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The result of Chaos is Magnificence!

The result of Chaos is Magnificence! Online Message from the Masters April 16, 2008================================
Antilah! Anshalah! Asi ensitu anhallah! Greetings to each of you, Children of the Light!
It is that you have entered into reconstruction of your reality. The very fabric of which you are created is being rewoven. That which has been the harmonic arrangement which creates harmonic resonance of you and all other things is being rewritten as a symphony of changes.
The relationships of your particulates begins to occur in the week preceding June sixth in such a way that the arrangement of particulates will become of a vacuum effect which is caused by coming triangulations of astrological bodies. The triangulations begin on the outer edge of the constellation Lira and reach across the dimensions for triangulation with Indiron B and Lechtalli, two distant stars in a universe just parallel to your third dimension.
Triangulations will continue for nearly 18 months. Each new triangulation will have rotated in sums of degrees which are all divisible by fifteen. This is because the natural pattern of dimensional angulation is on fifteen degree angulations, or angulations divisible by fifteen degrees. Knowing this, and realizing that inter-dimensional pathways are always on angulations divisible by fifteen degrees, brings the realization that reconstruction of the very harmonics of which you are made is in occurrence.
Your particulates, except when excited, are generally aligned by increments of thirds. As the series of 7 alignments, and the transition of one angulation to another occurs, your particulates, the very particles of which you are created, will respond. They will realign into other mathematical patterns. Because of this, you may experience unconscious agitation, the feeling that something huge is about to happen. You may feel that you are having difficulty being grounded and even at times disassociated with your everyday world. This series of events is literally a dimensional shift, for as influences reach you and your reality both you and your reality will be pulled upward in a vacuum effect, such as an extreme tide pull only reaching across all realities.
As the pulling begins, there may be moments of lacking focus or clarity. We tell you that you need not understand what is happening just know that it is. You may find the sensation that your feet are not on the ground, that you feel as if you are free floating and not connected to your body or your earth. Use this to expand your awareness of realities beyond the mundane. Breathe deeply and intentionally, allowing yourselves to be cleansed of the old, welcoming the new. Your breath is more than that which sustains life. It is a natural cleansing, regenerative, nurturing, healing.
Intuitive awareness may sneak into some of your realities who have been requesting to "see" or experience other worlds. Your time comes. As it does, remember that your journey is your journey. You are always in control. The experience can be changed or topped at any time virtually by changing your perception. Remember that it is your experience and therefore you are its creator!
About mid way through the seven triangulations there will be a series of lateral phenomenon which will occur simultaneously. A series of geometric configurations which will, for about 6 weeks, bring some stabilization to the effects of the triangluations. There will be three of these. And so there is with the number of seven triangulations and the number of three lateral alignments, come the numbers of Man and God combined to be One.
What we are saying is that this becomes a true re- harmonization to the perfection of harmonic resonance throughout creation. This affects consciousness. This affects your harmonic relationships with everything. In a way, you are being freed from all that has bound you. Because of this the possibilities for change in your world are infinite and available to you.
This series of events is going to change the political climate across your globe. Untruths will surface with a command for consequences. Monetary values will continue to shift, and that which you value will change.
Also as a result of the pulling effect of the triangulations will come large seismic activity and the opening of new volcanic vents, particularly off the west coast of the US. There will be one large volcanic vent opening under the water with as many as three secondary vents spilling lava onto the sea floor. There will be further shaking in Sumatra and Indonesia as well as the New Zealand fault. A series of seismic events close to September may be causal to another minor pole shift of your planet.
The coming times will bring great change to your world and your experience of it. What we say to you in this now is that you must remain present, aware of synchronicities that will lead you to where it is that your soul wishes to be. That may be geographically or simply emotionally or experientially. Whatever the course of your journey, truth will command. That which is and has been the mundane will shift in importance. And that is a catalyst to change. What you intend now will manifest purely and completely. Take the time to become aware of your interior. Is your experience that which is in your outer world? Is your experience of balance and does it bring you joy? If not, now is the time to regroup. Let go of your fears. You are whole, perfect, magnificent creatures of the One. There is no need for you to struggle through your life journey. On the contrary, use these transitional events to bring yourselves to greatness not to anyone but yourselves. When you do this. All is great and all is perfection.
The sense of imperfection or having to heal or change one's self is all pert of the illusion that you have created to feel safe. Instead of feeling safe, you find yourselves struggling through your days. What if you truly understood that the struggle is not truth, that the struggle is merely created by perception? What is you realized that all is perfection. Perfection does not need to be healed or "let go". It merely needs to be acknowledged. When ones accepts self and agrees to live one's journey unobstructed by preconceived expectations or beliefs, magic beings. Purity of communication universally begins. Life begins.
We have spoken with you previously about the universal construct. We have explained to you how the geometries of Light arranged in pyramid form then in octahedronal format to create the fabric of all creation. All of the geometry is created by light harmonized. All of that light carries consciousness. You are that. You are created of the very light of creation. And within you are the memories. You are an enfoldment of all time and all things manifested to feel, experience, touch, hold, and even to release all that you encounter. From one moment to the next, there is only ever this now. Do not miss the glorious possibilities that are available to you by living outside of yourselves. Reach inward. Deeply. Honestly. Who is hiding there? What will it take for you to come out and become the experience you seek? There is nothing you cannot do.
There are times when chaos leads to magnificence - all chaos has the potential for magnificence. Chaos is a direct catalyst for change. Without it, you would become complacent, too comfortable in your discomfort. Embrace the chaos as one of the finest tools for change. Let yourselves be carried in the current of the now. Now is the time. Greet the light as it washes you clean each morning. Embrace the following darkness as a time for regeneration. And in the moments of the dawn when it is neither light nor dark, be still and listen. You are being called to greatness. Are you listening?
No one, no thing, lesser or greater than you. Each of you is a vital aspect of all creation. Be never afraid of what you are capable. You are the power, you are uncondionality. You are love. Love deeply. Live freely. Apply it to yourselves first. Shine Dear Ones, Shine.
We are grateful to be of service in this now.
Anshallah, antui ensitu nahallah.
And so it is that we return to light.
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