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THE GRAIL CODES OF 2008 A Conversation with Archangel Michaelby Celia Fenn===================================
The Grail Code Activations are an important part of our transition to Human Angelic form. The Grail Codes enable us to integrate the Feminine Christ energy, and thus to bring ourselves into full and complete balance and so be capable of living in the Fifth Dimension in a balanced and creative way. When I visited the Languedoc region in 2007, the part of Southern France that is known as the "Madeleine" country, I was so conscious of a great joy that was almost coming out of the Earth itself, as the time approached for Humanity to once again recognize and honor the Feminine Christ energy. This region in France has held the energy for the Feminine Christ for many years, and now is the time that this energy is being re-integrated back into the Global Heart Grid of the Planet, and into the Hearts of every person on the Planet who is open to this truth. It is a time of Great Healing for the Planetary Heart, and a time for each of us to reclaim the Divine Feminine Christed energy within our own Hearts. This conversation with Archangel Michael serves to bring more information about this Blessing of Transformation that has been given to us in 2008.
Celia: Last year, in 2007, we spoke about the "Infinity Codes" that were an important part of the transformation of Humans into Human Angels. This year, 2008, you have spoken of the "Grail Codes." Can you explain to me how these are connected and what they mean for us?
AAMichael : Yes, indeed, it is a pleasure to do so. In 2007, we worked to activate certain "codes" or sets of information that you carry within your DNA. This can be described as an awareness of the Infinity of Time and Space, as we explained to you, and so we called these the "Infinity Codes." These activations, within the DNA and Lightbody, enabled Humans to fully ignite the Galactic Lightbody and to once more claim their Galactic heritage, as was part of the original plan for Humanity.
Now, in 2008, again according to your Original Template that was designed by Source through the Elohim Angels, you are empowered to activate what we call the "Grail Codes," which re-energize that part of the Template of Human Divine Perfection that gives you the ability to attain to full Cosmic Consciousness. So, at this point, if the Human Angelic template is once again activated to its full potential. Now, it is again a matter of receiving directly from the Central Sun, the New Light Codes for further evolution in your new form. So, in this period of transition to 2012, you will begin thus process by working with the new Evolutionary Codes for the Creation of Abundance through Community on your planet.
Celia" So, why are these called "Grail Codes?"
Yes, indeed, a good question. The "Grail" itself is a concept from Western Christian archetypal imagery, and is a symbol for a truth that has been hidden from Humanity for many years. What is the Grail? Where is Hidden? Why do Questors seek for the "Holy Grail"? We will say, quite simply, as we have done before, that you yourselves are the "Holy Grail," and as you ascend into awareness of your potential as a Human Angel, you achieve the Quest and you become the Grail. This was the heart of the Teachings of Mary Magdalene, taken to France by her to be given to all Humanity as a Gift of Light from Source. But, because of persecution by those who chose another path of power and dominance, the Truth of the Magdalene was hidden and encoded into stories and songs and poems, that were passed down from generation to generation.
We would like to say more here about the teachings of Mary Magdalene in Europe. Mary Magdalene came to the West with the intention of spreading the Teachings of the Christ. And by this, we do not mean only Yeshua as Christ, we mean also her own Sacred role as the feminine part of a Sacred or Christed partnership. She was the "Christ" or "Christed One" herself, and it was this truth that was recognized by her followers, and which was obliterated by those who sought to gain control by propagating the idea of a Masculine Christ and a Masculine God the Father, removing the Christed Feminine and the Mother aspect of Source. In this way, half of the truth of the Christ energy was removed, and the teachings of the Christ that were transmitted via the Roman Church were only "half" truths, aimed at ensuring male power and control.
