Saturday, December 26, 2009

Council Of 12: Acceleration of Your Ascension Process

Council of 12: Acceleration of Your Ascension Process
Transmitted through Selacia
January 2010

(The Council of 12 at the December 5, 2009 global channeling event)

In these past several weeks, you have been receiving an influx of much expanded spiritual energies that will be the seed for taking your next big leap.

What do we mean by this? The expanded spiritual energies are a part of the acceleration of your ascension process. That means your own ascension and the ascension of the Earth.

Ascension has to do with your vibration. It's about frequency and consciousness. It's both personal and planetary - meaning that as you change your frequency, your new energy begins to create a new type of energy on the planet.

You see, you and other light workers are the creative force behind what you experience on Earth. It is your consciousness that drives the momentum of change. You decide what that will be.

That deciding is not a form of mentalizing or affirming using the logical brain.
It can't be forced with your will.
It comes from your heart.
It comes from accessing and expressing the love and joy naturally within you.
It's a process of moving out of the fear you have been ruled by for generations of time.

Your process of moving out of fear-based conditioning isn't an easy one. There is much to unlearn, much to remember, and much to discover about how to skillfully make the transition out of 3rd Dimensional reality.

The 3-D reality is linear and fear-based. The fear blocks your ability to experience love and wholeness. It blocks your ability to tap into your joy, and sometimes it even causes you to sabotage yourself so that you can't feel the joy naturally within you. When you live within that fear-based frequency, you cannot truly grasp the wonder of being a spirit in a human body.

Your 3-D nature has little comprehension of other realms and worlds that exist. It doesn't like change.

This lower density existence has been human conditioning over thousands of years on Earth.

Do not judge yourself for experiencing it, or label yourself as "wrong" when you still have moments of being stuck in 3-D.

You ascend into a higher frequency of energy as you begin to see truth and rediscover your Divine nature. It's an evolutionary process that occurs over time.

In today's 2012 window, as Earth moves closer to the Galactic Center, this evolutionary process is greatly accelerated.

There's no guarantee of how quickly your ascension happens - that's up to each one of you.

Have you noticed that some days it's easier than others?

Most people can be fearless and loving some of the time. The challenge is to hold that higher frequency when someone criticizes you, when someone else gets the promotion, or when you have a major loss or disappointment. It's not as easy then.

Your task now, during this ascension process, is to be unwavering in your determination and consistent in taking actions that come from your heart.

You must do it even when you see no immediate results. The need for immediate gratification, after all, is a trick of the ego and the limited 3-D reality.

It is vital now that you develop an inner strength that helps you to approach the world from willingness rather than willfulness. It's a willingness that can be patient and wait for positive energies to manifest.
It trusts in the good, and fuels you to consistently act in a way that spirals your energy upwards rather than downwards.

Your process now is learning to question the status quo from a state of fearlessness, inviting in a new level of truth that you could not hear before.

This is something no other generation has done - at the level you are doing it - so quickly and with such rapid progress. Do not underestimate this on those days when you feel nothing is happening.

What is so profound about now is that you are learning to receive in a brand new higher vibrational way. There are levels of this new type of receiving, just as there are levels of being able to be fearless.

The key here is to begin recognizing the new level of truth you are receiving - in the moment you are receiving it.

It will be a multidimensional perspective - not 3-D - which gives you a bigger view. It won't all be pretty or nice. You will see some things about yourself you'd rather not see. You will see things about other people and society that will have you wondering if things are actually getting worse instead of better.

At other times, the truth you reveal will bring you great joy. You will recognize an aspect of your Divine nature --and in that moment, your recent difficulties will fade from your mind.

It's like coming home after a very long and challenging trip. You take a deep breath, look around you to discover familiar surroundings, and find a comfortable chair. The tension you felt on your trip is gone and you feel at peace. Nothing really changed, of course, except your relationship to your experience. You are able to shift your mind into a higher frequency. That changes what you experience.

Other examples of holding the higher frequencies include those moments when you feel so connected to all of life that it's like floating in a sea of tranquility. These moments might happen when you are alone, or they could happen when you are in a group of people. When they occur, know that they are originating from within you, connected to the higher frequency you are holding. It's not about the external circumstances.

What you are learning to do now is to hold these higher frequencies within you more of the time.

Eventually, as you inhabit a 5-D reality, the new energies will become as normal as what you had experienced before. You will then look at your 5-D reality as though it was the norm.

Meanwhile, you can expect some speed bumps along the way. As an example, as you are learning to find your center, you will sometimes vacillate between the high blissful states and the lower states of fear. When this occurs, it may be challenging to fully anchor the bliss you feel into your physical reality.

Ascension doesn't mean leaving the planet and flying around in your bliss bubble. You are meant to bring spirit - and bliss - into your physicality.

The love and joy that you are needs to come into a full expression within you. Only then can you be free, happy, and whole. That in fact is what each of you has come here to do. You are here to discover this jewel for yourself and to share it with others in your world.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2010 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12, * All Rights Reserved * * *