Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Three New Chakras, Heightening Our Awareness

The Three New Chakras, Heightening Our Awareness
by Kahu Fred Sterling, Master Guide Kirael,

Today I will speak about the three new chakras. The three new chakras
are located above your head and are gold, pearl or pearl essence, and
blue/green. At the moment, this magical addition to your chakra system
might be causing you some memory challenges. You might not recall
where your car keys are, or, for that matter, where you left your car.
Some of you might feel as if your footing is a little off when you get
up in the morning, or as if you're losing your mind at times. Your
memory is not failing and you're not losing your footing or your mind.
Rather, the new chakras are connecting you to your etheric mind, the
omni brain, and the omni brain is trying to get the information stored
there into your local brain.

Your job is to be aware of this journey and change your thoughts about
what's happening to you. Your memory won't fail unless you say it's
failing. So, when you think you can't remember where you put your car
keys, don't say, "I can't remember where I put my car keys." Instead,
say, "I will look closer for the car keys." If you say you can't
remember something, you are not being in the present moment. Stay in
the moment and these three new chakras will raise the percentage of
brain power you use to 20 or 25 percent compared to just 10 percent a
year ago.

Understand that more of your energy is going into your brain,
enlivening it more every day. In essence, your brain is overpowering
the rest of the body right now. That sense of overpowering the body
won't last. Just be aware that it's happening. So, if you feel a
little off center, or as if your limbs aren't as strong as they could
be, don't be concerned. Just be aware of what's really happening.

You can continue to say, "I'm getting dizzy" or "I forget where my car
keys are," and things will only get worse, or you can give no credence
to such thoughts and work with whatever the situation is and things
will get better.

With the awareness of what's happening, you won't think, "Oh, my God,
I'm getting dizzy when I stand up. That's very bad. I'm getting worse
all the time." Those thoughts will fade from your mind. You will be
able to replace those thoughts with thoughts such as, "That's one of
those little things that Master Kirael said. That's my body adjusting
and that's perfect." These thoughts will help dissipate what's
happening in the body.

You can change anything by changing your mind. Your mind is where the
power is. You can do anything you want to do and you can use your mind
to accomplish it. It's your choice.

Tend to your own journey and don't spend time commenting on anyone
else's. This whole journey is about your awareness, knowing what's
happening with your body, and knowing what you want and then doing it.

Now that you understand what's happening in your body as a result of
the addition of these new chakras, I will focus on the new chakras
themselves. As I said earlier, the three new chakras are gold, pearl
or pearl essence, and blue/green.

The gold chakra is just above your crown and is woven into your omni
brain, the connective force between all four bodies. You can practice
using this new chakra by summoning your higher self when you meditate.
When you summon your higher self, you will see a mist of golden light
that will flow into you. As this mist of light flows into you, listen
with your feelings, not your ears. If you listen with your ears, you
will hear nothing. You will feel, rather than hear, what your higher
self is saying to you. Your journey will be in-lightened as you slowly
breathe in the prana energy, taking it down through your brain into
the pineal gland. Do this for three to six slow deep breaths, so deep
that you exhale slowly, controlling the outward flow of your breath.
Eventually you'll get lightheaded, because all of these energies will
come into your brain and be taken down through your system into your
body. All your conscious awareness will be involved in this journey.

Next, the pearl essence chakra is the guidance factor of all the light
coming into your person. The pearl essence is your true spiritual
essence. If you could see yourself for what you really are, you would
see the pearl essence, not the physical body you see now. The physical
body is an illusion. It's what you created to get into this journey,
but you are not your body. You've all heard that Master Jesus would
return to this Earth plane at some point in time. You think he will
bring his body, but it will not happen. Master Jesus, Master Buddha,
Lady Quan Yin, all of the great masters coming into this journey will
do so in this beautiful pearl essence.

Now, I'll address the blue/green chakra, a winner from the word "go."
Currently, you still have your green chakra, which is your love, and
your blue throat chakra, which is your truth, but this new blue/green
chakra is the truth of all truth because it's heart-woven. You cannot
speak through this chakra unless you're in truth. If you think, "I
will check it out by telling a lie through that chakra," you will find
that the lie will not come through that chakra. It'll come out below
or even above it, but it won't get out through that chakra, because
that chakra will only accommodate the highest truth.

