Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(Re) Evolution of C-onsciousness

(Re) Evolution of Consciousness
Posted by: "Mike Eggleston" awakened_1_consciousness@yahoo.com

If we seek to understand truth in its highest form and the answers to the problems facing humanity we must first understand ourselves. We must look within and realize that we are the ones we have been waiting for to bring change to this planet, and we need look no further. We must not place our destiny in the hands of the few. The power and responsibility is up to us, to join together as ONE and put aside personal gain for the higher good.
True change does not come from revolution per say as an act of change, but as an idea. The RE-evolution from within each one. Call it Enlightenment, Awakening of consciousness and the connection to the source of all that is, the transmutation of the material lower, carnal self into the higher awareness, the spiritual potentiality within each human being.
The current situations we observe in this world are do to the lack of knowledge, and the misinterpreted truths that are available to all. Mere Faith or the belief in something without the individual work needed to actually experience it is blind and ignorant. It has led us to where we stand facing our greatest moment as a species, to realize our destiny. There is enough abundance on this planet for all to have enough and to live in peace.
To merely believe in anything because we have been taught, yet without researching and testing the theory for ourselves is a dangerous way to live. It breeds complacency and in turn allows the "evils" we know in the world to continue and become taken as normal due to "human nature". This is utterly false, nothing is the way it is because of "human nature", this is a lie that has been perpetuated as an excuse. It is because of ignorance of our divine origins, and denial of the natural, constant and unchanging laws that everything in the universe follows. The laws of nature, the universe, of God, (it does not matter what ones chooses to call them), are constant and unwavering since the first spark of creation billions of years ago.
If each learns to become aware of, and live by the natural laws of the universe and govern themselves with respect for all life and each other we will begin to see the consciousness of this planet shift into a new paradigm. We will begin to realize we are more than mere human beings, passing our time in the temporal, fleeting material world and awaken to the highest truth of all.
Man can only break the laws man creates. The universal laws can not be broken.
Within each human being lies a treasure worth more than all the gold in the world. This is not merely a religious or dogmatic opinion, it is completely provable through discipline, work, EXPERIENCE, and can be achieved by each. It is the awakening of our true being, higher self, finding the Light within. It is the mystical and the spiritual. It is the answer to all suffering and doubt in this world. The KNOWING of truth, not the opinion or acceptance of a "truth". It alleviates all questions and heals all wounds. It is the answer to peace and equality, the end to greed, war and pain.
This has been concealed within all religious teachings, hidden in parable and allegories and unfortunately taken as literal. Even the basic exoteric teachings and laws are not followed by the average person. This must be done if we are to understand the deeper mysteries and meanings of life.
It is time for those who are aware of the changes occurring on this planet and the truth about life and consciousness, the only true reality, to work together.
Any preconceived notion or judgement not gained through experience must be set aside. It is time for the illusion and the veil to be lifted.
To know is to BE
Know Thyself