So it is, that the "history" that you have received in the West is only the history of those who followed the Male Christ energy. It is imbalanced. This was achieved by a concerted campaign of terror against those who carried the knowledge of the full truth of the Feminine Christ energy that was carried by Mary Magdalene. So, for almost a thousand years, all those who followed her truth or who connected with the Feminine Christ or God principle, were persecuted and killed. Until, eventually, all that remained was a male-dominated, unbalanced version of the original gift of the Christ Teachings of Yeshua and Mariam, whom you call Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
The Path of Service that activates the energy of the Feminine Christ has long been lost and forgotten, and yet it lingers on in the Grail legends and the tradition of "Amour Courtoisie" or "Courtly Love" that were a part of the culture of this region of medieval France. These stories, which tell of the Questor's search for the Grail, and of the Knight who serves the Beloved Lady, are metaphors for the Divine Path to Spiritual Oneness with Source through service to the Principle of the Divine Feminine or the Mother Aspect of God. The "Lady" was the bearer of the energy of the Divine Mother Goddess, and in serving her, the Male would find his path to Divinity by embracing, through her Purity and Beauty, the Divine Feminine within himself. In the same way, each one of you who serves the principles of Beauty and Grace, learns to walk the creative path of the Divine Feminine, and to to access the Golden Flame of Ascended Love that united the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine in the Heart of God.
This was an honored path, and one that taught man to honor woman as a portal to the Divine Source energy, and to honor his own gentle and supportive feminine energy. The Man, or Questor, would know that his quest was for Higher Love and Spiritual Wisdom, and his service to the Beloved had very little of a sexual focus and more of a Heart and Soul centered focus. So, indeed, this was very different to the teachings of the male-centered church, whose teachings were that women, unless controlled by men, were the portal to evil and degradation. So, it was no surprise that the church sought to eradicate those who followed the path of the Feminine Christ.
And yet, even today, the Grail Path or the Codes that carry the path to Divinity through Service to the Divine Mother element of Source are being re-activated. As individuals, you will learn to cherish and honor the Beloved as expressed through the Divine Feminine, and through women, as a path of spiritual service to the Light of God within your hearts. As a collective, you will learn to serve Beauty and Truth and Love, and through this service to integrate the gentle, loving and supportive energies of the Mother aspect of Source into your society once again. This will enable you to create support and abundance for all.
Now, generally it is thought that the Grail itself was the Cup or Chalice that was used by Christ at what is known as the "Last Supper." And yes, that cup is a symbol for the idea of the "Grail," for the Golden Cup is a receptacle for the sacred wine that represented the "blood" of Christ. And so, the Human Body is the sacred receptacle or chalice for the "blood" of the christed ones, or the sacred flow of Soul and Spirit in those who are "christed" and have opened themselves to receive their Divinity and the creative power that goes with the knowledge of this Divinity. It is the power to create and to be a creator in the name of Source. That is the Secret of the Grail that is held within each one of you as Human Angels.
So, the culmination of the teachings of Mary Magdalene and her Twin Flame, Yeshua or Jesus, is the recognition that your physical body, with its patterns of infinite perfection encoded in the DNA, is the Grail itself.
Celia: So, may I ask what are the connections between the Twin Flame energies and the Grail Codes?
Yeshua and Mariam, or Jesus and Mary Magdalene, came to the Planet to be a mirror or reflection of the Divine Truth of the Eternal Twin Flame of the Source. It was absolutely neccesary that they come together to be a reflection of the balanced polarities of the Source energy.
But, indeed, what happened, as we explained, was that the Feminine Flame or Polarity was suppressed and "switched off" within your DNA, and a version of the Christ teaching based on the Masculine polarity alone came to dominate western civilization in the form of Christianity. Now, this has been an unbalanced energy and it has drawn on the masculine unbalanced energies of control, power and dominance. It has fed greed, violence, and the "exploitation" of the "weak" feminine energies whether in women or in indigenous peoples through the dominant energies of colonialism and slavery. Part of the process of Ascension has been to once again empower the Feminine so that the Creative Power of the Mother God can once again be felt by all. And to empower the Masculine, so that men can once again claim their gentleness and beauty, and to be not only warriors but also poets and troubadours of the Beloved.
