Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SaLuSa: The coming year will be seen as one of great opportunity

SaLuSa: The coming year will be seen as one of great opportunity

For most of you the coming festive celebrations are welcomed, and allow you to take your minds off more pressing matters. This is creating an opportunity to take your focus away from the problems that beset you at present. Truly if you are already aware of the reasons for the changes you see occurring around you, you can make every day one of celebration. For you know the reasons that they must take place, and your joy comes from anticipating the outcome. It also means that the changes present no fears for you, and you look instead for the signs of completion. It has been quite a time since we commenced contact with you, and you have had to frequently change your expectations. As we have adjusted to the alterations to our plans, you also have moved your focus accordingly. However, one factor has remained constant, and that is the process of Ascension, which will reach a key point of upliftment by the end of 2012.

So Dear Ones know that regardless of what happens, there can only be one outcome. Only the Creator can change the destiny of Humanity, and no attempts by the dark Ones will subvert the march towards your release and completion of this cycle. For those of the Light there is the assurance that if it is your intent, you will be uplifted as anticipated into the higher dimensions. Well before then we shall have openly landed on Earth, and have co-ordinated our plans with our Earth Allies. Time flies by at present but when you get into the positive aspects of the changes, it will progress at breathtaking speed. What a relief it will be for you once the Illuminati have been removed from power, and you can rest easy in your homes knowing that the threat to your well being has gone forever. Can you sense how relaxed people will be and smiles will replace those worried frowns. An exciting period in your lives will have commenced, which will be productive and fulfilling of the promises made to you by us.

Civilisations can only qualify to become Galactic Federation members, when the have reached a level of Light that indicates their allegiance to the Creator. They serve others in a selfless way, understanding that it is the duty of those who have evolved to help others along the same path. How you approach it is up to you, and you have all time in which to experience the multi-dimensions. However, that inner urge will always drive you onwards, and you will stay just as long as you need to further your evolution. As you move higher, there is a drawing together of like souls that enhances your understanding. In other words, you do not always have to experience first hand to evolve.

Life really is straightforward and uncomplicated providing it is based upon Love and Light. Surprisingly it is not difficult to be within the turmoil that changes bring, if you focus on the outcome. Let all that has no place in your life pass by, as it cannot affect you unless you attract it to yourself. It does not mean that you necessarily have to avoid such situations, as awareness of them is sometimes beneficial to you. Being prepared for the consequences of what is happening is sensible, so as not to be taken by surprise. What you do as a result can often be intuitively decided without outside help. We believe that the large majority of you are sensible and are caring of others, and will make appropriate decisions.

The coming year will be seen as one of great opportunity, and in many instances the people will be the motivators of what takes place. Their discontent with the old ways will ensure that they do not creep back. Consciousness levels have advanced so far that new concepts have every chance of being manifested. It applies to all areas of life, and particularly those concerned with people's welfare. The new way of thinking embraces the higher spiritual understanding that each of you is your brothers keeper. For too long you have accepted that people are responsible for themselves. While this is correct to a certain level, all are not born equal or have the same opportunities in life. Yet you all have a role to play, and in a fair and just society everyone should share the benefits.

Looking back at your recent history you will see that it has been dominated by wars. What is also apparent is that no political system has come up with the answers to your needs. Furthermore, each one has failed to provide the promise its policies have intended. Because of this they have all in turn failed, and seemingly there are no new ideas being promoted. However, when your representatives are spiritually enlightened, there will be a major shift in the way governments are organised and operate. In the higher dimensions Councils are always comprised of souls who hold super consciousness levels. Even now they oversee the Earth and its people, and make decisions that effect your future. There is a hierarchy below them that carries out their bidding, and ultimately overshadows individuals on Earth who can manifest whatever is required. Great leaders invariably have many special Guides, as do most souls who have entered life with a specific plan in mind.

Here you are on the verge of entering a wonderful period of change, and you will know that the outcome is the lifting up of people into the Light. As we have often intimated, how you get to your destination is not important as long as you do get there. Duality is full of ups and downs, but providing you never lose sight of your goal you will be victorious. Intent is everything in whatever you are doing, and it sends out an energy that will attract the opportunities you seek. What it also does is fits them in with your karmic responsibilities, so you do not always receive exactly as you would have wished. Do not therefore be concerned if that is your experience, as it will be absolutely right according to your stage of development.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and should you wonder about our evolutionary level, I will say that we have achieved Cosmic consciousness. We do not feel superior to you, as the ego has long been balanced into our psyche. In fact we are quite humble, and would not dream of trying to elevate ourselves above any soul. You too will follow this path and your competitive side will become more subdued. Your willpower will become your driving force for the good of all, coupled with Unconditional Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey