Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

The word power is used in so many ways by humans. To some, power is
determined by how much control they have over other humans. That
control can consist of manipulation, threats, demeaning words and
actions and what not. But often feeling controlled by someone, is
just in the mind of the person who thinks of himself/herself as less
than or as a victim of a perceived aggressor.

A person with an enormous amount of money is often viewed as one who
has power. It is easy for the human to believe that money can buy
power because in your world you tend to put such people on pedestals
and think of them as royalty. In fact, there are those that will do
anything for a person of status and wealth, in the hope that if they
cater to such a person’s ego needs, they will be rewarded with money,
opportunity and importance…just by mere association alone. And sadly
enough it often works because the one doing the groveling feels
powerful no matter how delusional that may be.

It is time dear ones that you redefine power within yourselves. True
power does not make someone a victim or a slave to its needs. True
power comes from the heart that is open to soul and then it must be
balanced with the intellectual mind in such a way, that it benefits
others and the world at large. This takes inner knowledge gained from
life experiences and soul/heart energy in the form of conscious awareness.

In a linear duality, life offers humanity pieces of universal energy
as awareness. These could be called, pieces of wholeness. As you
stretch your inner knowing beyond what you presently know as personal
and spiritual awareness… your crystalline essence is quickened inside
your DNA. This takes place as you remember your connection with the
wholeness of the universe. At first this is not conscious, but never
the less, it is taking place as your physical, mental and emotional
bodies adapt to accommodate this powerful energy of expanded Light.

Imagine if you will, that you are building or adding to the universal
energy; a part of your wholeness; that of your crystalline essence… as
you come into your own true inner power and continue to become aware
of it. Imagine that your crystalline essence looks like a crystal
ball inside of you. This crystalline ball of essence keeps expanding
from the inside out; until it encompasses the outer and inner world
and merges as One. You as a physical being, are universal wholeness
in the form of a human body. Your body represents the physical, outer
aspect of the universe as form.

As you evolve on the deeper levels of consciousness, through deep
introspection, intuition and through life experiences…the light inside
of you, let’s say, becomes brighter, stronger. As it does so, that
light continues to awaken you and humanity on various cosmic levels.
It is the cosmic mind, also called the higher mind that is increasing
or shall we say awakening your crystalline essence energy, stored in
your human cells and DNA.

As this crystalline ball of energy expands, it moves outward and
through your body, engulfing you in its light. In doing so it is
changing your cellular structure and awakening your DNA in ways that
promote health of the body and transcend old ways of believing. It is
possible to help this process along by working at balancing out all
the extremes in your life…as with your finances and learning to live
within your means. It will also help for you to find and create a
form of work that enhances your personal integrity and not your ego.
By balancing out the extremes in your life, you will be expanding
your consciousness. As your personal universe expands and becomes
more balanced, it also expands the universal wholeness.

The way to accomplish this type of expansion is through the awakening
of the heart with deep introspection. This heart energy is the
feminine energy that many call the goddess energy, of which will
continue to infiltrate Earth and you, as we speak. Emotion as
feeling; that which comes through a soulful heart… is what attracts
and pulls in the feminine energy. This feminine energy is creating
more sensitivity in all humans. Therefore the feminine energy is
bringing even more emotional upheaval to your Earth. Those of you who
are more naturally sensitive to all energies may feel this intensely.
Needless to say there are a lot of depressed, angry, hostile, scared,
frustrated and explosive people on your planet right now. But on the
same token, the intensity of love and the desire for unity and peace
are rapidly transforming the old energy into the new.

The feminine energy is coming to your Earth and mixing with what has
been a predominantly masculine energy for thousands of years. This
predominance of masculine energy has created an abundance of
selfishness and greed, which are at an all time high on your planet
right now…especially in the last ten to twenty years. Using an
analogy, this collision of energies is like the cold air in your
atmosphere hitting against the warm or hot air, creating severe
thunder storms, wind and lightning that viciously strike your Earth.
And in fact, the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energy is
causing many of your weather and Earth changes.

This kind of volatile energy is going on all over your world and it
continues to disrupt the economy as your infrastructure implodes
around you. The collapse of big corporations and banks; millions of
jobs being lost and wars that continue to erupt and interrupt life on
your planet… are wide spread. This disruptive energy is also playing
havoc in many of your relationships.

The status quo of masculine, old energy (the mind with ego) has had
the power for so long that it is fighting to stay in control.
Therefore this old masculine energy is resisting the tempering and
balancing of the feminine energy (the heart and new energy). This
resistance is causing the collapse of world economies. But with the
economic collapse, comes the collapse of the predominantly patriarchal
era of which is responsible for the many forms of greed; the wars and
lack of integrity that poisons people and nations.

In the next few years, beginning now, you will continue to witness
more and more women being elected to government positions; positions
that use to be exclusively held by males. Both males and females
who’s intellectual and heart energy are more or less balanced, will
continue to increase in numbers as they come forth into some form of
unified power all over the world. The feminine and masculine energy
is seeking balance in all of your life forms as it intertwines with
your unique energies. As it finds its balance within the Earth and in
each of you… the changing of the planet will increase. The capacity
and willingness to open to change will play a big part in how quickly
this happens.

