Sunday, February 22, 2009

Integration of the Light Body

Integration of the Light Body

I Hilarion step forward from the shadows of your existence into the
radiant Light, and send you greetings from the great Source of all. My
brothers Jesus, Kuthumi and Sister Lady Nada accompany me in this

As I stepped forward from the shadows of your existence, your past, I
had a brief overview of your many and varied experiences. Each
experience is held within the memory of your soul. This provides
duality in experience, and enables you to create comparisons and
future choices. You could say all of your previous incarnations and
manifestations provide experience and learning for you.

Do not waste valuable energy dwelling on your past. It cannot be
changed, it was what you chose, and what you decided you needed to
experience and each of you have experienced hate, love, condemnation,
pain, joy, riches, poverty, beauty, disfigurement, creativity, slavery
- many experiences.

Much of this you hide away, you do not wish to see. And yet there must
be the simple recognition, the simple overview that you have
experienced all. That now you are ready to experience your true Divine
Self once more.

Yet this can only be achieved when you give no energy to your past,
when you do not dwell in the dark depths and relive your past. There
is no need, it is wasted energy. As Kuthumi has told you many times,
there is no right or wrong, there is only experience .Therefore do not
punish your beautiful self. Do not diminish your Light. Move forward
in acceptance of your many aspects and experiences. Open to your
Divine Self, to Divine Will.

Lady Nada now steps closer. Blessings to each of you in purpose and
Divinity. I come forward to speak to you of the power of your will.
You are aware of the merging of your left and right lobes of the
brain, and also of the mergence of the masculine and feminine energies
within you. It is these energies contained in the Soul memory from
previous experience which you now bring forward and balance. The male
softens with compassion, and the female steps forward into soul wisdom
and Divinity. And so a renewed balance is achieved, as fear and
suppression on many levels are released.

You connect now to a greater power, a Divine power, you ignite what
you have always carried within the heart, the Diamond Light. I assist
with the feminine in this process as you move out from the slavery and
suppression of your past, yet some are still held in bondage in some
counties of Earth today. I come around these ones in their times of
isolation and despair, to comfort, to heal, to empower.

For the feminine throughout the world will rise to their rightful
place alongside the masculine - not behind - nor in front, but
together, beside each other, balanced. And there all will join in the
essence of God, in true Divine love for all.

Jesus steps forward in a beautiful Light and love, enhancing the
already brilliant Light. He raises his right hand, Light bursting
forth in long rays of white Light encompassing Earth and all her
Praise be to each of you as I meet with you once more. Feel my rays of
peace, of love, of forgiveness. You are entering a time of great
forgiveness. Why do you find this so difficult? You expect it to be
given frequently for yourselves, yet you cannot give it to another?
Why is this?

In this new year of 2009 much will be cleared around you as you seek
to leave that which no longer serves you behind, as you seek to
acknowledge and feel the Light of Soul, of God. All of us here have
spoken of this to you. Now you enter this transitional experience it
can longer be denied. You can no longer be in denial of the
transitional times you are in. Hilarion has spoken to you of moving
out from your shadow self. of leaving past behind and of connecting to
Divine Will. This is the challenge before you now. Loosen your grip,
forgive yourself, love yourself. This is truth and the way forward.
Forgiveness must be given freely - of yourself and others. It is only
when you release the heavy burdens you insist on carrying, through
unforgiveness, will you be able to fully claim your Divine birth right.

We come to you now freely. The veil is lifted. Now we ask you to join
us. Release your burdens. Forgive and step forward in joyous love and
freedom. For as you do so you connect, merge and express the Divinity
within you, through expressing Divine Will.

I Kuthumi now step forward to speak with you, to prepare you for the
new energies. In our previous teachings we spoke of the new energies
now radiating out in your atmosphere. You are absorbing these atoms,
from the Photon Belt energy and the Golden Disks of Light, from the
Great Central Sun. Many of you are in physical distress. It is your
physical and emotional bodies I wish to speak of at this moment of time.

Some are experiencing physical symptoms of great tiredness, lethargy,
pain of limbs, throat infections, increased body temperature. There
are also emotional issues of loss, fear, releasing past, and stepping
out of old familiar situations. My friends, you are going through
great transition on all levels and bodies - you have seven as you are
aware. All must filter through to your physical body - every
experience - every emotion, all must be felt by the physical body.

Yet there is a body of Light which surrounds each of you, known as the
Light Body. For the purposes here, I will not go into it's functions,
yet to say that many Light Bodies are very weak and in danger of
collapse at worst. Many have great holes which allows negativity to
enter, as well as creating illness to follow through to the physical
body. I urge you to listen for what I say is of great importance to
all of humanity.

Those who have chosen to follow me and my guidance through the courses
I have given to this one, (Lynette) already know of the exercise I
give now. However, the time is right now for all to receive this

This knowledge you would term as ancient knowledge. It has been
practiced for many years on the Earth plane centuries ago in a land
known as Lemuria.

The Lemurian's were advanced in higher knowledge. They understood
energy and used it well. They lived in high vibrational energy and
experienced general good health. They used the energy you see. Mankind
today is only accepting this, you are just beginning to understand the
great healing power of higher energy, of color, of sound, of the great
chambers of crystals held deep within the Earth. Ancient cultures
understood this. As you move into new ways, a new Earth, man will too.

The Lemurian's used this exercise every day upon waking. It kept them
well with strong life force energy.

I call it the Lemurian exercise and I ask it be given now to all to
strengthen the Light Body. For by repeating this exercise daily it
will make your Light Body stronger, thereby enabling the Light Body to
fulfill it's role as the "buffer" for the new energies.

The new energies (Photon belt and Golden Disks of Light) will
strengthen as your time moves rapidly by. It is essential your Light
Body, the buffer, is held and kept strong. This is the first mass that
meets with the new energies. From there, these new energies are
integrated into the Master Gland and filter through to the physical
body - to energize, to heal, to raise the vibration of every cell
throughout your being.

And so I ask this be made available with my blessing. As you close
your eyes, you may merge more fully with us in Oneness, in Unity.

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