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Arch Angel Michael :The Energies for April 2008

AA Michael :The Energies for April 2008 : "Walking the Gentle Path of Enlightened Awareness and Choosing for Life and Abundance" New Earth.. 02 April 2008 07:02:24

Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, the energies of this New Cycle and this New Earth are indeed intense and powerful. In this past month, many of you felt the deep changes within your Being as the Grail Codes were activated and you accepted the gift of Cosmic Consciousness into your Lightbodies. And now, in this coming month of April, you will have the opportunity to find some Inner Balance and as you continue to choose for Life and Abundance on this New Earth.

In your daily lives, Beloved Ones, you will find that Relationships will continue to be in the Crucible of Transformation. You will continue to be led to release all attachments and co-dependencies until you reach a point of complete Inner Power and Strength. Many of you are finding this process difficult, as you release all external support systems in the Outer World to allow yourself to align fully with your Soul and Spirit, and to be guided by your I AM presence to a full understanding that you are healing and releasing all forms of separation consciousness so that you may return to Oneness with the Source and so receive the Love and Abundance that is your right on this Earth. But, this comes only from your Relationship with your I AM and Source. When you are ready to release the Ego need to have control over your life, and to release the need to organize and fix your life yourself, then you will learn how to accept the guidance of your Spirit as it manifests in synchronicities and miracles in your life.

Beloved Ones, you are Cosmic Beings, you are the Divine Source in Human Form. If you can hear and feel the Divine Spark within as It creates and manifests you will be led to Abundance and Love, for the Divine Spark is Abundance and Love and creates only from and for Abundance and Love. Beloved Ones, these new Cosmic Codes for Love and Abundance are being activated now in 2008. When you allow these changes and transformations, you will see clearly how Divine Love is now creating Abundance through you. It is only Resistance and Fear that will make you feel as though you are in a chaotic void, for the chaos is none other than Divine Creativity in Motion, and when you are centered in Trust and Acceptance, then you know that your safe path through the apparent chaos is assured. You are always safe and protected.

Beloved Ones, we will offer one suggestion that will assist you to navigate this new path - choose for Life! Whenever you have to make a decision or a choice, then choose for Life! And Dearest Ones, you do make choices every day, and so we say again, choose for life and choose for joy. Do not choose from habit or because you are supposed to or because others expect it of you. Choose what makes your heart sing with love and joy, and do not settle for less. For it is only in Joy and Love that you experience your Divinity beyond the illusion of separation. Know that "rules" are made for those who have forgotten who they are, for when you align with your Higher Self, you will always choose for Love and the Highest Good. Your Indigo and Crystal children have shown you clearly how your old energy choices based on rules and expectations have strangled your spirit, and they are assisting you to make new choices that allow the Soul and Spirit to live in harmony with the Physical Body and its Joy. This will be the New Earth, this will be Heaven on Earth.

The Spirals of Manifestation in the New Earth
Beloved Lightworkers, we have spoken of this topic before, but we will elaborate again, since many of you are feeling shock and displacement at the way in which events suddenly occur or unfold in your lives.
Beloved ones, this is a New Earth...a higher level of Consciousness. It is not the world that you were born into. It is no longer the Third Dimensional Reality that you knew. It is a Fifth Dimensional World that functions on Quantum or Holographic principles. The most important change is that linear time and experience have been replaced by Spirals of Manifestation. This means that life no longer unfolds in a neat and logical way that your rational mind can control and direct. Your I AM is now creating with you, and Spirit and Soul work together on the Spirals of Energy.

So, the Mind often feels startled and ill at ease as events occur which seem beyond its control. You may be literally knocked sideways by sudden events that occur in your life. Indeed, although these seem to come out of nowhere, events are unfolding on a Spiral of Creation and Manifestation in your life.

Now, if you visualize a Spiral, you will see that it moves in expanding circles at ever higher levels. So, it may seem as if what you want it actually moving away from you as it spirals out into a circle. If you become desperate and chase after it, you will lose your center and become unbalanced and ungrounded, and the Spiral may collapse. Remember, that the Spiral of Creation originates in your High Heart, where Soul and Spirit join with the Physical, and it must be held there. So, if you hold that Spiral with Intention, it may spiral out and away and then behind you, and you may think it has vanished. But then, one day, as if by miracle, it spirals back, and if you are not prepared it may take you completely by surprise.

Now, when you are still learning these new Fifth Dimensional skills, you may have several spirals going at once, and then for a while it seems as if your life is a complete void, and then suddenly everything may manifest at once and you are swamped with opportunities and creations, and you do not know where to turn in the apparent chaos. And so, you are exhausted as you try to sort it all out.

Beloved Lightworkers, you will become more skilled in the Art of Creating your Reality. You will learn to manage the energies and to trust when there is nothing, because you know for sure that what you have created is coming into manifestation. And when it comes, you will be prepared because you will recognize your own creations for what they are.

And then, you will express the deep gratitude and joy that will re-energize the Creative Spirals to a higher level of Experience and Love.

So, Beloved Ones, we ask that you consider how you may be losing enery through your expectations and through trying to create from your will and your mental or rational being. Your Heart is the center of your Creative Intelligence in the Fifth Dimension, and only the desires of the Heart will motivate the Spirals of Creation into dynamic process. When the mind can accept that process, it will learn to support your creativity instead of blocking it with needs and fears. For, if you are trapped in the fears of the mind, then you will not be at a high enough level to receive the manifestations of your creative desires. It is only when you lift into the Heart and Higher Consciousness, that you will perceive and receive the flow of Abundant Love through Creativity.

The Energies in April
The New Moon will be on the 6th of April in Aries. Aries is a Fire sign, representing the Child and the Warrior. It is the First House of the astrological wheel. It signifies also new beginnings and new seeds planted, an ideal time to set the intention for a new spiral of creation.
Fire Moons are generally volatile, so you may need to focus on holding your balance in your Heart.

The Full Moon on the 20th is the Buddha or Wesak Moon. It is a time to celebrate the power of the Enlightened Masculine, or the New Divine Masculine energy of Earth. Remember also Kwan Yin as the archetype of the Divine Feminine energy of Enlightened Compassion.

The Moon is in Scorpio, a Water sign, and this is an ideal time for a Water Ceremony to assist in activating the Codes of Divine Abundance within the waters of the Planet.

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