Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shifting to a New Probable Reality

Shifting to a New Probable Reality
In past discussions, we have spoken of "probable realities" that existwithin your field of possibility. These probable realities existparallel to your present-moment reality. We emphasize these realitiesare "probable," which means they are closer to your present-momentthan realities that are only "possible."
All things are in fact possible. We define a probability as apossibility that is a close energetic match to your present moment. Ittherefore has a greater likelihood of becoming the chosen reality of afuture moment in your life experience. When you feel within your selfit is time to take the next step of your journey, you are able (evenif it has not seemed so in the past) to consciously choose this nextstep from your field of probabilities.
If you have held a secretarial position for a number of years and nowyou see your self becoming a spiritual counselor, this is a shift to anew probability. This new reality may have become a "probablereality" over the years as you advanced on your spiritual path andcame to be considered a wise source of advise by friends and family.
At this point, change may only be a matter of making the decision toshift to this new probable reality. It is this decision and how youthink of it, how you word it to your self, that we wish to speak toyou about.
Complete with Your Present Reality Before Shifting to a New One
In making a transition from one reality to another, it is important tohold in your mind the blessings you have received in your presentreality. Express gratitude for all that has been here, for theexperiences, the learning opportunities and the sharing. Affirm toyour self that everything happened perfectly and all is now complete.
Expressing gratitude for the reality you are leaving helps you torelease even the hint of a nuance that you are seeking to leave or"run away from" the reality that you are presently experiencing. Understand since you contain it all -- each and every reality you haveever experienced – the idea that it is possible to "leave behind" areality is illusory. If you feel you are seeking to "get away from" areality, you will carry thoughtforms about what you "don't want" intoyour new reality and begin re-creating them there.
Before shifting into a new reality, bring closure to any unresolvedemotional energy and heal your experiences into a place of gratitude.Bring the essence of this "old" reality into a bright light and holdit in a place of love.
When you are able to feel love and gratitude for all that has been,you are ready to begin energizing the new probability. When you makethe decision to begin this shift, affirm your decision by wording itin terms of what you want rather than what you no longer want.
Release any thoughts of who you have been, who you no longer wish tobe, and simply step into the identity of who you are now -- who youchoose to be.
By strongly identifying with the self who is experiencing your chosenprobable reality, you make it your present-moment reality. Bybringing your complete focus to your new reality, you are movingtoward who you now choose to be, which naturally creates distance fromany past realities and carries you into the full experience of areality aligned with the new vision of your present moment and yourfuture.
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