Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life
by Stefanie Miller

We are on this magical journey called life. We are so fortunate to be here. There is so much to experience and many opportunities abound. We need only to look around and we can discover the blessings.

I recently had my birthday. I get so excited every year. My friend mentioned to me, you know you are only getting older, are you sure you want to broadcast it? She said a birthday is not THAT big of a deal. For me honoring someone's birth is important. It is acknowledging and celebrating the blessing of their journey on planet Earth. My friends and family made me feel so special, loved and appreciated. I am humbled by the amount of love, presents, well wishes, and celebrations that I experienced. For me it is a reminder that life is worth living, and a reminder that we are not alone. Yes, the journey is sometimes challenging, some days/months/years are easier than others. Yet ultimately life is so worth living due to all the beauty, love and holiness that we get to experience.

Growing older is a beautiful thing to me. The changes in my appearance are only minor reflections of the life I have lived. Each year I can add to the list of accomplishments, the love I've shared and the obstacles I have overcome. I am proud of my age and the wisdom I have gained and the many footsteps I have taken on this path of life.

As we journey deep within ourselves and uncover the wounded inner self we have an opportunity to heal at the core level. I have been experiencing vast amounts of love and happiness in the past few weeks. Nothing special has occurred to bring about these feelings. Yet everything is special. I see the beauty in every facet of my life. I am in awe at the sacredness of life. While I have plenty of fun times and wonderful things happening in my life, I am also facing some areas that are painful, frustrating, challenging, and stuck. It seems that many if not most of us are having to delve deeply into these uncomfortable areas.

The pain body is being activated in many of us bringing core issues to the surface to finally face, honor and heal. We are facing extremely hard economic times, which is creating a lot of fear and anxiety. Our safety and security issues are being challenged. All of this is happening for a reason. We are being prodded through our life situations to really face and feel the pain we have been avoiding for a very long time.

Many of us go through life without paying attention to what is happening within or around us. We are numbing ourselves out to our feelings and suppressing the issues we need to face and deal with. We forget to honor ourselves and listen to what will nourish, fulfill and benefit us. We fail to eat healthy, exercise, rest, experience pleasure, enjoy ourselves or listen to what we really want and need. We put our ourselves last on the list and go about with what we "think" is more important. Until one day events or circumstance happen in our life and we are forced to stop and look around and within.

All of a sudden due to some crisis, awakening, or major or even minor life-altering event we see things for what they truly are. Our pain body becomes activated. It is not that the pain is new, it is that we have never felt or dealt with our feelings. Feeling emotions is not necessarily a bad thing. Our wounded inner-self needs to be acknowledged, comforted and loved. Once we are able to feel again we don't need to hold onto the pain, we can let go of the old wounds and move on and experience happiness. As we realize what is not working in our lives, the challenging part is to actually take action and do something about it! It might appear to be much safer to go back to what might be limiting and unfulfilling but familiar and comfortable and return to our unconscious state of be-ing than to actually make changes!

When we are alert to what is really happening in our lives we can make decisions based on our inner guidance and intuition, rather than what our brain convinces us is logical and practical. The divine flow brings in new beginnings and miracles when we are open to accepting the possibilities and do not lose hope. Many of us need to awaken from our unconscious state of being, numbed to feeling or taking risks. We are being taken out of our comfort zones so that we may be jolted from this autopilot way of living we have become accustomed to, take the wheel and really begin to navigate through the changes and transformations that are necessary in order to find fulfillment and happiness. Often it is about altering our perceptions and beliefs that is helpful to set the wheels in motion.

Life is not about being unfulfilled and dissatisfied. We may have challenging experiences that we must face that may set us back for a time. We go through our difficulties and deal with it. The path to an authentic life is to navigate through these times and rather than becoming numb, hopeless, depressed, or angry is to remain in the moment, process the feelings, reflect on what we have gained from the experience and then choose a new directions that is filled with the things we do want to in our lives and always see treasure the sometimes hidden blessing!

We need to remember that we deserve happiness and have faith that it is possible to have it. When we focus on what we want to experience and not ignore, but rather not place a lot of emphasis on the areas we are lacking in, we tend to manifest what we want. The journey of life is so sacred with infinite possibilities!



I claim my divinity now. I honor who I am, and claim my experiences both the joys and the challenges.

I see the beauty all around me; in nature, my family and friends, the love I share. I am humbled by this journey.

I know sometimes I become frustrated and resentful of what is or isn't happening in my life. I truly want to trust that it is all happening for a reason and that I am in the Divine flow.

Please illuminate to me the areas that are not working in my life that I am not aware that I have the ability to make the necessary changes in. Show me the ways in which I resist love and happiness from entering.

Reweave my thoughts and emotions so that they may serve me in a positive way on my path.

Alternately, please show me the areas in my life that are currently blocked, however, they are so for a reason. Help me understand that the conditions that I am currently experiencing are as such that they will eventually open a pathway to a better alternative.

Guide me in knowing the difference between acceptance and inaction.

I don't want my fears and insecurities to hinder me from experiencing life to the fullest.

Infuse me with hope and direction.

I choose to live in the present moment, conscious and aware and enjoying life to the fullest.

I don't want to miss a minute of this life of mine. It goes so quickly and it is so sacred to me. I cherish it so!

Thank you for holiness and your blessings.

I am grateful.

And so it is.


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Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive, channeled writer. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has taught elementary school for over 16 years. Stefanie has been assisting individuals on their spiritual path since 1998. Facilitating private healing sessions, workshops and through her channeled writing, Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self and Source through a heart centered focus.

Stefanie is very connected to nature and animals. Stefanie's intimate connection with the Angelic and Fairy realms, Ascended Masters, Archangels and Mother Goddess contributes to her work as a channel and intuitive counselor. The positive and loving guidance she brings forth empowers individuals to find deep inner peace, self-awareness and clarity.

Stefanie is a Priestess Initiate in the School of the Sacred Rose; Priestess Training of the Light and a charter member of the Star of the Wayshower Iseum. She connects with Goddess energy in all forms but maintains a special connection with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Kuan Yin, Mother Gaia, and Kali. She incorporates the Divine Feminine energies in all her healing modalities. *