Sunday, December 27, 2009


Soluntra King

At the December Solstice 2009 we will enter into the deepest
levels of the Photon Belt, we have been going in and out of it since
1977 and in 1981 the outer planets were in it much of the time, this
was when many were activated and began their missions on earth in
readiness for this time. In 1987 with the harmonic convergence each
soul choose their path and the light illuminated even more of the
collective of humanity. In 1992 with the 11:11 doorway opening the
opportunity to fully unify began and also the shift of ‘time is money
to time is art’ at the July eclipse. The consciousness was further
awakened and choices made in 1999 with the Solar Cross and the choice
of 80% of humanity opening their hearts. With so many other shifts and
this year and 2008 almost a constant, the light is so bright now, the
waves of cosmic energy that is illuminating from the stars and deep
cosmic energies from the centre of the galaxy are pulsating faster. We
are nearing the end of the Galactic Underworld and almost at the
Universal Underworld, then we move into alignment with the Central Sun…
within and without.

You will start too notice especially since the 13th Gate has opened
that the wake up is happening very fast now. All those you know in
your life who you see the divinity within and on the inner planes as
amazing, but they have still had a hard time being it in their lives
and being, this will all change and they/you will be more fully
present. The DNA is activating fast now and its happening without
having to do anything.
You will also be linking with those aspects of yourself from your
Oversoul and unified multi-d self. They will be coming into your life
now and most will live in other countries but thanks to the internet
there are no limitations in making contact. These are the next level
of your family of Light. You would have soul family that you have
known for along time now, but as the energies intensify and your
remembrance and Light glows brighter the higher frequency connections
are taking place with those that are you in the unified matrix of
light, and that you work with on the inner planes. Aspects of yourself
placed in different locations world wide for the awakening matrix of
Diamond Light. Like the prisms of the Diamond, all one Diamond but
unlimited prisms of Light. You are coming closer to your core self and
so meeting your other selves. Since the 13th Gate opening in November
the you/me/ I am /we are one is happening in our outer lives not just
our inner worlds.


On the 17th December the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Second
Sun Day the Second Sun was recalibrated, its return journey back into
the Solar System and union with our Sun is more aligned now with our
frequencies as we received an upgrade on the New Moon as we
surrendered to death and the old paradigm way of living and being.

The Second Sun recalibrating now is activating through the Inner Earth
doorway, the Second Sun is the doorway into the New Earth. The Second
Sun RA Light comes through your heart chakra into the Sun within and
merges and opens up the doorway of Inner Earth as the Inner Earth
beings came out and rejoiced with us.

The Ra light of the Second Sun was recalibrated so that it can be
more fully assimilated now, and also can be woven into the fabric of
the denser realms and more easily absorbed by humanities chakras and
kundalini flow. The cellular upgrade will be happening completely on
the Solstice and this is so important. Just as the completion of the
Great Starmap anchoring takes place.

The Solstice is an opportunity to allow the Ra Light into your
chakras and to assimilate the light through into the etheric body,
then nadis (etheric nervous system) central nervous system and blood,
cells and to the nuclei of the cells to illuminate and transmute
blocks that have been holding you/me/us back from being fully at peace
and still running fears of survival, abundance and life.
The Ra Light on the Solstice will activate an ancient memory of
light that has been missing in the DNA strands and it can be awakened
easily with the sound codes of RA LA BA…. RAAA TUN RA KA….. HUUU 13

This Solstice is strongly connected to the movement of the Earth
and rising and falling away of land masses, it requires those of us
who can and know to be positioned around the world at the place near
where you live that resonates to you for this anchoring and
activation. We need to be fully aware of our light and to hold it for
noon in your time zone (the real noon so if you have daylight saving
then it’s not the clock time but Sun time).
To hold the light for 30 minutes before and after noon.

If you feel guided; see the Great Central Starmap (please see the
link for more updated details) within you with the 13 stars; Regulus
in Leo, Centaurus, Eridanus, Octans, Ursa Major, Pherkad in Ursa
Minor, Altair, Nekkar in Bootes, Thuban in Alpha Draco. Deneb in
Cygnus The Southern Cross.
Sirrah in Andromeda, Ophiuchus. Wega at your heart and Inner Earth Sun
below and the Greater Central Sun above.
After you feel it has completed, go through the Galactic Centre
with these codes and allow, as you come back you anchor them in the
Be aware of just before noon until just after of linking with
all around the world and key places to connect with are; the worlds
highest mountain on the Big island of Hawaii Mauna Kea and the
Kilauea Caldera, the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, Avebury stone circle
in England, the Ring of Kerry on Ireland, the Azores islands in the
Atlantic, Wisconsin Dells north America, Misty Fjords Ketchikan south
east Alaska, Ai-Petri mountain, Crimean peninsula the Ukraine Russia,
the Tatra mountains Poland, Caraiman peak Romania, the top of Norway,
Easter Island, the bottom tip of South America and Tiwanaku in
Bolivia, Palenque in Mexico, the Grotto below Mt Shasta. The Central
Golden Solar Disc Mysore South India and the southern most tip of
India, Kanyakumari. The Serengeti and Mt Kilimanjaro Kenya, the
bottom tip of South Africa and Antarctica, Mt Titiroa -Akum bottom
of South Island NZ, Lake Taupo and M’ua Tonga.
It does not matter what order you link the vortexes but you may
want to start them from the closest in your location and then the last
linked back to you where you are standing on the earth.
Once this has been completed look at the mandalas of the Inner
Earth Sun and Greater Central Sun and then merge into your heart with
Wega, the white hole we have come out of and then merged into
Galactic Centre the black hole we are returning through now, the cross
over point…..all One.

Please see my website

and the 13th Gate, the 13th Gate is open and the Great Central
Starmap (updated) and the Diamond Light Matrix for all the connecting
links to this Solstice, as well as the Second Sun and RA.
The underlined words can be seen as links on my website for the relevant topics
and the mandalas of the Greater central Sun and Inner Earth Sun.