Celia : How was it possible to "switch off" the Divine Feminine Light Codes in the Human Body?
By the simple method of killing off all those who were activating and bearing these codes in their lives and work, in other words, all those who carried the genetic codes of the Magdalene and her teachings. The Church that was established in the name of the male Christ energy undertook a long campaign of terror in Europe, in which all who supported and lived the truth of the Divine Feminine as represented by the Magdalene energy of the Divine Feminine, were killed. They were tortured and killed as heretics and witches, and their numbers decimated.
Now, in the course of human evolution, this "information" was passed into the DNA, and the human body/mind learnt that in order to survive, it needed to "switch off" this Divine Feminine polarity. And so, the Divine Feminine receptors in the DNA were switched off, and the transmissions of the Divine Mother from the Great Sun were no longer received. And, unfortunately, the transmissions for Cosmic Balance come from the the Mother God energy. And so, humanity lived with a distorted image of the Divine Feminine that was created by an unbalanced male energy. It was an image that reduced the Sacred Magdalene to a harlot, and tied "good women" to disempowerment and to an expression of their creativity that was only allowed on the biological level. So, even today, many women still consider their biology to be the only way that they can express Feminine power, and they are afraid to claim their full power as Feminine Christed and Divine Creative Beings and Equal Partners with the Male and Masculine energies.
But, we will say, that this information was never lost. It was stored in the DNA, for reference, as the Human DNA is designed to hold all information available for later reference. And so, at this time, with the activation of these Codes by specific light transmissions, Humanity has been empowered to once again "switch on" the Divine Feminine Flame and to thus be empowered to create Sacred Union once again.
Celia: Is there a connection between this process and Ascension symptoms?
Yes, indeed, as this DNA strand is fully re-activated and "switched on" again, Humanity has to clear and release all the trauma and fear that is contained in this "lock down" message. You have had to transmute generations of fear, abuse and low self worth that is stored in your DNA. This related not only to male/female relationships, but to any situation where a powerful masculine energy abuses a weaker feminine energy. As was already mentioned, this was the energy called "colonialism," where settlers overcame native populations and suppressed them. Part of the Grail Code activations has required forgiveness and release of this past history. It requires that there be an acceptance and a release and a recognition of mutual love and respect, in order for the Earth to move back into balance.
That is why, in the years that come, there will be increasing connections between "Lightworkers" from the developed nations and the spiritual traditions of native and Indigenous peoples. It will be a path of mutual respect, in which balance will be achieved by and through mutual love and respect for the spiritual paths of each other. You will see, clearly, that your paths are One.
Celia: So, as I understand it, the purpose of the Grail Codes is to activate the Original Template for Human Perfection that was designed by the Elohim. It contains the Divine Masculine and Feminine in perfect balance. Why is this so important for us now?
Well, as you enter the Fifth Dimension, you are experiencing the Full Consciousness of the One. You are understanding and feeling that you are all connected within the One Heart and Mind.
Now, that One is the Source, and you are all indeed held within the Heart of Source. And you were created by Source to be the Earthly reflection or Mirror of the Source energy.
Now, when the Source activates its creative power, it divides into the polarities of Masculine and Feminine, or, as we know them, Cosmic Fire and Cosmic Water, in which the Creative Fire carries the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Creative Water is the power of the Divine Masculine.
So, within each Human Angel in a Physical Body, is the potential to express and experience the Divine Polarities of Masculine and Feminine as a mirror of the Creator and to create a reality on this planet that is in turn, a reflection or Mirror of Heaven itself.
This is the process when a Human ascends to Human Angelic being and brings their Divine Source energies into balance within the Heart. This activates the creative power of Source and enables them to become powerful creators. So, the best understanding of the Twin Flame and Sacred Union, is that it is an Inner Process in which individuals are enabled to truly become a mirror reflection of the One or Source and are empowered to create from the powerful Sacred Union of energies within the Heart. That is the nature of "Sacred Union" and the "Sacred Heart" meditation that was given to you in 2007 by us.
