Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What You Focus Upon Expands

What You Focus Upon Expands===========================
There is ample evidence that the universe responds directly to thought. Thoughts are real, and they directly create the reality you choose to live in. In short . . . What you focus upon expands.
That would be an excellent phrase for you to meditate upon in the silence of your room, throughout the day, and in the midst of every reaction you experience to every situation. Make it your mantra for the next few days, weeks, or even months. Let the truth of it become your own in the very depths of your being.
What you focus upon expands.
So, what do YOU focus upon? Money problems? A bad relationship? Fear? Terrorism? Or . . . Love? Abundance? Inner growth? Compassion?
Remember, whatever you focus upon expands. If you concentrate your mind on the negative, you will get more of it. Some people are stuck in the mistakes and regrets of the past. Guilt and regret hold them down. As a result, they are trapped by the past and become incapable of facing the future with a fresh attitude. They bring past mistakes into the present and then into the future.
And what you focus upon expands.
If only Governments could realize this essential law of creation. Sadly, they do not. Do you want to focus upon terrorism and anti-terrorism? Well, what you focus upon EXPANDS! Perhaps you have noticed that recently?
The same is true of the excessive mass of legislation that burdens modern society in every conceivable area of life. It is based on mistrust, fear and the assumption of dishonesty. Of course, what you focus upon expands. Hence, the more emphasis you place upon these negative qualities of human nature, the more you encourage it to flourish. What might happen if instead, we could gradually transform society from being fear-based to love-based? What might happen if we placed more funds and education upon creating a truly loving and supportive society?
Do leaders negotiate for peace, but their hearts are filled with fear, legalism, enmity and accusation? What might happen if they could approach negotiations with a spirit of reconciliation, respect, love and determination for peace? What if the use of violence, bloodshed and war were REALLY considered totally unacceptable, and not a tool to negotiate with?
What you focus upon expands!
In your own life, watch your thoughts and actions, because this law applies to you. If you have money problems and you focus on the PROBLEM instead of the SOLUTION, you are assured of more money difficulties. If you engage in anger and criticism of others on a continual basis, this too will grow. If you create adefensive negative attitude to all the BS going on in the workplace, but do nothing constructive to counter it, then the BS can only grow.
If instead you focus heavily on love, peace and compassion, then these will grow in your life. If you are a solution-oriented positive personality at your job, then people will respond to you in like manner, giving you more respect and even expanding your role and opportunity. Try it, starting today!
Have a mind focused upon constriction and a contracting spiral of life, and that is what will perpetuate. Focus instead upon expansion and growth, and that is what you will attract into your life.
What you focus upon expands.
The same is true of what you aspire for. If you spend ALL of your time in daily drudgery, forever dreaming of some idealized future but doing nothing to achieve it, then it will remain forever a dream and you will remain forever mired in daily distraction. The latter will grow and the dream will recede. However, if you budget a regular time to pursue your dream, no matter how small that time allotment might be, and commit to following through on that regular session, then you will do more than develop mere expertise. You will harness this universal law, and cause what you focus upon to gradually expand. Then you will find yourself doing more of it, and that will cause even further expansion.
What you focus upon expands.
So what DO you focus upon? What IS expanding in your life right now? Why not stop right now and ponder this question deeply? REALLY deeply. You might even want to write down a list, or make some notes in your journal. You cannot change what you are not conscious of. So work to become conscious of what you are focusing upon right away.
Why not take this as a mantra? Ponder this thought continually and apply it to your life at every opportunity and in every area? If you do, not only will you begin to become conscious of hidden patterns of repetitive thought, but you will also become aware of exactly what you are attracting into your life on a habitualbasis.
As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for because it might come true! So remember . . . .
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