Saturday, December 26, 2009

SaLuSa: You have a year ahead that will surpass any other

SaLuSa: You have a year ahead that will surpass any other

Dear Ones we see you as one in a physical dimension and also one of energy. They are each changing very quickly as they draw closer together, and create a balance that will bring harmony and peace to Earth. It is reaching critical mass and brings with it the final change that will result in Ascension. You are so far advanced that nothing can halt the process, which is bound to succeed. We see that more of you are moving out of uncertainty, into a positive state of realisation that the end times are for your upliftment. It does not matter whether you understand the reasons for the changes, as long as your perception is that they are beneficial to everyone. Certainly there are many of you who see so much around you that is undesirable, or not in your best interests. The call for an end to conflicts, and leaders that work for world peace is growing every day and it is an energy for change that cannot be ignored. It is an example of people power at a level that is creating a new reality.

Looking back over this year and realising how far you have come in such a short time, it shows how much you have responded to the Light. Although many of you have found that your life on Earth has become more difficult, you have gathered strength from knowing that the domination of the dark Ones is coming to a close. You have also intuitively understood that the changes are not going to bring disaster, but are part of the cleansing necessary before the new Earth can manifest. Holding fast to your understanding will help you through the immediate period, until certain events of world wide importance reveal that a new direction will be taken. Once it becomes apparent it will galvanise many of you into action, as this is the time you have been waiting for. We acknowledge that so many of you are keen to participate in actions to restore the Earth to its former beauty. Time will be of the essence, but your help will be accepted according to what you have to offer. Naturally we are already aware of your value to us, and we will gladly enlist your help.

It gladdens our hearts to see so much Light being drawn to Earth, and it is a credit to those of you who have steadfastly given of your time to participate in one of the many ways it can be achieved. Even now more souls are awakening to the tasks that they came to Earth to carry out. This was of course part of the plan for the upliftment of Humanity, as decided by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Souls were chosen to incarnate for this particular period in duality because of their proven abilities as Lightworkers. Some fail to realise their life plan, but every attempt is made to awaken them to their intentions. If you feel that you have something to do but cannot identify what it is, simply wait for signs to come up in your life. Be prepared and alert, and you are unlikely to miss an opportunity to find your role in life. Your work does not necessarily have to be at a high spiritual level, as there are a great variety of needs that can be served simply by those of good intent. Serving others is invariably at the root of any action that comes from desiring to give of yourself.

The goodwill generated by such occasions as Christmas has a lasting effect, and the love freely given to others uplifts the vibrations of Earth. We would like to see it maintained well into the New Year, and believe it will increase as the realisation of your pending release from the dark Ones raises your expectations. You have a year ahead that will surpass any other you have experienced, and it will see the outpouring of great joy and happiness. The relief at being able to cut your ties to the old ways of control and domination will see a wave of euphoria move across the Earth. We shall be part of that celebration and you shall see the Galactic Federation in a show of unity with you. We shall then be able to complete this journey in duality together all the way to Ascension.

You have yet to appreciate the magnificence of your achievements, as your journey commenced before time as you understand it. It is in some ways unnecessary for you to remember the many lives you have had, as each one has complimented those that have gone before. Today you stand as one who has all but completed the journey, and you are expressing yourself as a total Being of an expanded consciousness. Everything you have learnt is still retained at your sub-conscious level, and you are all the greater for it. An even greater jump in your evolution is about to occur, and it will bring you closer to the level you were just before you dropped down into duality.

Remember Dear Ones; your whole purpose of leaving the Godhead was to experience the challenge of being separated from your Source. At times you have lost touch with it, and floundered as you sought the purpose of life. You have hid out in fear because of your feeling of insecurity, and failed to realise the Oneness of All That Is. Now this period of doubt and misconception has passed for those who have found the truth, and realised their eternal and immutable links with God.

All of your happy experiences will be surpassed by what is to come in the higher dimensions. They will be completely manifested in the Light to a degree of perfection rarely experienced on Earth. The change will be so sudden it will be like taking one step out of the Dark Ages, and finding yourself in a totally new dimension of Light. That has to be a joyful ending of a great challenge that has seen you rise up against all of the odds. If you are experiencing hard times now just remember what lies immediately ahead, and see it as a reward for your resilience and never flagging determination to lift your self up.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and if you ask whether we celebrate as you do the answer is yes. However, in our lives every day is a tribute to the deity, and grateful thanks for all we have been provided with from the inexhaustible Source of All That Is.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey