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Akashic Records of April 2008

Akashic Records of April 2008 The Grand Finale !.. 02 April 2008 19:06:53

Jen Eramith MA
Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

What energy and experiences can we expect collectively in April 2008?

Two images will help describe the energy of this month. The first is the feeling of being jolted forward in the way that occurs on a train that suddenly started moving. There is a new acceleration available that is similar to the energy of last summer. It feels like the train is speeding up. Whatever you have in your life will start moving faster in April. This will be a huge relief for some of you and may be unnerving for others. Just as if you were rushing to board the train before you feel ready, if you do not have everything gathered together yet you may feel a little flustered when things start moving. Your response to the acceleration will depend on how centered you have been able to become during the course of March.

The acceleration is not in any particular direction; your experience will be wholly dependent on the intentions you have set for your individual lives. Know that whatever you have begun will streamline itself in April. A lot of the work you have all done in the last four to six months to understand yourselves better, to take accountability for yourselves, and to let go of what stands in your way is now going to really begin to pay off. If you have not done this work, you will find a sense of a last minute scramble or last minute rush.

The second image to show you how the energy of April works is a woven basket. Imagine a straw basket -- how it can be woven into different patterns. If it is woven well, even though you have many different lines crossing over one another, there is a sense of harmony or a sense of flow. You can look at the basket and it seems to all be melded together; if it is not woven well, you might have all the same parts woven in the same pattern but the angles are slightly off -- every little straw has a slightly different angle giving an overall sense of chaos in the basket. It feels haphazard or incongruous. There is something about this sense of many little lines crossing over one another in a pattern that really reveals how the energy of April 2008 works.

April is going to involve many little things crossing over one another. Assume that you will have a lot of details to work through during this month. They may be details such as what was said in an interaction or how you arrange the furniture in your house. Whatever it is, details matter in April. Just as if you were weaving a basket, it is important to be mindful of details because every little angle will make a difference in how the overall flow occurs in the basket. Whether you are mindful of details or not, either way you will end up with a basket in the end. But you will be much happier with your life and with the way things are going for you if you will pay attention to details throughout the month of April.

To contextualize this image and energy, let us talk a little bit about what happened in the last four months or so. So much has come to the surface for you and so much has been either let go of or embraced through your choices, struggles and challenges. You now have are the raw materials for weaving the next phase of your life. It is like you have sifted out all the different straws that are of the best quality and color for your basket. You have all of these raw materials and now it is time to weave them together. However you have been thinking about your life for the last four months, this is the stage you are coming into -- it is time for reweaving. You have sifted out what you are going to sift out. Of course you will continue to drop any straws that are not working for you, but at this point it is time to draw your attention to the details of weaving together what remains in your life.

The images of accelerating on a train and weaving a basket give you the overall energy for the month of April 2008.

How can we best work with this energy?

Be prepared and then be prepared again and then be prepared again! Essentially, in advance of any event in your life, before every day, be prepared. Think ahead about what might happen in the day -- what materials you will want to have with you, who you need to call in advance to tell about the plans, and any other details that may arise. Do everything you can to prepare for every step that is coming in your life -- for every event that occurs, be it big or small. Then, once the event has begun, be prepared to change everything and then take care of all the details you can as you go. When the situation changes, adjust. Then, as soon as you get settled in it, be prepared to change it all again! This is part of the process of weaving your new lives together. If you are going through Enlightenment, your new way of being must include moving with change rather than stopping for change. The old human habits tell you change is dealt with by stopping and assessing, then getting your footing moving forward again.

You are now learning in your own individual ways how to keep moving as change occurs. This is the reason the acceleration in April may feel startling to some of you, but you will get the hang of it as you go through the first part of the month. Anything you can do to finalize things that you want to finish and leave behind will help you. If something has been bothering you, sit down and figure out what it is about it that is bothering you. If you have phone calls to return, sit down and make all those phone calls and get them out of the way. Just clear things out of the way as quickly as you can at the beginning of the month.

Then watch for how things are weaving together and what seems to work and not work in your life. You have to be more accountable for this than ever. The Keepers have said this often through the years, and will continue to remind you. It is that sense of acceleration that you do not have the luxury of a brake pedal anymore, but then you also do not have the limitations of the brake pedal either. The best way to work with the energy this month is to take each thing as it comes and pay attention to the details.

The second thing the Keepers can say about the energy of April is that throughout this month you do not need to concern yourselves with the big picture as much as you usually do. You have focused on the big picture enough in the first three months of this year. The big picture has presented itself and become more clear to you. Whether you understand it or not does not matter. You eventually will understand. The big things -- the big issues, challenges, and themes of your lives have been at the forefront in the last three months. During the month of April you can assume you have embraced the big picture -- you are already on the train. You do not need to decide what train to get on anymore. All you need to do is find your balance and work with whatever comes to you, but assume that the train, or your life, is moving in the direction it needs to already. The hard work most of you have done in the first three months of the year has landed you the perfect seat on the proper train. That is one thing you can let go of at least for the month of April and for May, too. The big picture is taking care of itself at this point and you will have a chance to make adjustments at the end of May and the first part of June. For now, just deal with the details.

What individual days will be important and how can we work with those important days in April?

Just as the month of April is filled with details, the days in April present themselves with minute information for each day. They are showing every single day because they are showing the whole month in extreme detail.

April 4 is like a sanctuary in the middle of what may be kind of a chaotic week for many of you. The first week of April, the last few days of March and the first week of April may seem a little chaotic, like there is a lot to keep track of. Watch for an opportunity to quiet your minds on the fourth. It is a sanctuary; particularly on April 4 the true sanctuary happens with Love. Spend time with people that you love on that day or spend time doing something that you love or that makes you feel loved. Anything you can do to remind yourself that you are a lovable person and that you are actually full of Love will serve you on this day. Anything that can help you really feel that, not just think it, but really experience it will go far for you on April 4. The energy of this day seems like a hug. It is like a Universal hug trying to envelope you and hold you. Find a way to make this feeling real for yourselves on April 4.

The second weekend of April, the twelfth and thirteenth, is a sparkly little light. It is like a diamond -- a gem sparkling with magical possibilities. This weekend may also feel like a sanctuary because things can get clear or feel lighter. This weekend is a good time relax and to spend time with friends to laugh or to play. Anything that gives you a lighter approach to things will serve you over this weekend. It is a good time to drop any plans that feel obligatory and instead leave room for spontaneity. Make sure you do something fun on this weekend. If you have something that you are obligated to do on this weekend, find a way to make it fun. Play music that you like, invite someone along who makes you laugh, or do other things to make it more fun.

April 17 is a day that has a box around it. It is a day when things must get done. If any of you are familiar with astrology, it is a day that seems to be ruled by Saturn. There is a list of tasks and you need to complete whether you like it or not, sort of like karma. On April 17, as with the rest of the month, be prepared. Set yourself up to be productive. Get a clear sense in advance of what you would like to get done that day depending on what is happening in your life at that point. Give yourself a list that you can check through. Some structure on this day will serve you really well.

All the things the Keepers have said about the month of April really apply most to the first three weeks of the month. The last week of the month begins to carry an energy that is more centralized in May. The last week of April is very fertile. It is very lush. Anything you have moving in your life is going to come into bloom. If you have a lot of fear, find a way to let it go or to work around it because anything that is happening in your life will get bigger. Not bigger in an overwhelming way, but bigger in a way where things get fleshed out more. Whatever exists in your life will become deeper in the last week of April. You will come to understand the details of it, the fullness of it, and you will come to see things from different angles in May. This will start for you in the last week of April, particularly April 27 through 30. Sit down and make a list for yourselves about what has been important for you so far, what seems most important to you now, and what intentions you want to set for the future. It is a good time for a checkpoint in the last few days of April.

What is the significance of the wet weather, especially rain, that April is so well-known for?

As with most things in nature, rain in April accomplishes many different things at once, the same way an earthquake accomplishes several different things at once. The rain in the northern hemisphere with the season of spring is a grounding force. Rain happens more in most places in April to help ground the energy of spring. In spring, energy and plants are moving upward, and people do things like spring cleaning and moving outdoors. Spring involves more change than any other season. Having water move downward as rain all around you grounds your energy. Having water in the air changes the ionic charge in the air around you. It literally calms electromagnetic energy and that is one of the functions of having rain occur more in April. It counterbalances the yang energy of spring.

The second significance of rain is its place in the cycle of death and rebirth. It provides the sacred rite of baptism. Through the downward motion of water around you, it becomes easier for you all to clear things that normally would create metaphorical static in your life. It gives you a chance for renewal. Water is always useful for creating renewal. Water in spring can best be used when it moves downward; flowing water is particularly useful in spring, regardless if you have rain in your microclimate or not. Taking a shower rather than a bath is useful in the springtime, as is standing under a hose or even having a water fountain near you with water trickling downward. Any downward moving water serves people well in the spring. You can create the equivalent of rain for yourselves in order to produce that sort of baptism even if it is not raining outside.

Is the intense energy that we have been feeling recently going to dissipate soon or carry into April?

The intense energy of the equinox does carry into April, but it boils itself down into detail more. Imagine the energy of the equinox is like a heavy rainstorm. In the week before the equinox, it began by drizzling a little bit and then became a little heavier as the equinox approached. The week of the equinox was like the kind of downpour that you have to stop and get under the eaves and just wait for. Buckets of energetic “rain” came down during the week of the equinox, and many of you felt this as intensity or extreme discomfort or disorientation.

In the weeks following the equinox, including the few three weeks of April, you can still feel this energy, but it is actively dissipating. You can listen to the Live Channeling of the Vernal Equinox any time in April and it will continue to be relevant. The things that were said in the Live Channeling will be relevant throughout April, including the importance of finding your truth and making a list of what is true for you everyday. The shift you will see is that after that downpour of equinox energy in the third week of March, the last week of March and the first three weeks of April, you will find that it stops pouring and becomes heavy rain. It is heavy enough that it still gets you really wet but you can go outside and it gets lighter and lighter, until by the end of the third week of April the rain has stopped and the world is dripping. Water is dripping off the trees and off of the rooftops but the sun is coming out, or you will still feel the energy but it will no longer distract you.

The metaphor of a storm is not meant to be dark; this is not a storm in the way that needs to be difficult, though it may feel difficult because of the intensity. In some ways, people are picking up on the sense that there is a last minute scramble to get things together before the train starts moving. How is that for mixing metaphors!? (Laughter) People are sensing the intensity and they are scrambling whether they need to or not. Most of you are served by scrambling briefly, but of course if you scramble too much you lose focus and you become inefficient. Remember what you learned in March about centering yourselves. Apply it in April by centering your attention on the details.

If you will listen to the Equinox Channeling, you will hear more about how to ground that energy and find yourself in the midst of joy in this energy. But yes, it will continue, it just will not be as chaotic in April. Just like the rain, when buckets and buckets are falling down, you cannot really tell which drop is which, but once it slows down to a little drizzle you can feel individual drops again. That is the feeling of detail that we talked about for April; the feeling that things just get really detailed. You have to pay attention to what happens in every moment but you do not have to deal with the big picture all the time anymore as you move through April. For most of you it will get easier. It is not meant to be hard; it just winds up being hard for some of you. It is part of being human to make things harder on yourselves, but you are learning to let that go.

Could we have a few more examples of the types of details that we could expect to have to focus more on in a general sense?

Absolutely. This can apply to any corner of your life. It depends on who you are and what you are doing, but we are going to give you some examples to illustrate how it works. Imagine that a friend called you on the phone, left a message and you are planning to call her back. Where normally you might just pick up the phone and call her, in April you will be well served to listen carefully to what she says in the message and to consider what you want to convey when you return the call. Sometimes people hear who is calling and they stop the message and call back right away. It would be better to listen to the whole message and pay attention to the exact words that are used, the exact tone that is used, and then call back and be mindful about what you say. Be mindful, prepare yourself, and decide what to say first before you move into the rest of the conversation. If you sense that she is lonely, you might plan right at the beginning to say, “I am so glad you called.”

It is in your attention to those little details that you make the shift so that you are doing the same things you always do, but with more attention to detail. Similarly if you are planting things in your garden, pay a little more attention to where you place things, or how deep you place them, or what day you are doing the planting on. Just think about the details a little bit more than you usually would. This guidance is not meant to overwhelm you with a whole new set of things you have to worry about; instead this energy is meant to be quite the opposite. It is meant to be a Zen practice in your lives where you can let go of the big picture, trust the picture is working itself out, and just take a breath and notice what is right in front of you. Then take another breath and notice what is in front of you next. The idea of thinking of all the details may seem overwhelming at the outset, but the energy of April is going to carry you into this simplicity of dealing with each detail one at a time. The Buddhist practice of mindfulness will serve you in April. Because the energy is pre-set to lead you to the details, you do not have to fight for this. You do not have to worry about things falling through the cracks as much as you just need to catch that sense of detail and move into it. The energy and your experiences want to happen that way.

Another example of the kind of detail we are talking about is to imagine you wake up in the morning and you are going to get dressed and begin your day. If you do not feel like worrying about what you are going to wear do not worry about it. But if you are thinking about what to wear, then think about the details. If you are just going for a jog, you can wear anything and it really does not matter; but if you are going to meet with someone and you find your attention is drawn to what you are going to wear, then do not only choose the shirt and pants you are going to wear, but also think about your socks. Even if you usually do not think about socks, think about what socks really feel right for this outfit or would it be better with this necklace or that necklace or this tie or that tie. If you are going to think about what you are wearing then think about the details, not just the basic fact of what you are wearing. You do not have to be mindful about what you wear everyday, but if you are being mindful about it, be mindful of the detail.

What we can look forward to in April as far as our grand schemes coming into form? Are they just taking the next stage?

You know, your grand schemes are your overall picture, and now is a time to trust. For some of you, you have already got it and it is coming into form now. It might be chaotic and hard to grasp but it is coming into form. For others of you it is not quite going to come into form until later in the year. But generally, the energy leads things to come into form more in May or toward the very end of April. Things are coming into form but you cannot quite see it yet. You will not quite experience it as a fullness because you will be so involved in the detail that you do not recognize how much it is coming into form until May when you sit back and look. This is just like weaving a basket or knitting. Imagine knitting a sweater or weaving a basket, you really have to focus on each straw, placing it well, getting it over and under and weaving it just right. Your mind is on each straw and how it interlaces together and at first it does not seem like a basket at all, it just seems like this odd sort of messy thing. But then after a while you sit back and look at it, and you recognize it is beginning to look like a basket -- maybe just a little bottom of a basket, but a basket nonetheless.

Toward the end of the month, if you are paying attention to each detail as it arises, you will find that your grand schemes have come into form more clearly. Many of you will be able to look back and see that your progress makes sense. In the first three weeks of April, you may not see the form very clearly, but it is coming into form behind the details. The form is taking shape but it may not be easy to see because it really does serve you better to look at the detail rather than the overall picture for now.

In response to the intention in your question, the Keepers say, “Yes.” Yes, it is something to look forward to. It is meant to feel easier this month. If you find it feels difficult, return to the metaphor of being on a train – specifically of being a traveler. For the past three months you have been planning out your itinerary, booking your flights, and making plans. You have seen some of your plans fall through and you have had surprises come up. You may have recognized how scared you are to fly or how afraid you feel about being in a different country. You have been dealing with all of your emotions about the big picture of your life.

In April, it is as if you finally board the train and now the driver is in charge of getting you there. Through your intentions and your work to clear yourselves, you have already made the decision about what your itinerary is, so there are few opportunities to choose new itineraries now that you are on the train. Just like when you are on an airplane or a train, your world gets smaller for a while. Your attention can only be on what is in front of you. It is easier to pay attention to exactly what you are eating, or a puzzle or book, because the space around you is limited. There is a beauty in this; things get much simpler and you can appreciate detail more. Details become more important. If you sit in an awkward position it will hurt later, so you pay more attention to how you are sitting. Remember the feeling that the train is already going so you can just deal with the details now.

And a final metaphor to help you work with the energy this month! Imagine that you have been working to open a store and set up a storefront. This month, you have already accomplished the big picture of deciding what to sell, getting funding, applying for a license, and creating a marketing plan. The big picture is in place. Now it is time to sit in the store and decide what to place in the storefront window or what music to play in the background. Now instead of dealing with the licensing, funding and all of the really big issues that are always important but can be very overwhelming, it is time to play with what to put on each table or what to wear to work each day. You can let April be less about the issues you have to go to therapy for and more about the issues that just make your day happy or sad; just the smaller things, the details. It is still important to go to therapy if you are going to therapy, but you do not have to worry so much about these big life scenes and challenges. The bigger issues of your life will move forward in April with or without your interference!

Is there anything else the Keepers want to say before we close?

The Keepers wonder, ‘How many more metaphors do you want?’ (Laughter) Remember that there is no guarantee that the month will be easier, but the energy is set up to be lighter and simpler if you will let it be. If you drop the details, things will probably remain pretty chaotic for you; just like that basket looking crooked. If you will just settle down and be mindful of each detail, you are going to find that a real harmony occurs and that a flow happens that allows you a lot of energy to just enjoy life. Watch for this and be attentive to details as you get there. Let it be joyful. Finding joy in the details of your everyday life is the highest, most brilliant way you can be this month!

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