Another way we have explained this with the information of the "Sacred Heart," is to understand that the Heart is the central point for two spirals of energy. The first is the one that creates "Heaven on Earth," the Sacred Light from Spirit marries with the lower energies from the Earth Body at the Heart, and creates a "Lemnascate" or figure 8, as the energy of Heaven and earth combined within each individual.
Now, this can be called the "vertical" expression of the Twin Flame. The "horizontal" expression is when the Masculine and Feminine energies combine within the Heart to create a further figure of 8 of the spiralling energies. Then, you have a double figure of 8 that resembles a four-sided cross, which is indeed the esoteric symbol for Earth. So, Earth is the Planet where Heaven meets Earth and where Masculine and Feminine energies combine to create Bliss and Joy on the Material Plane.
Now, in the past, Heaven and Earth have been separated, and Masculine has dominated Feminine, and you have become unbalanced. This information has been transmitted into the DNA, and so this "evolutionary development" has been recorded and propagated. The purpose of the Ascension activations has been to re-balance these flows of energies so that human evolution can continue along the lines of the Original Blueprint, in alignment with Source, and not in the unbalanced way that it was heading. Indeed, the planet would have destroyed itself if this imbalance had been allowed to continue. But, many loving and devoted Lightworkers offered their services to come to Earth and give their life service to regaining the balance so that the Planet could continue in her upward spiral of evolution in the Light of God's Grace and Love. And so it was, that over a period of time, more and more advanced and loving souls came to Earth to make these changes as best they could, until at last the Earth was ready to receive the massive influx of Light that came with the Indigo and Crystal children, who would help to "lift" the Earth baÖ#þÇv —W‚ò«e ñ ,ñúýøÃHc¹t×zµ ŽÍ ë dÈ©· Ø´ ZÖh] \%Û¼d·pP·a {QLÏÌI»æV}Ûâ (3÷Œ²<¸ã‰'›3…7èÈD¯„·/„§ÏϾ1¤ý °‡Q©½,úù nÖwRKi’¤›lM{1’pö… Ýéó×_ø쳺 LtÅywƺns^zñ -4 h Ã, Z– ¾ç ¾ö°Øi @r ^êqÌiú{ "Í36Š- è-Š†¢KÛJ´b ü’f«Žòl2 ʹ¢Ì²; z F!-¦Oèõ lˆd§ / ³ÂSã 4„$Ú Âtñµë; kdBŒ‘ð‹£lÉý›óÇoñ èÒ r‚ ÓWBìÃ< > F§¥]L'yñ9mˆ•Ó[³ ´Ùƒ©{mÃë‚Ô»9'Üd« þ ã ó׋³·™&Bc ÅyŠš; æ¯G § Ï¿*ÊÉ @Ù©R óÂA %Ù]kþLž¨Lÿú¦ €iÍk k¯ËÉ.ß° E è ‚9]Û¡·uíígÌ. J [Ê줘÷ Ü ™ï8«Órail Codes is a re-aligning of Humanity with the Human Angelic template, so that you now have the opportunity to create balanced and loving Sacred Unions that are centered in the Heart and the Christ energy.
These relationships allow two souls to merge their soul energy and become "one flame," expressed in the two polarities of Masculine and Feminine, expressed through the partners in a sacred and committed partnership.
The soul's merge their Light energy on the Spiritual Level, and their bodies are united on the physical level. The sexual energy in Sacred Union is primarily creative in nature, and compassionate in expression. When the "lower" sexual energies of the body are included in the partnership, then they are also an expression of creativity and compassionate love, as well as deep respect and honor for this physical expression of divinity that is represented by the physical body.
