Sunday, December 13, 2009

Summary for December 2009: Lynn's Skywatch

Summary for December 2009:
The big news as December opens is the Full Moon in Gemini at 2:30 am EST on December 2. This lunar event is not as powerful as some we have had recently, but it is strongly oriented towards communication and adaptation. Our ideas and preconceptions about our world will be subject to a radical shift in perspective now. This planetary combination can heighten anxiety in those who have a more tightly-wound nervous systems, but also helps to encourage healing, creativity, and a sense of faith, optimism and good will.
Saturn and Pluto are still in square formation as they will be through February of 2010, forcing the eruption into consciousness (Pluto) of the hard work that needs to be done in order to achieve certain goals and let go of tragedies from the past. The combination of Saturn and Pluto is a powerful one that forces us to face up to hard truths (Saturn) and let go of anything that is holding us back (Pluto) so that transformation can occur. Read more about this powerful cycle here.
Venus moves into lighthearted Sagittarius on December 1st which lightens up our relationships and is excellent for any kind of social engagement.
During the first week of December up until the 7th, an inner expansion can open us up to the old wounds that Chiron comes to heal. Ultimately this is an extremely positive experience, but there may be some momentary pain during the week leading up to the 7th.
For a week before and several days after that the 3rd we are inspired to improve our relationship with our Selfand our body. We may be confused about how best to accomplish this until after the 5th). This may result in illness or a lowered immune system that may last until the 10th or so. However, around December 4 we will begin to embrace the concept of working hard in order to achieve the results in our relationships with others and with ourselves.
The mind and mental functions are strong between the 5th and the 7th. On the 5th it becomes easier for us to attend to mental matters that require focus and diligence. Then on the 7th Pluto intensifies our thinking and potentially adds a compulsive or obsessive quality to our thoughts and expression. Saturn adds focus and discipline but also the potential for negative thinking and communication difficulties. These few days are better for writing, for which solitude is extremely beneficial. On the other hand, conferences and negotiation require a sensitivity that will be lacking during this short period.
After these busy days full of mental activity and words, we have a few days of solar activity which help to energize us and focus on that which we need to enhance our own lives and well-being. On the 10th we are more easily able to balance our priorities and strengthen our sense of purpose. On the 13th we are inspired to embrace the healing process that is ongoing under the larger planetary cycles now. On the 14th we question everything and rebel against constriction but at the same time there is an abundance of good feeling which softens the effect. Finally, on the 15th intuition and creativity are enhanced and we are more compassionate.
The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 7:02 am EST on the morning of December 16th. New Moons are times of new beginnings, and this New Moon offers the potential of a brand new understanding of what gives our life meaning. This is the realm that Sagittarius governs, and this New Moon also offers the potential for a radical shift in our understanding. It is likely that under this influence we will need to adjust our awareness as the new levels of meaning begin to permeate our consciousness.
Venus continues to be active for the next few days and instills a desire for excitement and change, with a desire for freedom that can make it difficult to honor our responsibilities to the people in our lives.
Still, other aspects of Venus will bring our attention back to the "call of the soul" that has been calling us all year, enhancing our desire to connect with the deepest part of ourselves, and bringing wisdom and removing blockages in the form of undigested emotional material that needs to be processed and released. Between the 19th and the 24th of December Venus aids us in the healing and smoothing of the connections between ourselves and the people around us.
Mars turns retrograde on the 20th. Mars has been in Leo since November 7 and because it will be retrograde back to zero degrees Leo before turning around to complete the Leo mission, it will remain in Leo until July of 2010. For more on Mars and this retrograde pattern please listen to the first part of my radio show about Mars retrograde which can be found here. Mars in Leo is motivated by finding one's self-expression, and when Mars turns retrograde there will be an opportunity to review and re-evaluate the creation that is our life. Retrograde Mars can make life more interesting since our desires and actions must be processed through the filters of renewal in the retrograde process before they can actually manifest.
On the 21st, the Sun enters the earth-wise sign of Capricorn, illuminating the path to success and achievement of one's goals. On the 24th and 25th, a short-lived but transformative experience can be exhilarating, but the sense of restriction may overwhelm us for a few days.
Venus enters Capricorn on the 25th, helping to smooth out the rough edges of the past few days but encouraging us to seek solitude. Relationships and interpersonal dealings of any kind (this includes business meetings and family get-togethers) will not be as beneficial during this period. This could be a challenge because of course the Christmas holiday coincides with this alignment, and the fissures in our relationships will make themselves known.
Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th and will remain retrograde until January 15, 2010. During Mercury retrograde periods, communication snafus are common and any contracts or decisions entered into during this time will likely need to be renegotiated or altered. It's generally best to refrain from making big purchases or signing contracts while Mercury is retrograde, but often these things are not in our control. If you do find that you have no choice, be as diligent as you can to ensure that every agreement is clear and in writing.
The Cancer Full Moon occurs on December 31st, just in time for New Year's Eve! This is a Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon in the month, and it is a partial Lunar Eclipse.
In the Full Moon there is always a tension between the polarity of the Moon (in this case Cancer) and the polarity of the Sun (Capricorn). The Cancer/Capricorn polarity deals with the tension between the inner (Cancer) and outer (Capricorn) worlds; that which is ruled by feelings (Cancer), and that which is ruled by structure and that which is expected of us (Capricorn).
During this Cancer Full Moon, finding balance won't be easy but it will be important. Saturn, the Celestial Taskmaster and teacher of solitude, is in a challenging square to both the Sun and the Moon, as well as to Venus, reminding us that although this can be a very social time of year, the real work is done within.
What a great way to prepare for the New Year!

As always, if you have any questions about this information please feel free to contact me directly. Have a wonderful December!