Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Lightspeakers: Is the Universe Personal?

The Lightspeakers: Is the Universe Personal?
through Christie Pennington

The question for many that has been directed to us is one that asks of the random or personal effects of the Universe upon individual lives. So many concepts intermingle here that we will have to sort them out and connect the dots so to speak. We will connect many but not all, here at this time.

You may follow along with numbered dots or letters, whichever you prefer, for aspects of this are related to quantum effects and others seem philosophical. Yet we hope to bring you a pleasing picture of truth as a result.

If, you see, the Universe were merely random in it's working with you, it would then be random in it's working throughout creation. The planets, tides and cycles of nature and many numbers of other things would be random as well. So if the circumstances of your life were merely random, the luck of the draw, it would be so throughout creation, which it is not.

If the Universe were oblivious or uncaring of your personal needs within a greater pattern of orchestration, or if your desires were to be frustrated at every turn in order for some greater spiritual perspective to be completed,would you then have been given free will? It would seem, that would impede a Universal directive, if that were it's primary purpose. It is precisely so that you may exercise your options, your desires, your creations as an individual part of the whole that is the Light, that is God, that you came to be where you are.

If then, you have desires you would fill, it may be that the timing you prefer is not present. If not, it is because the pattern that is coming into form of this desire contains many parts and so the tapestry being woven requires other colors of thread to be added to complete the picture. The other colored threads all contribute to a completion of which their desires are a complimentary part that fit well with your own.

It cannot be said then that these different threads come together randomly or without choice to form a completed tapestry! Your particular colored thread is your desire as it relates and fits with those others. Some colors have not yet been added because their timing is a bit different, yet the tapestry exists as a potential possibility already. It is one of many tapestries already woven.

The timing relates to the focus of attention of each of the colored threads and their readiness to see themselves as individual parts of the completed whole. If it were that your desire for a particular picture was dependent upon diverse desires of other threads to be completed, the tapestry would then look quite different. We say that different tapestries do exist also, but you have complete choice as to whether or not you will weave your life's experience into one or the other of them. Those of your soul family and extended group are working on at least one together. Their desires and learning are completer in hue to your own, though it may not appear always to be so.

There are times when the tapestry may look incomplete in your eyes, at one stage it is not attractive, yet you must hold the vision of it as complete nonetheless, knowing the beauty does exist. Those familiar with the quantum theory of Schrodingers Cat will recognize a similarity here.

Your job is to continue weaving your threads into the tapestry, trusting that others are being guided to do the same, as the completed picture is held in the mind of God as one of many. You may contribute in your life's journey to more than one tapestry, you may choose another picture within which to weave your life. It is up to you which one you wish to participate in.

So there exist then, many tapestries within which to weave your life's story, all of them multi-colored and beautiful, if you but have eyes to see. Amen

Christie Pennington

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