Now, the second issue is commitment between Soul Union partners. When such a union is created it is indeed sacred and should be honored as such. The merging of soul energies into Oneness creates an energetic template or geometrical form of Light that is an "entity" in it's own right. When the love is sacred and pure and clear, then this geometric form is woven into the DNA of the planet and the love continues beyond the life of the body. The template left by Yeshua and Mariam exists even today in the DNA or Akasha of the planet, and is being awakened and accessed by all those who activate the Grail Codes and bring their Heart energies into balance. Then, they may access the shining geometries of Sacred Union that were left by Yeshua and Mariam as a template for Human Angelic Union.
This is why Soul Mate partners who have merged their energies into Sacred Union are drawn back together through many lifetimes, as their Soul and Light creation of Love calls them back together from the Spiritual Realms. It is not "karma" that brings great lovers back together, but the energetic and infinite power of great soul love expressed in the union of two souls as the "Beloved" and encoded into a geometric light field.
We cannot but emphasize how powerful and enduring is the love of the soul. That is why Yeshua the Christ said that angels do not marry. There is no need for ceremonies to give one to the other as an attachment. Souls who have freely chosen to enter into Sacred Union through many lifetimes will be drawn together through many lifetimes, if there are no energies to block that process, or if the union itself has served its purpose and the growth needs of both souls and now needs to be dissolved so that another cycle of love and experience can be instigated.
Celia: Thank You, I appreciate this information. But what about the idea of the "Twin Soul" of the "other half" of your soul? Why do people believe that they have to look for "their twin" and that this is only one being?
Well, as we have already said, great soul love endures through many lifetimes, and the souls who have created a light template of their love may yearn deeply to continue this experience with the one soul who represents the "Beloved" to them in this cycle of their soul's growth. But, the deep need to "find" a certain soul does not mean that only this soul is available. Spirit is abundant, and will offer you several suitable "soul mates" if you desire to enter into a Sacred Union or partnership as a way of expressing your inner Divinity. You will be allowed to choose the soul that speaks to your heart.
Celia: But I have had people say that they have seen visions of their soul and this "other half." Why is that?
Well, in the past humans have been conditioned to think that way by a philosophy of lack and control. Source is Infinite and Abundant, and you are never given only one chance in life. But, we will say, that these visions are a symbolic representation of the original path of Source and indicate the return path to Divinity through Sacred Union. The Source is the One, who divides and becomes Two. These Two are the Masculine and Feminine polarities of God. From these two polarities of Divinity, all creation springs forth. Now, when two souls are drawn together they follow the "reverse path" to Oneness, as the Masculine and Feminine polarities become One. They are enacting the Sacred Drama of Creation and allowing two separate parts of Divinity to unite in an expression of Great Love and Passion. And when they separate to become themselves, they continue to carry the great mystery of Divinity as expressed through Sacred Union - the Two who become One and then become Three as they create another "light being" from their love. Indeed, the mystery of the "Trinity" as an expression of Creative Divinity is one of the most distorted of the Christ teachings, of the "Trinity" is God the Mother and the Father and the Child of Light, which is the Creation of the Twin Flame love in the Higher Dimensions. The "Child of Light" can manifest in many ways on the material plane, and is not limited to or defined by the biological process of birthing children.
It is our deep desire that you feel and begin to see the deep distortions that have entered into human relationships, and that you free yourselves from old patterns of attachment, domination, and control. Then, in perfect freedom, you may choose to experience the Radiant Light of Twin Flame Union as it is now possible in the New Earth. It is a great gift to all who make the deep soul choice to allow their Divinity to be expressed through a partnership. But, remember that a first step is that you would have claimed your own personal power and balanced divinity as a foundation before you can externalize that in the expression of Sacred Union.
So, Beloved One, we are ready to assist each one of you who carries the intention to create Sacred Union. The Grail Code activations in the DNA will allow you to integrate the energy of the Feminine Christ, the Magdalene, and so to empower yourself to express a balanced and powerful relationship of Spirit and Body.
And so, we thank you for this time together and wish you Joy and Grace and Love in your Creation of Heaven on Earth in the New Earth energy.
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