are occurring. After patiently waiting for some major change, you will be shortly entering a new year that holds almost every answer you seek. It will be a most challenging period, as the ways of old will fall away thereby making space for the new to come in. It will be a year when new heights will be reached, and the path of Man clearly defined.

Chaotic times lie ahead but cannot be avoided when the new conflicts with the old. People find it hard to give up what they are used to, and change often brings about fear. However, all changes are necessary, if you are to make quick headway once the old power base is broken up. Governmental changes are high on the list of urgent actions that need to be taken. The scene has been set and only waits the legal sanction to go ahead. It will be set up in such a way that it will be a fait accompli when the go ahead is given. We have planned for this time for many years, and there is no margin for error as all possibilities have been carefully examined. Success is guaranteed and fully supported by the Galactic Federation.

There is such a short time left this year, but before it ends it will be seen that other countries are also preparing for major changes. No longer is the U.S. able to call the tune, but nevertheless their role will be of significant importance. The darkness has shrouded that country for a long time and brought it to its knees, but under leaders who are spiritually mindful it will rise up once again. A return to the Constitution will take place, and changes will bring sanity to the financial markets. No longer will people be able to gamble with the lives and property of others, and responsibility and caring will be foremost. The Light is now so powerful it is bringing people together, with a new resolution to live in love and peace. That aim will be fulfilled before Ascension, and expanded to bring harmony and balance into each person's life. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling that will abound in the New Age, and to be a free soul totally released from all cares and worries.

We know that you can at times escape into your own world and find enjoyment. However, the future will bring a permanent change, and not just a fleeting experience of how it will be. Each of you that are working with the Light are bringing your visions into being, and they are not just here to stay but be enlarged. Follow the promptings of your heart and let others see what it is like to spread Love and Light, and more importantly how it brings about peace and serenity. People are attracted to any soul that gives off such energies, and their own vibrations are lifted as a result. Happiness is catching, just as laughter can also lift the vibrations.

Your evolution is about bringing more and more Light and understanding into your life. It is spreading the Light wherever you go, and showing others how to live their lives by your example. There is nothing to be gained by forcing your beliefs onto another person, so do not concern yourself with those souls who prefer to be led, as it is their choice to experience in this way. No experience is without its value, even when it may be seen as a failure. Learning the secrets about love is improving your mindset in preparation for Ascension, and you will find that Love and Light abound in the higher dimensions.

***We of the Galactic Federation continue to make our craft so obvious, that it is no longer possible to explain us away. It is being accepted far and wide that we are of extraterrestrial origin, and it is seen that no matter how close we come to you there is no threat to your safety. It therefore begs the question, as to how much longer the cover up regarding our presence can continue to be prolonged. Admitting to our existence is one thing, but explaining why it has been in place for such a long time is another. The real truth will not be given, but even so to claim that national security was at risk is patently untrue, as we have never instigated any acts of aggression against you. The cover up of the truth reaches all the way to the top, and the members of the Illuminati who have been the secret government. So you can see that the door to the truth can be opened, but there will still be every attempt made to conceal the true purpose of the cover up.

However, the full truth will come out in good time, for your appreciation and understanding of the last century. It will be shocking and beyond belief for most people. It is not the intention that you should waste too much energy on such matters, and your focus should remain on your immediate future. The Laws of the Universe are immutable, and be sure any soul that has erred in their judgement and actions will face the truth of the consequences. Your laws are Man's laws and too draconian when viewed with spiritual understanding. Even although there is little time to the end of duality, there will a reformation of your laws so that where injustice has occurred it can be remedied. You must start living your truth as one who has discovered the Light both within and without. Become the Being you imagine you will be in preparation for Ascension, and relate to others on that higher level. In so doing you will find great peace within, and ride out the more difficult aspects of the changes.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to tell you that we are very much present on Earth already. It is just that our bases are hidden from your sight, and quite a number are safe and out of your reach on the seabed. There are also others deep inside mountains such as Mt. Shasta, which is where our activities are noted. When necessary we can place ourselves and our craft within cloaks of invisibility, and there is no hiding place from us, as we regularly have a presence at the secret meetings of the Illuminati. So Dear Ones we know what is planned and act accordingly within the degree of action we are authorised to take. We serve out of love for you, and for the love of the great Supreme Creator.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey