Monday, April 7, 2008

Be in Your Own Vibration

Be in Your Own Vibration
Saturday, April 5th, 2008
There just isn’t anything in the world for me like dancing. The best is the kind I can lose myself in completely. It has to be brought on by the right music…a sound that captures me deep inside. At those times I don’t have to go looking for the beat because it finds me, and takes me over, and becomes me…until I don’t exist anymore, and there is just the rhythm, and the melody…and the bliss.
When I can move my body like that there aren’t any thoughts left. There are only feelings and they have no name. Nothing could be wrong because everything is so world-rockingly right. When I am there I know I am at the very center of my being, and there is no sense of anything being missing. There is only wholeness, and surrender.
But I can’t be dancing all the time, so I have to find that beat inside me that is always there, and stay with it. Any place we go in this world, including the travels through our own minds and feelings, may overwhelm us with various inputs and influences, and the key to staying centered is to make our own inner vibration so strong that we can still hear and feel it over the waves.
Our own inner rhythm will always guide us, allow us to know ourselves in a way that will empower us in any situation, and keep us always aware of our authentic selves. It is when we lose that beat inside that we get lost, distracted, and unnecessarily drained of our energy.
When we know how to keep our own vibration strong inside, we find something else amazing…we are already where we want to be and just don’t often know it. What I mean is that if there is something you are wanting in your life, then immediately it creates a strong potential for feeling lack. But if we allow ourselves to nurture the vibration inside of us of the thing or situation that we are wanting, the actual events or opportunities will come to us that much more easily.
Sometimes I am at a party by myself and don’t quite know where to connect. So I start a little party inside me, and find something I like doing. People always end up joining me. I set a vibration that I wanted to feel, and just waited for the company or opportunities that aligned with it to come to me.
We are so busy trying to “create” our futures in the new age that we have forgotten to be what we want. For instance, if you want a soul mate, think about why. What is it that you want to feel that your soul mate would give you? Companionship, passion, nurturing, excitement? How could you make your life more passionate, nurturing, exciting and accompanied as it is now? Because if you can step into the feelings you think that partnership will give you, you will stop waiting for someone to fulfill that in you and, ironically, be even more open to magnetizing that person to you.
In fact this is one of the secrets of magnetism. Why would you work so hard to find or create something when you can just build the energy inside yourself and draw it right to you without even trying hard? Is it money you want more of? What feelings would having more money give you? Security, support, freedom, creativity? How can you open to feeling more supported, secure, free and creative as you are right now?
I know cultivating those feelings is not the same as having hard cash in your pocket, just as feeling passion in your heart won’t replace the feeling of another body pressed up to yours. However the more full you are of the vibrations you desire, the higher you will raise your magnetism to draw their physical outcomes, even though by then you will feel that you need them less! (It won’t make them any less wonderful to receive or experience, I promise.)
Finding the really good groove inside of you will open you up, and promote self-love and pleasurable feelings. It will help you never to compare yourself to others or feel less or more than anyone else, because it will allow you to feel so good about exactly who you are, incomparable and unique. You will stop looking outside of yourself for satisfaction and start to find out that so much of what you have been waiting for has been right inside of you.
Don’t think this will be a let-down. You don’t lose the goodness of yearning or the satisfaction of interaction and manifestation, you just finally invite yourself to your own party…and find out that it is the best party you could ever be at. And the people, the abundance, and the miracles to make it come into reality are all details your soul and the universe can discuss and arrange over a cup of coffee…or several…while you are busy dancing.