That's just a primer on these new chakras.

Q: How old are the chakras and how do we use them?
KIRAEL: Chakras are spinning through you that are probably, at a
minimum, about ten thousand years old. You have the same chakras no
matter how many times you've come into body. Your awareness of your
journey depends on the chakra system holding you together.

You will have the same chakras you have now until you go through the
shift in consciousness, at which point your lower chakras will be
absorbed into the green heart chakra. At that time, your heart chakra
will be your base chakra. Your current throat chakra, which is your
truth chakra, is nothing to toy with. Be aware of your truth one
hundred percent of the time. If you use your truth chakra to speak
your truth, everything coming toward you will be in truth. If you tell
somebody an untruth and they're working with their throat chakra, they
will hear that untruth.

Truth is the first and most important principle in the Ten Principles
of Consciously Creating. Be aware that this whole journey is about
your truth. With your current chakra system, when you speak from the
heart and out through the throat chakra, an abundance of love comes
out of you. If you become angry while speaking from the green heart
light, stop what you're saying, take a breath and speak again. You
see, if you say anything in anger, it will not come out in truth. It
cannot be in truth. You say, "That's not nice, Master Kirael, because
I want to get angry with people, because they get angry with me."
Well, then, be angry, but be aware that your words will be untruthful.

With the introduction of the new chakras, you won't hear with just
your physical ears. You will also hear with your four-body system,
with your awareness. The four-body system has its own set of ears, so
to speak. Learn to constantly speak your truth, and the more truth you
will hear. Hearing with your four-body system and constantly speaking
your truth can be a dangerous thing for anybody around you, because
you will know when anyone else speaks an untruth. You won't know
exactly what the untruth is, but you will be aware of it because it
won't resonate with your body. As these new chakras move into place,
you will become attuned to how the new chakras work, and you will
recognize a truth and an untruth immediately.

All the chakras are woven into you, including the purple or violet
strands, and the more you use them, the more attuned you will be to
their use.

Q: How will these new chakras operate in the fourth dimension, the
dimension of thought?
KIRAEL: These new chakras will enhance your journey into the fourth
light. Thought is what the whole journey is about. Thought is woven
throughout your bodies.

Working with the new chakras, when you enter into the mental weave,
you will be aware of your journey. You will feel that you're getting
smarter, but, in fact, you will be remembering more. Your omni brain
will awaken in its fullness and will impel itself into your journey.
You will have new powers and new understandings.

When you enter the emotional weave, you will find that you love at a
more powerful rate. When you love someone unconditionally, you know
love beyond your wildest dreams. In present time, unconditional love
is usually reserved for the parent/child relationship. With the new
chakras, you will love each other unconditionally without regard to
the nature of your relationship. You will look at each other and say,
"Wow, that was truth/love beyond my wildest dreams. I'm so thankful."

Finally, the physical body will be in-lightened. With the introduction
of these new chakras, you will have a light body, and everybody's
weight will be reduced, not because you need to be skinny, but because
you'll move to a more natural state of awareness. You will feel and be
lighter. If you really like being heavy, you can gain that weight back
later on, but I don't think you will, because your whole body changes
in the fourth light. Although I'm using the physical body as an
example, all four bodies will change in this journey of the new
chakras and the fourth light. Everything in the fourth dimension
becomes in-lightened.

Q: What can I expect from the new chakras and the activation of the
additional DNA strands?
KIRAEL: Whether or not you go through the Shift, you will get new DNA
strands. How these strands come in is part of your journey.

Let's say that you have up to six DNA strands. When you get into and
beyond the fourth strand of DNA, your journey will become more
powerful. When the strands start to vibrate, you will get confused as
to whether it is the fourth or the sixth strand that is vibrating,
because the strands always come in pairs. Most of you will recognize
when your additional strands of DNA start to vibrate, because you will
sense that your awareness is changing, getting stronger.

Every spiritualist knows that something is happening inside of you
that you can't understand. I mentioned in my opening statement that
sometimes you will forget things. That's because of what you're
experiencing during the introduction of these new chakras into the
chakra system. You are receiving downloads of information you've never
heard before. If you think that these downloads won't rupture your
thought processes, think again. If you're vibrating six strands of
DNA, you won't understand what information they are vibrating. You
won't understand what the strands are trying to tell you because your
brain can't handle the information yet. It's hard to hold onto
information that you cannot understand. So, as you receive these
downloads, write them down and don't question them. Carry a book with
you, or a little computer or some other device, so you can make notes.

