Sunday, December 27, 2009

Love is Multidimensional and So Are You

Love is Multidimensional and So Are You
By Adele Linsalata

As we are all multi-dimensional beings so too is the love in which we experience each day. For no two individuals experience love at the same level at the same time. For in each level of that love it is what the heart calls out to that individual that shall be experienced. Many can say we have the same love for one another. But as male and female experiences the mind at different levels so to do they experience love at different levels. Where one heart might call out for approval one heart may call out for acceptance. To bring both of these hearts together is to reach beyond what one believes about what another understands, to feel what level of the experience of love the other is at.

It is like when you are having a conversation with another individual and as you are talking you can feel and know that what is being discussed is coming on many levels from the others perspective. It is then when you start to comprehend that level in which you are hearing it, that you switch gears to understand what the expression is, coming from that individual. You then are deeply entrenched in the conversation as it is flowing and once again find it has taken a new direction or path than what you had been feeling it was on. Layering upon layering of information all headed in the same direction but being absorbed at different levels within the psyche.

So too is the levels of love, in which we give, receive and communicate.

When one is seeking love on one level, may not be the level in which it is being given and or received. I see this all the time when I am delivering messages to clients. I always say keep an open mind as to the messages you receive may not be what you want to hear. but what you need to hear. The client then has two choices. to keep their mind open for what the messages are, or to keep hearing in the one direction that they want to hear. Where the message hits them the most is what their experience shall be. It is the choice of the individual to what is accepted and what is the direction in which they are traveling along their journey to be integrated in who they are in that which they seek.

This then exemplifies the same with the many faceted levels of the heart and love. What is it that your heart is really asking for, compared to what you are seeking? So many will say they know what it is they want, they lay the whole game plan out as they are seeking a companion, a love interest or partner in this life. So when they do find that level of energy that corresponds to them, they place all their energy into it, never once seeing the energy as it is given or being received back to them or by them. For to see it is to step back and allow the others energy to be absorbed to recognize that what is there, may just not be at the level in which you are seeking. And then again as the heart is opened to many diversities of energy, so to must the individual be open to accepting the level in which is being given to them.

In hearing this. just how does one accept the level in which love is coming to them, if they have not accepted the love they have for their own self? Many are looking for the balance of what they do not have deep within to find the other half of themselves. This brings us back to. if one individual does not love themselves enough, they will seek the one they believe can love them to make them whole. They will search far and wide with many situations in between, a gathering of energy that can then give them the processes in which to find their own self and the love they are seeking. None of this takes into fact the contracts they may have with another human being or the lesson in which is to be learned with love. Many find themselves in relationships when after the energetic of love settles deep within that they have not that much emotional connection or interest with the other individual that they originally thought they did. An eye opener for sure as they realize the individual they are with, filled a void of learning that level of love within them, and now that they have experienced it, is it really time to move on or.Stay where it can then grow in a matching energy with each other and be willing to do this together. For in love. all things can find a way to the heart. But at what level is another's heart ready to give as much as it receives and selfishly takes from another to only find that the other no longer has the love in their heart for the other.

The cycle continues until the time comes when the individuals finally steps back and decides it is time to really see what love is, where the love is for their own self and how to get there and what to do with it when they do step up and finally become that love.

For one must love their self as a whole before that love can then be absorbed to recognize it, to enjoy it and truly live it.

We can look at this and say this also has to do with the multi-contracts that many individuals have with numerous different lessons and experiences of love. As there are those who in their search of love, find themselves on the doorstep of that which is completely opposite and similar to their own self of the one who they did not think it could truly be.accepting and finding that they shall then be whole and complete.

I have said many times the biggest lesson we are all here to learn and experience is that of LOVE.

Love being multidimensional just as you. You will need to go through every layer of Love to become that which is whole. Just as you will need to go through every multi-level of self to reach the love that is there within you. The quest that you are in your search for that love brings you too many discoveries along the way. some good, bad and indifferent. For when you finally do find the love that matches your own, most times you run from it. Your heart finds that this individual has that twin flame just as yours but it is too good to be true. As this happens it is to once again look at the level of love for yourself that is talking to you, to not accept the love that is in front of you. For when you find that level you will see, that there is nothing that should stop you from claiming it as your own.

The many layers of love is integrating among us and it is in the discovery of which layer you are in. As multidimensional as you may be, so to is love. It is how you look at love for within each of us we are at the level of love in which we can see, feel and experience. For in these experiences it is calling on a deeper level.. but which level are you willing to look at or go to?

Explore all the multi-levels of love that is within you and be truthful about what you feel, see, know in your discovery. For only you can hold yourself back from the experiences of Love that you seek. To deny love is to deny the breath you breathe and the light that is within.The journey of love I so rare and beautiful, hold it close as it will never be the same as it is. at this moment of time.

I send you my Love that is on a level of heavenly blessings from above. that you shall know you are loved for who you are and in the knowing that.. that which you seek is right in front of you this whole time.That which is LOVE.

Love, Laughter & Light,
Adele Linsalata

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