Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spinning the fifth dimensional matrix

Spinning the fifth dimensional matrix
Magenta Pixie through Taliessa Pink

Spinning the fifth dimensional matrix

The negative vibrations are being transmuted, Integrated and
'transcended by some' as the new wave of crystalline changes engulf
that which you know as third dimensional earth.
Activations direct from the central sun unfold within a stream of
colour, light & sound. The vibrations from the one true source are
felt by all the awakened ones, the Indigos, the Crystals, the
Lightworkers, Starseeds and Wayshowers. Each connected individual
takes their place as the new replaces what has gone before.

The streams of positive electrical energies of Light filter through
every system as they ascend – moving through the fourth dimensional
chaos into the fifth dimensional peace and oneness.
Uncertainty, despair and confusion becomes understanding, confidence,
clarity, hope and love within the connected ones who vibrate faster
and ascend higher. These connected ones accept and embrace the
positive fifth dimensional frequencies within their very being as they
come together as one, united.

The connected individuals understand oneness, integrate oneness into
their lives and exist as part of that oneness. They remain within a
collective field of love – embracing the unseen worlds as much as the
physical – their pineal gland, inner eye brings the unseen into focus
and they are seen.

The pineal is activated into a higher capacity as flashes of light,
colour and white glowing electro magnetic orbs of consciousness are
seen with the inner eyes, the physical eyes and photographed with
camera technology.

The inner ear is activated into a higher capacity as sound from the
fourth dimension filters into the third density reality as the
clairaudience that humans are fully able to experience is embraced by
many. The physical ears hear the sounds of the higher vibrations, the
communication vibrations that are translated into language by the
human brain and the sound frequencies of time, the vibrational
harmonics and universal music that is both heard and felt. This cosmic
music which flows through the human conduits who incarnated for that
purpose, will be activation and healing tools triggering memory,
awakening and strengthening of the immune system.

Light streams into both planet and form as transformative evolutionary
changes occur at the cellular level spinning the fifth dimensional
matrix into existence.