If you think, "Photon breath was calculated at 8.654," write it down.
Later, when you're going through your journey and you're thinking
something about prana breath being calculated at 8.654, you will say,
"Oh, my God, that's the number I wrote down."

Not only will your chakras change, but you'll probably max out at
about eight strands of DNA in the physical body. Your body will get
whatever it needs to do the journey. Right now, if you have six
strands, they probably are not totally involved in your body process.
The body is trying to involve them, but it is not succeeding, because
you must exercise. Your body needs to be strengthened. Exercise will
benefit the activation of the additional DNA strands.

Q: How old is the chakra system and how will we use the new chakras?
KIRAEL: The chakras are the oldest system of your light. You bring
this chakra system with you in every lifetime. You don't hang your
chakra system on a hook when you die. The Earth plane is the only
place where you can use your chakras. When you came in with your
present chakra system, you knew exactly what it was for and what you
would do with the different chakras. However, you have no experience
with the new chakras, and so you are wondering how you will use them.

Your journey with the new chakras is about your awareness. The new
chakras are designed to heighten your awareness. As a rule, the
chakras hold more than just the photon energy. They hold everything
you'd like to do in this journey. Your chakras are in a constant state
of awareness.

You can learn to access the energy in the chakras. Just a couple of
days ago I taught some people how to get into one part of the chakra
system, this light essence, pick out the particles and open them up.
When you feel these particles open, you will see a picture. It might
frighten you at first because it's not part of your world, but the
information there will astound you. Right now you're all thinking,
"I'm going to do this. I'm going to do it right now." Well, we'll see
what happens, but I don't think you will. It doesn't matter, because
the change will happen anyway.

If you want to know what to do with this new chakra system, be aware
of the purple chakra. If you've ever had a photo taken of your
chakras, you might have seen a purple light. You've stored everything
about your past lives and your present life in that little globule of
purple energy. Tap into that purple light and you will learn something
about your new chakras.

Q: Are the chakras inside the body?
KIRAEL: Common sense will tell you that the chakras are not inside the
body. They can't fit inside the body.

For instance, your current base chakra, which is red and grounds you,
is merely connected to your body. It floats up and down. It is located
down around your knees sometimes and then up around your mid-waist and
so on and so forth.

The three new chakras are outside of you, too, but above your head,
above your mind. All three new chakras are working with you all the
time now, but you can't see them and many of you don't even know
they're there. Your brain might be working to do a certain thing, but
you will find that you can't do it, so you will shake your head every
now and then, because it just doesn't feel right. That's because your
new chakras are working with you to bring in a new awareness.

Q: A lot of lightworkers at this time have money and health issues.
What should we be aware of to stay positive, and are these issues
related to the new chakras?
KIRAEL: The new chakras do not create these concerns. Money,
relationships and health are the three basic subjects with which
humans are preoccupied. The new chakras will help to alter your
thoughts about these issues. For instance, if you know of someone who
is in the throes of illness, the new chakra system will help you
remember to stay present. If you think that you are losing this person
to the death process and you bemoan his or her loss before it happens,
your conscious mind will not go there with you. That means you will be
making it all up. You will be caught up in the illusion of something
that is not real in the moment. Your new chakra system will make you
aware of this.

Take money, for another example. Money is an illusion, a focus of your
reality that exists because you believe it does. Money problems exist
because you need them. You ask, "What do you mean I need money
problems? I don't want to have money problems." Well, even in the
third dimension, if you really wanted to get past your money problems,
you'd get past them. Money is not a fixed object in this dimension.
It's not even a reality. It is a focus of your reality that goes
beyond the money itself. You can have money anytime you need it. It's
up to you. You say, "Well, my God, if I can have money, I will have
it." Well, get it if you want it. You can have the money, but you must
know what to do to get it. You have to change your thoughts and then
do what is necessary. Remember to stay present and the new chakra
system will help you refine your thoughts so that you address your
money issues from a more in-lightened viewpoint. All your issues --
money, health, relationships -- will straighten out with a little help
from you.

