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The Energies For February 2009

The Multiple Expressions of Light in the New Earth Reality
The Energies for February 2009
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

"The Power of Love" by Viktoria Vader
Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter this month of February, you are experiencing your Reality in a new way. You are beginning to experience the multiple levels and expressions of Light in your reality. As the "Hologram" of your Fifth Dimensional Reality strengthens and becomes clearer, you are entering into a new and challenging phase of your evolution as a Collective.
As the new grids are energized and activated around the Planet, more and more light flows into the new grids in preparation for the new manifestations. On these grids there is a high tension of creative energy surging through the new crystalline matrix. The Abundance of Source is pulsing through the grids as Harmonics of Light, just waiting to be woven into manifestation by the Masters of Light who can access the flow of Abundance through their open hearts and their joyful service to the Light. At the same time, the old third-dimensional grids are being depleted of energy, and this is creating a "vacuum" effect, where nothing seems to move forward and nothing seems to flow.
Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is where the challenge arises for you as Masters of Light. You will be confronted by two "levels" of experience in your daily lives. The one level will be the miraculous fifth-dimensional flow of Abundance, the other will be the disintegrating third-dimensional level of lack and limitation, the empty illusions that are coming up very empty indeed right now. Everyone will experience these two levels of reality, and we know that those without discernment and wisdom may fall into panic and feel that they are "blocked" and are not moving forward. Beloved Ones, this time is given to you so that you may learn the skill of distinguishing what is real and what is truth for you, and what is empty illusion. When you can fluidly move from the empty and void energies of negativity and anger, and flow into the blessings of Abundant manifestation, you will have activated your abilties as a Master of Light in the New Earth.
In December, your Higher Chakras were recalibrated to align and interface with this new reality. You are perceptually able to distinguish and discern what pulsates with higher energy and what is void and empty. You will feel it within your Heart and within your Body at this time.
Beloved Lightworkers, in this month there will be many challenging situations that will arise as you align your mental and emotional reactions with your higher perceptions. You will be confronted with situations where you must choose between vibrating as the level of anger and despair, or choosing rather to enter the safe space of the Heart and knowing that you are always safe and protected in the love of your I Am presence. When you make this choice to enter the Heart, you will feel empowered to deal with any situation and to transform the energies to a higher vibration with love. And if you cannot, then you will move on without needing to engage with or carry with you these lower vibrating energies.
It is a choice, and, as you make that choice to raise the frequencies of your lower chakras so that they are aligned with the Heart and the higher chakras, you will experience your own Being as a Continuum of Light. You will indeed feel that you are Light embodied, and that every part of you is pulsating with the flow of Divine Love. And, in this Reality of Light, you are opening the way for miraculous manifestation, for the Abundance of Divine Blessings will flow from Source into your Heart and through your lower chakra energies and into manifestation. And this process will happen smoothly and with increasing rapidity as you become more skilled as Masters of Light.
Beloved Ones, as you face these challenges, know that each one of you anticipated this moment when you agreed to incarnate as a Lightworkers in this Great Transformation. You knew there would come a time when you would have to release the old "support systems" of the Third Dimensions and step out into this new Fifth Dimensional space of complete mastery of your own Light and inner Divinity. And yes, you knew that it would be challenging and you knew that you might not always get it completely at first, but you were confident that you would all be able to achieve this mastery. And, indeed you will...indeed you are just learning how to express it in the physical plane. You have worked to master the skill of living in your Heart energy, and we say again beloveds, this is the key, we call it the "golden key". It is only when your Heart is open and filled with Unconditional Love and Gratitude, that you become a conduit for the flow of Divine
Abundance and a Creator of Miracles of Abundance and Peace, as you weave the Light into Holographic manifestation through the Multiple levels of Light.
Beloved Ones, consider for a moment this "Path of Light". The Light of Source enters your Crown Chakra from the higher realms of Spirit, the most pure and radiant light, without any distortion. It is the pure love of the "One" and it vibrates to the Law of One. This activates the Pineal gland which then sends instructions to the Brow Chakra and the Pituitary gland to begin the process of perception and creation on the physical. And so, the soul works with the Light and you begin to see and hear and express the Light that you have received as passions and ideas, and these passions and ideas are directed into the Heart to be felt in the Body as motivation and joy. It is here, at the Heart, that the soul transfers these passions and joys into the Physical Being so that they may be woven into material forms by the creation of experiences of life. Every experience that you walk through has been woven into your reality through the desires and passions of the
soul for new experiences on the path of Light. And of course, most of life's experiences are worked through with others whose souls have chosen similar experiences and have been drawn into your creations so that they may share your soul light and your soul creations. Beloved Ones, as you vibrate with a higher light and a higher intention of love, so it is that you will attract souls who seek also to create experiences of Love and Joy together with you in this New Reality of Light that is called the New Earth.
Yes, Holographic Reality is nothing more than the experience of multiple layers of light, vibrating at different frequencies and dimensions, to produce the delightful "Dream" of Reality. Each person on the Planet is a part of the Dream, each person weaves their Light into the Hologram as they are able. Those who are Masters of Light are learning to live with a conscious understanding of this process so that they may direct their creations into conscious manifestation as they choose. But, Beloveds, those who become great Warriors of Light are those who know that the strongest creations are those woven from the Light of Many Beings who share the Dream. When you can "Dream as One", you will indeed create powerful manifestations of Love and Light that can be woven into the Physical Plane.