The mixing and balancing of the feminine and masculine energy will
affect all forms of polarity or duality on your planet and bring them
into balance as well. This includes the merging affect of the
crystalline energy that will balance out the mind and heart as you
continue to move towards wholeness. Wholeness takes place when the
crystalline energy inside of you expands outward to encompass your
total being, including your body; your relationships and the world you
created for you. Once the crystalline energy is activated in you, by
you, a creator within your own right… expansion on all levels of your
being will take place.

How is all of this affecting your human relationships you might
wonder? First as said, the feminine energy is of the heart (emotion)
and the masculine energy is of the mind (mental) without emotion.
This is where your term, “That person is really mental,” comes from.

When describing true power, it is important to understand that every
aspect of duality in your human world is part of the wholeness of life
that makes up the universe. Relationships in each of your lives need
to be seen as relationships you and other souls have set up as
learning experiences…regardless of how they happen to manifest through
the ego and free-will. When there is a challenge in a relationship,
the peaceful resolution of that challenge in you, will pull you
further into the light of your higher self, also known as the cosmic
conscious levels and help to balance your feminine and masculine
energy. We’d like to say here… that the balance of any polarity comes
when the two extremes of that polarity… work together in harmony.
This is accomplished by finding the middle ground and working with the
combined energy of the two extremes.

Does resolution require that the other person within a relationship
needs to see things your way before there is resolution for you?
Definitely not! The only way peace that can really exist in a
troubled relationship is if both parties look inside themselves and
take responsibility for their part of the discontent that was spewed
through personal anger, fear and self-victimization. In other words,
where did your anger come from inside of you. Anger is fear turned
outward in the form of blame and expressed through attacking words and
actions. This is victimization at work in the sense that someone in
anger feels victimized or the anger wouldn’t be there. Finding the
true feelings behind the actions and sharing them with each other, is
the only way compromise, acceptance and resolution can take place in
whatever way is best for both parties.

Anger held inside through denial, physical distancing and avoidance is
the false power of manipulation. This too has to do with
victimization. How? A person who manipulates by avoidance and
rejection is someone who is not willing to take responsibility for
their actions and at the same time… buries their true feeling of
powerlessness in denial and blame. And by doing so, uses this
manipulation tactic as his or her power to control another person;
disregarding the fact that the power they are using is only a false
sense of power that will sabotage them in some way, the longer they
avoid personal responsibility. This kind of manipulation not only
takes place in personal relationships but also in religious and
business relationships…including the relationships between world

The fact is that by taking responsibility for ones’ actions during or
after a conflict, is the only next step available if personal
resolution is to take place either inside or outside of you. In other
words, your personal actions and feelings must be looked at and
understood to the best of your ability. If you are blaming in order
to justify your actions in a conflict you are not being honest with
yourself. No one can make you do anything, unless of course, your
life depends on it. But someone or something can trigger with certain
words, certain actions, your fears and self doubts… created by your
own inner beliefs and perceptions.

Wherever there is unrest, the unresolved and a way of thinking and
believing that restricts personal responsibility…you will find
victimization in its many forms on Earth. War is one form, but
victimization can especially play out in personal relationships, with
all of their variations.

So again we ask…what is true power and how does it happen? True power
exists when your happiness and heart are balanced with your personal
beliefs. True power is a knowing that your happiness and beliefs do
not deny someone else’s. Real power happens when you love through your
heart and not through your ego needs. Inner power is expressed when
you can walk away from abuse. Power of the heart is when you can look
at someone and see their purity instead of their faults. Last but not
least, power is knowing when to let go of what you no longer need to
be happy.

Power is also faith in the unifying power of the universe that you
hold inside of you; the crystalline energy; your true Essence. In
other words as we have said before in a more recent channeling…true
Power is being aware of enough parts of the big picture that allows
you to put those parts together in various ways that will bring peace
and balance in any situation.

Your crystalline essence is the perfect balance of the feminine and
masculine energy. That balance opens the heart to deep feelings of
passion and compassion. The heart opens to the soul and soul opens to
the higher mind which activates the crystalline energy in each of you
who ask the hard questions. Questions like: “ Why am I really here
on this Earth?” and “How do I begin to change me, so that our world
and all people are unified in integrity?”

What is necessary right now on your Earth, to accomplish the balance
needed to bring true power to the forefront in the form of integrity,
is the balancing of the feminine and masculine energy. What you see
happening is the fall of the masculine energy because there isn’t
enough feminine energy mixed in, to balance, support and sustain it
any longer. Each of you can help this balancing process take place
faster as you work to balance your own feminine and masculine energy.

Metaphorically speaking, as the feminine and masculine energy become
more balanced and unified, your crystalline essence will continue to
expand inwardly and outwardly until your inner and outer world meet
and complete your Earthly sojourn in the third dimension. That is when
you will move into the fifth dimension of Earth and beyond…where you
will reap the harvest of all your hard work and where separateness is
no longer.

All of you dear humans who continue to awaken and balance on inner and
outer levels of experience will forever be remembered as the heroes
who persevered through thick and thin and never gave up. It is you who
have the true power on your present Earth. It is you who are the true
leaders of humanity and we know who you are.

Love and Peace to All,

Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

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