Q: How would I work with these three new chakras to in-lighten, or
activate, them more fully?
KIRAEL: Do this exercise: Close your senses down just a little bit,
but don't go to sleep. Close your eyes and do this journey, my friend.
See these three chakras about three inches over your head, spaced one
inch apart. Draw a prana breath carrying the photon through the three
chakras. Carry the energy through the brain, into your mind and then
into your Signature Cell, your pineal gland. Then take another breath
and let it come down farther through the body and see if you can feel
the whooshing sensation that occurs in your body process. If you don't
feel it, try it again. This isn't a meditation. It is an exercise you
can do at any time and any place.

Q: Do the children being born now have the new chakras already in place?
KIRAEL: The new chakras opened up for children born in the last
twenty-five years, but newborns and children born in the last four or
five years came in with the new chakras in place. They don't have the
bottom chakras, because their whole journey is about awakening to this
new level. Their teachers will be in for a real ride.

If you could see the new chakra patterns, you'd realize how beautiful
they are and what wonderful things are happening in these children's
systems. You say, "What about the young souls who are getting into
this journey right now?" Young souls are coming in, and praying that
they can figure this journey out before the Shift happens. It will be
difficult for them at best, but that's another topic for another time.

Q: Many people like to go on pilgrimages to sacred sites, portals and
grid lines. Would you comment about that type of spiritual activity
and how it relates to the evolution of our chakras?
KIRAEL: One type of these so-called pilgrimages involves hook releases
at sacred sites. Matrix hooks are energy that has been placed deep
into the earth as a means of keeping this third-dimensional matrix in
place. These matrix hooks are found in sacred sites, or have a sacred
site attached to them somewhere.

Mt. Fuji, in Japan, is a sacred site, and like all sacred sites, it
requires you to open to the magic of your senses to locate the hooks
and then decipher the information stored there. The new chakras will
help with that endeavor. Many more sacred sites are waiting to be
discovered and their information deciphered.

Your new chakras are aligning right now to help with this venture. At
some future date, your omni brain will start to vibrate your
awareness. When you're ready to embrace your omni brain, it will be
active in your life. You might think you're being mind-boggled with
new information, but don't be concerned. You need only be conscious of
what's happening.

Q: Lately, I forget important things, and it's impacting my work. What
can I do to feel awake and totally here?
KIRAEL: You have "brain fog." Do your prana breaths every morning and
tell yourself that you're better today than you were yesterday. You
don't have to know how you're getting better; you just have to say
that you're getting better and that you can feel it is so. Do this
every morning without fail and after about three or four days, you'll
start to feel the difference.

Be aware of what you're thinking. Your mind is foggy because it's
opening up to all the other levels of consciousness. It's
mind-boggling when you think of the levels of dimensional reality that
are coming into your brain that you can't understand. The new
information is coming in through your chakra system and is taking up
space in your brain, pressing on your brain.

This whole journey is about you having the courage to change your
thoughts. Get up every morning, and, without fail, say, "I feel better
today than I did yesterday," and you'll feel a little spark and think,
"Oh, that worked. It really worked. That's really great." The problem
is that you probably will not do it every morning. You'll let it go
and then the brain fog will return.

This has to be a lifestyle change. Make this practice part of your
daily routine. You can do the same thing when it comes to your night
travels in the sleep state. You can say, "I know I will travel in my
sleep state and I want to go farther than I've ever gone before. I
also want to remember where I've been." It will happen, my friend.

This journey of the new chakras is about you coming to this new level
of consciousness. I am a master, yet I can't do this journey of
awakening the masses all by myself. I will need help. I can't reach
everybody. You can assist me by learning to channel so that you can
bring this information to the world at large. Have the courage to make
this journey, stay in truth and move forward. When you've taken that
first step forward and you stay in truth, you will continue to move
forward, but if you say or do something out of alignment with the
journey, you will have taken five steps backward. That's the downside
of this journey.

Most humans do something that feels right, or feels good, yet they
fail to make it part of their daily living. Somewhere along the way,
you stop doing it. This is part of the habitual behavior of your
current chakra system and DNA; but that's another story.