Partners in Manifestation : The Elemental EnergiesBeloved Ones, at this time we would also speak to you of those Beings of Light that work to support you as you emerge into new levels of Mastery. You already know how to merge your consciousness with us in the Angelic dimensions and with those who are Ascended Masters, in order to receive our love and support on your journey. Now, we would speak to you also of those other Light Beings, the Elemental and Devic Intelligences of Nature that wait to serve you and co-create with you on the new grids of Light.
You have activated the Paradise Grids and the Paradise Codes for your Planet. The Devas and the Elementals are waiting to work with you in the process of co-creation through the Sacred Geometries of Light. They ask you to remember that everything is Sacred, and that everything in manifestation flows into being through the Sacred Geometries of Light.
The Paradise Grid contains the Geometries of Light for manifesting and creating the Planet as a Paradise, with the co-creative assistance of the Elemental intelligence. In 2008, many Lightworkers activated Elemental Light Temples and Vortexes to activate the New Earth partnership between the Elemental energies of Nature and the Fifth-dimensional Human Angelic Intelligence. At the Lunar Eclipse on the 9th of February, a new set of "code activations" will be transmitted to bring "online" more of the Planetary Elemental energy in the process of activating the Harmonics of the Global Paradise Grid.
At this time, Beloved Ones, you will begin to see and perceive the energy of the Elemental Kingdom. And, whether you are scientific and think of "photons", or you are sensitive and think of "fairies", or you are shamanic and think of "archetypal forces", you will begin to perceive these energies all around you. It does not matter if you live in the heart of the city, the Paradise Grid is there too, pulsating with energy and life and waiting for you to call the Elemental Energies to begin weaving Paradise where you are. Beloved Ones, it is within your cities and your towns that you will begin to activate the Paradise Grids. You will begin to perceive the Elemental Light Beings that are there, waiting to be called to share in your creations.
Beloved Ones, the Elementals teach you to love the Earth, the soil, and to honor its life blood, the water. They ask you to remember that you too are Earth and Water in your physical being, and to honor the matter from which all form arises. They ask you to see and feel all around you, the presence of this Grid of Light that carries the templates for manifesting Paradise forms, and to begin to draw these forms into manifestation. Re-establish your relationships with the Elemental Lights and learn how they cherish and guide the manifestation of life on these Sacred Grids.
As you draw the Paradise energy into your Being, it will activate your own Paradise Codes, and will align you with a new way of living and being in the Fifth Dimension of Light. Beloved Masters of Light, it is your privilege in this New Earth to create with the Elemental intelligences from within your cities and towns, and to transform them into Paradise communities. And, as you do this, you will see that each city has already a "City of Light", a perfect Holographic Light Template of a Paradise City, waiting to be activated on the Paradise Grid and brought into manifestation on the material plane. You will learn how to activate these "Cities of Light" and to draw them into manifestation on the Paradise Grids around you. Indeed, this is the creative challenge that awaits you. Can you shift from the Old Earth definition of a city and align with a New Earth city, filled with vibrant natural life in a pristine state! A city that is clean, beautiful, well
managed, and the home to a happy and supportive community. Can you dream that dream and live that dream? Can you co-create it with the Elemental intelligences on the Paradise Grid? The opportunities to align with this dream will be offered to you at the Lunar Eclipse.
Beloved Ones, those of you who are ready to make this perceptual shift will be guided by the Angelic and Elemental intelligences. You will begin to perceive the activities of these Light Beings on the Grids around you and you will begin to understand how these Lights work with yours in partnership. You will be guided to new projects and new ways of living that will honor the energy and the power of nature and the Elemental energies, whether in Pristine Nature, or as part of a project to activate natural energies within the Cities of Earth. Know, Beloved Ones, that as the Creative energy and Power of the Elementals returns to your cities, the "Magic" and Flow of Joy and Peace will return. For, quite simply, the more energy that you draw from the Paradise Grids into manifestation, the more you will create Peace and Abundance on the Material plane. That is the purpose of the Paradise Grids.

The Energies for February 2009The Full Moon falls on the 9th of February, with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. This is a "Fire" Moon, in the fiery house of Leo. This creates a powerful if volatile energy. This Moon and Lunar Eclipse will also be an activation time for the Elemental energies on the Paradise Grid. The New Moon, in Pisces, falls on the 25th of February. As the sun enters into the Water house of Pisces, it is a good time to strengthen your connection with your I AM energy and to spend time in quiet contemplation of the year that lies ahead. In the Northern hemisphere, the approaching energies of Spring may begin to be felt as the elemental energies begin to stir with the forces of new life and new creation.
During the month of February, many of the planets will pass through, or be in, the sign of Aquarius..... the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. At the Full Moon, these energies will be in opposition to the Moon in Leo. This will create a sense of Creative tension, between the New Earth energies of the Age of Aquarius, and the powerful creative fire of the Moon in Leo. Equally, Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces is creating some high tension electrical energies that are being directed at the Transformation of the Planet, powered by Pluto in Capricorn.
Beloved Lightworkers, we wish you well in this month and in your activities of Light as you Co-Create the New Earth in Light and in the World of Form.

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