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Spirit Pathways: Gateways to Freedom

Spirit Pathways: Gateways to Freedom
Channeled Messages from Spirit
by Kate Ann Spreckley
December 2009

December is an intense month with the energies flooding through the 12:12 Stargate, the Solstice on the 21st and the celebration of Christmas on the 25th. The Stargate on the 12th indicates that we have reached a place within this phase of our evolutionary journey where it now becomes possible for us to hold and to utilise a vibration of sacredness in all that we do and in all that we accomplish.
It is within the energies of the 12:12 Stargate that we are gifted with the keys to self-mastery which will enable us to create a revolution of consciousness that will give us clear direction and access to our paths as great warriors for peace in the evolution of humanity.

During this journey of transformation new levels of perception are awakened and the requirements necessary to obtain true peace and freedom are fulfilled. We are required to discipline ourselves and purifying our lives so that we are able to radiate our light, shift our energy and carry our creations forward using the higher frequencies of Universal love and wisdom. This will cause fundamental changes within our world and we are required to be fully present, to maintain our centre and to radiate our light within the swiftly changing energies.

This phase of our evolutionary journey introduces a major change in all our expressions and within our field of service. As we free ourselves from the traps of physical, emotional and mental negativity we are able to stand as warriors for this great cause of evolution. As we awaken to our own blissful nature we are initiated into the higher realms of ideas, visions and revelations.

During this time of extreme energy we shall be gifted with revelations regarding our unique field of service and our purpose. The surest way for us to discover our calling is through the unfoldment of our Spiritual nature. As we allow the essence of our Spirit to grow and develop within our physical life, our path opens before us and the light of our Divine Creator shines upon the consciousness of humanity, bringing us all into alignment with the Divine Plan.

The energy of December brings an opportunity for us to balance our Feminine and Masculine energies at a cellular level, bringing the right and left hemispheres of our brain into a state of equilibrium and restoring deep wisdom within our consciousness. As the channels of our higher mind open we are able to begin decoding the memories of our deepest origins and thus revealing the true nature of our Soul. As we apply the wisdom we have gained in creating a better world we are able to heal any rigid beliefs and misuses of power, allowing the infinite power of love and wisdom to merge with our inner being.

Every living thing within the Universe is a representation of all Creation and contains within it the unity of the Universe. The necessity of all Creation is to move into harmony before wholeness can be achieved. All aspects of our self must be recognised and integrated before personal wholeness can be attained. Every situation and experience that arises brings us closer to a sense of wholeness and unity within the Universe. Each experience leads us to a new understanding of ourselves; our talents, strengths and weaknesses, all that which we have been given to complete our lifetime here.

The destiny of all humanity depends upon how we choose to react or respond to the different energies, situations and life experiences we are gifted with. If we react from the place of our lower aspect, war, destruction and corruption will continue. If we choose to respond through our heart, using the wisdom of our higher aspects, we will experience and see the glory of a new Earth birthed within our reality.

The frequency of the 12:12 Stargate will allow us to perceive more of the unseen realms and to integrate this into our conscious experiences. As we allow ourselves to become channels of Divine love and light the wisdom of the Heavens is returned to the Earth realm and the union of Heaven and Earth is created within each living thing.

The Solstice of 21:12 creates a mirror for us to review how our Spiritual life is reflected within our physical reality. Our physical vehicle is a representation of the energies held with our Earth - it is the manifestation of the energies of life. When we connect with the essence of our physical nature we understand that we are Light manifested as matter and as such our physical life should mirror our Spiritual life

The heavenly bodies that dance through our skies powerfully influence our physical reality and we are constantly immersed in a flow of vibrations through which we can receive and conduct energy. In this stage of evolution we are more aware of the uses and applications of Spiritual energies and it is imperative for us to remember the right use of energy so that all that we create is for the upliftment and benefit of all of life.

As the energy of the Solstice moves within our world we are called to remember that we contain all aspects of creation and that the way to Oneness and Unity is through the reuniting of dualism - light and dark, female and male, body and Spirit.

In the month of December as the doorways open to reveal the future of humanity we are asked to put our lives in order and to live consciously with truth and integrity, demonstrating our inherent qualities of kindness, generosity and love.

Spirit Pathways - Kate A. Spreckley

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