Q: Master Kirael, when I'm traveling in my spirit body during the
sleep state, I don't want to return to my physical body. Will the new
chakras change that dynamic?
KIRAEL: The new chakras will help you remember why you're here, and
that will make your return to the body much more pleasant. The truth
is, even now you can't wait to get back over here, because you want to
get up and do another day in this dimension. You say, "Oh yeah, well,
you're not having my days. My days are hard." That may be true, but if
you wake up the next morning, you do so only because you want to. So,
when you wake up in the morning, and you say, "Oh, God, another rotten
day," that's not true and it's a terrible thing to do to yourself. You
woke up precisely because you wanted to be here another day.

So, to say anything that detracts from your journey doesn't serve you.
You chose this body to do this journey. Make sure when you return
after your night travels that you honor your body by being aware that
you not only chose to do the journey, but you chose to do it in that body.

Your evolving chakra system will make you aware of how positive your
journey is. Right now, on a deeper level, you know what your journey
is about. That's why, when the Creator said, "I've got a space. Does
anyone want to go to Earth?" you were first in line. You couldn't wait
to get here. If you died today, you'd immediately be in line, saying,
"I'm available, I'm available. I'll go, I'll go." You just don't
remember that you want to return. Your new chakras will help you
remember that you do want to return.

In your case, when you go to sleep at night, you leave this level of
consciousness and go to another planet, another time zone, another
space. You eventually come back into the body process, and when you
do, you think, "Oh, my God. This is terrible." It's not terrible. You
currently find it hard to return to this dimension because you don't
follow through with what you say you'll do, and that makes this
journey unfulfilling. If you say you will do something, do it. That
way you'll not have the slightest problem with returning into this

You have a great life in the other dimensions. You do great things,
yet you're still working on this third-dimensional journey. So, when
you reach the gateway to return to your sleeping body, instead of
saying, "Oh, God, I hate this journey," change that thought. Be happy
when you return to the body. When you get up tomorrow morning, just do
your journey and enjoy it.

Q: Will the new chakras help me love myself?
KIRAEL: The new chakras will help you know the truth, and only in
truth can you love yourself.

If you all learn to love yourselves a little more today than you did
yesterday, you'd find a new opening in your DNA that would empower you
and your journey. Your new chakras will help you find love for
yourself. In the meantime, every day do something that you don't want
to do, but know in your heart you need to do. Leave your job and get a
new one. Move out of your apartment and get a new one. Put yourself in
the position of having a winning state of consciousness. You'll be
more powerful.

Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is a winning state
of consciousness. Practicing truth is a matter of trusting. When your
trust is in place, you will trust your journey and you will be able to
face anything, especially yourself. Your new chakras will help with
this, but you will have to do the journey.

No one's perfect. You have your own journey to work on; yet, whenever
others get the chance, they blame their circumstances on you. You're
like a basket for others to dump their troubles into. You have this
great big opening above your head and others throw their trash in
there because you take it well, and you don't hold a grudge. Be aware
of your own journey. Know your truth, your trust and your passion. If
you know your truth, trust and passion, you will know the three C's
(clarity, communication and completion) and the four pillars (prayer,
meditation, sleepstate programming and masterminding). Start with
truth. Speak the truth and people will stop blaming you for their
problems and you will learn to love yourself enough to heal.

You know truth, and you know when you have slipped out of truth. You
also know that when that happens, you have to find the truth again.
When you've been in truth one hundred percent of the time, you won't
have an enemy. That's the truth. Have the courage to keep trying.

Q: When you asked us to close our eyes, I felt that my chakras were
leaning over and I couldn't find center. How can I create balance
while welcoming and embracing the three new chakras?
KIRAEL: Well, I'll answer your question, but some of you will say,
"Wow, that makes sense," and then you won't heed what I've said. The
third dimension is a figment of your imagination. So, if you don't
like what's going on in your body, you have to go into your mind to
change it. You can go to the doctor and get pills, or you can create
the balance you're looking for by changing your thoughts.

You can create the balance by being aware of your imbalance and then
saying, "All right. Bring it to center." Believe me, it will move to
center. Instead, you say, "This doesn't feel right. I'm feeling
wobbly." It doesn't feel right because it's not right. Your chakras
are adjusting. Know this and encourage them to find the balance.

The new chakras will move into this journey, adjusting constantly
until they are aligned. When you feel wobbly, and you say, "Oh, God, I
just need that to go away," eventually it'll go away.

On the other hand, try saying, "Oh, catch it right there. Now
straighten it up." It will straighten itself out a lot faster. Be
aware of your journey and what's happening to your body with the
introduction of these new chakras.

Remember to catch yourself when you're speaking or thinking out of
alignment. You can change anything by being aware of your thoughts and
changing them when they don't serve you. That's what this journey is
all about.

Q: Would you speak about splinters and the easiest way to process them?
KIRAEL: Splinters are downloads of energy from your higher self. You
might as well get used to them. Most of you are getting splinters
about every five days with the shifting of the chakra system. In the
past, five months or even five years could lapse between splinters.
For many of you, the splinters that are coming in now may be sticking
in your chakras. They will eventually even out in your body. When the
higher self says, "All right, you can take two more splinters in your
purple chakra," you have no choice in the matter. You will take on
only two splinters at that time. If you had a choice, you'd say, "Give
them all to me right now and get it over with," but that would be too
much for your body to handle. Be conscious of your body plan, and make
the processing of these splinters smoother by lying down and easing
them into your body.

Be aware that you also have aspects that will download their energies
into you as splinters. Most of you know that three aspects of yourself
exist. Some of these aspects have already gone home and some are
leaving as we speak. They want to get out of here so that they can
download their energies into you. Let's suppose you have an aspect of
yourself who's a Buddhist in a little Chinese province, and this
aspect is getting ready to experience the death process. It will go
back home into your higher self because that's who it is. Then it will
download to you all the knowledge it learned in China. You will know
things that you wouldn't otherwise know. Lie down when this huge
splinter of information is downloaded and see if that eases the
alignment of this energy in your body.

Q: When we're going through all these physical changes, how do we know
which ones to see a doctor about and which ones to resolve on our own?
KIRAEL: You know when to see a doctor because you will find yourself
going to see a doctor. In other words, don't question your choice;
just go, because that's part of the journey. Do the whole journey and
be aware. When you have a sore knee, and you haven't been able to
handle it, go to the doctor. More than likely the doctor will say,
"Well, let's just check it here and-poof-it's all gone. You'll say,
"What the heck was that? Could it be that simple?" Yes, it could.

The point is that you must go to the doctor when you have the
knowingness to do so, emphasis on the word "knowingness." Don't get
into a mind game about what's happening. Just do the journey of seeing
the doctor as your knowing dictates. It may be six months or six years
before you understand spiritually why you had to see this doctor.

The point of the journey is about you having the awareness that you
have something that needs healing. If you can't get it done with some
alternative method, then see the doctor. Just be aware that once you
get into the medical system, you'll need to deal with that system.

You know everything and the new chakras will help you remember that.
The temporal lobe of the brain is connected into the omni brain and
therefore is aware of the new chakras and everything you need to do.
So use that energy to determine whether or not you will go to a doctor.

Q: What's the relationship between the three new chakras, the omni
brain, and the sense of freedom that I feel?
KIRAEL: You are becoming aware and now you must know what that
awareness is. You have a job here that you do well, but you have to
figure out how to get into a new job over here. Understand that you
are coming into the next part of this journey. You will be reborn
tomorrow morning and each morning after that. This whole journey is
about awakening to the awareness that lies within the three chakras.

You're studying for this new job in the Pleiades. I saw you in a place
called Aquillia. You're studying new information and bringing it over
here to this Earth plane to see if you can plug it into this journey.
That sense of freedom you feel is the knowing that you are entering
this new journey of expansion.

It is important to know what this journey of the three new chakras is
all about. It is about your higher awareness. You're in control of
every aspect of your life, your DNA, and your omni and local brains.
You're in control of this entire body process. You're in control of
everything and these three new chakras will awaken you to that fact.
Good evening.

Kahu Fred Sterling is a master medium, a minister and a messenger -- a
shaman of Native American ancestry who walks between the third
dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit. For
more than 20 years, he has been the medium for the loving light and
wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide. He is founder and senior
minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a non-traditional
spiritualist church. Kahu Sterling has authored several books with
Master Kirael, including Kirael: The Great Shift, Kirael: The Genesis
Matrix, Guide to the Unseen Self, Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the
Great Shift, and The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. His
weekly, live Internet radio broadcast, "The Great Shift with Fred
Sterling," brings many of the top spiritualists and healers from
around the world to awaken us to the Great Shift in Consciousness.
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