Monday, April 7, 2008

The Excitement Of Learning To Flow Energy

The Excitement Of Learning To Flow Energy
Something we've been observing in you as you've been deliberately applying the law of attraction and deliberately applying your desire to be deliberate creators, and deliberately wanting to allow -- what we've noticed, almost without exception among you, is that when you feel negative emotion, usually you beat up on yourself. Usually, when you feel negative emotion, you feel wrongdoing in that moment. And we've never wanted to imply that to you. In other words, we didn't, really. You just picked it up because you're used to beating up on yourself. And because your physical training teaches you more clearly to know what you don't want than what you do want.
What we are wanting you to realize is that negative emotion is a wonderful thing, because negative emotion is part of that guidance system that shows you how you are flowing energy. So, next time you feel negative emotion, rather than saying, "Agh, shame on me. Here I'm doing it again. I keep doing it. I keep doing this dumb thing." Instead of beating up on yourself, instead feel appreciation for your AWARENESS that you are feeling negative emotion. "Ah, my guidance system is working. I can feel that I'm flowing my energy in the opposite direction of something I want." Whether it is a flurry or a ruckus you're having with your child; or whether it is an animal that you don't understand; or whether it is boys that don't behave; or whether it is a mate that doesn't appreciate you; whether it's not having enough money; or whether it's having a body that doesn't cooperate; or whether it's having a dog that is biting you. It doesn't matter what the negative experience that you are having in the moment IS. The only thing that matters is that out of it is coming a keener awareness of what you are wanting. And as you let that negative experience serve as a catalyst to help you identify what you DO want, and then you gently talk about why you want it, and envision that it has already happened, or talk about, describe what it would be like to be there, or tell others how wonderful it would be, or remember a time when you were more there, you will feel the negative emotion go away in that moment. And the negative emotions go away -- in that moment your energy has shifted. And your new point of attraction has begun. Everything is about the way you are flowing energy.
Everything is about what you are attracting. And you now know where you are in every moment. So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, this is the way we would approach our physical life from this point forward. We would make more decisions in every day about what we are wanting. Because, as you make more decisions, you alert all of the universe to you. The entire universe becomes aware that you want this thing. And every resource that you have which includes everyone and every thing in the universe begins to focus upon you relative to that desire. You don't have to tell them -- just let it be known yourself. And as you are now knowing what you are wanting, your guidance system kicks in in a supreme manner. Your guidance system is now letting you know in every moment where you stand vibrationally relative to this new decision that you have made. So that if you begin to diverge in terms of thought, word, or action, from this new decision that you have just made you will receive a negative warning bell that lets you know-you said you want this but you're vibrating this. Wanna make a new decision? You said you wanted this, just this morning in your affirmation. We heard you say you want this, but right now you're thinking, vibrating, feeling this way. Wanna make a new decision? Yeah, I think I will. I can feel that I'm flowing my energy in opposition to what I'm wanting. What is it that I'm wanting?
Then make your statement of desire again. Speak it again. Talk about why you want it. FEEL the energy come right back into place with you.
Oh, friends, it is so exciting once you begin to feel the deliberateness of flowing energy. You think it's fun to be strong enough that you can pick a lot of things up and move them around. WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN FEEL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE FLOWING WITH YOUR DESIRE. There is nothing more exhilarating than to be physically focused in an environment with so many other participants. There is so much data, so much information, so much movement, so much stuff, so much mass that you have ability to move with the power of your thought and energy flow-there is not an arena anywhere in the universe that a creator takes greater delight in than right here and now where you are. It is like a playshop beyond description.
SO when you feel negative emotion, it doesn't mean anything other than right now I've just picked up the wrong tool. In other words, it's sort of like picking up the screwdriver that has the little straight edge instead of the little star edge. In other words, it doesn't mean anything! Don't be so hard on yourself.
This is not a big thing. This is a process of sort of see sawing yourself forward into ecstasy and into joy and into contentment and into growth. There is no right answer, there is no ONE right answer. There are MILLIONS of right answers. And the fun is in putting the answers together that work best, you see. You're getting the sense of all of this?
You can't do it wrong, you can't mess it up. You can disconnect from clarity, but SO WHAT? It's only momentary. It's only as long as it takes you to realize you've done it, and recognize you don't want it -- and then re-identify what you do want. You might trip and fall. When you see your little babies learning to walk -- remember that? When he fell down, did you say, "Get up, you little dummy!" Or did you say, "That's all right." Did you worry about him not ever being able to get up, or did you know that he would? You see he had within him a wanting. He didn't need you. He had a wanting and one way or another he was going to figure out how to do it, you see. And one way or another you'll figure out how to do it too. You don't need us.
The advantage that we bring to you is that we remind you of things you already know. And the advantage that you bring to the Universe is that you remind others in even more physical graphic terms of what they already know. We have enjoyed very much this interaction. We have moved beyond, on a number of topics, beyond that which has been in this arena or any other. We feel tremendous appreciation for your willingness to participate, not only in this room, not only in this forum, but in this physical experience. You brought to this room today with you all of the experience that you have gathered along your physical trail. And without that physical experience that you have gathered, whether you liked it or not, you would not be who you are contributing in this magnificent way in the here and now.
There will come a time when you will be like your inner being is now - you will look back on even those most miserable of experiences that you have lived, and you will be able to see only the value in them.
There will be a time when you won't be wanting to talk about any of the things that hurt you at the time they were happening, because as you regurgitate them in the here and now you will feel them hurting you again. But instead, from those memories, that little twinge of something that hurt, you will remember something much greater, you will remember the conclusion that you drew out of it. You will remember the new decision that you made from it, and you will remember the stronger effort that you made to flow your energy toward that new decision. You will remember your successes.
Do you know that when you die, when you re-emerge into nonphysical (there is not death, you know that) but when you re-emerge into nonphysical, and you look back on your experience, it's only the parties, it's only the ecstasies, it's only the high times that you remember? Those are the only times you will have access to. You only are able to acknowledge the triumphs of your physical experience. So we cannot imagine why, as you are physically focused, that you would spend any time doing anything other than that. Have fun with all of this. There is great love here for you. We are complete.
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