Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Divine Blueprint of Creation for the New Divine Human

The Divine Blueprint of Creation for the New Divine Human

We come to
you today to tell you that there are not many on the earth plane that have
anchored within their physicality the New Divine Blueprint.

Many believe
that they have, but what they have anchored are aspects of themselves in the
higher realms. The ones that have completed this are the way showers and have a
very strong connection to the Sirius Star System and came this lifetime with the
sole mission to ascend the planet.

Within this mission, they have been
having their bodies cleared over time in preparation to assist others. They have
all taken the Bodhisattva vow to be in service to the all. They are also
representatives from theGod Star Sirius.

Before the Divine Blueprint of
Creation can be anchored, you need to have a open heart chakra. You also need to
know that love is greater than anything else and compassion is the true
experience. Through compassion, you are able to allow for the gratitude and
unconditional or nonconditional love to emanate from your heart space. And this
heart space expands and encompasses your complete being.

We are currently
ahead of schedule with this deployment of Mother Earth that is in place and yes,
the Planet Nibiru is actively involved in this process. Many light ships from
around the galaxy have been here stationed to assist with many activities in
cleaning up the earth and moving her into her Divine Heritage and her
Birthright. All of the Ascended Masters and Great Angelic Host are also
assisting. Everyone is here in physical embodiment.

Even ISIS and
OSIRIS and Thoth, Shiva and Ptah and all the great beings that some know and
some of us have only read about their great work are here on earth now. We also
have the Creational Lightships overhead. And day by day, the dark ships are
being removed. Great assistance is needed now in removing those souls that are
caught in the astral plane that died and did not make it back to

There is a gateway that has been established to receive this new
Divine Blueprint. This gateway reaches far into the Sirius Star system. This new
Divine Blueprint does not even have an official name yet. For those that have
received it, the changes that occur are rapid and are immense.

We cannot
underestimate the changes that take place with this activation. As with
ascension, is an acceleration for you to release your Karma. One must release
51% of their Karma for physical planetary ascension. Through decrees and
activations, a hole can be burnt from your higher self to your lower self,
bringing in the necessary energies to prepare your body for ascension. You know
that you are close to your ascension, as you can feel the Liquid Light of the I
AM within your physical embodiment moving through your body and your body is the
Liquid Light of the I AM.

The initial Blueprint is downloaded and
everything that stands in the way including Human Consciousness is replaced with
what I call Ascended Master Consciousness. This new consciousness has no
cellular memory of the lower vibrations of energy on the planet. There are not
even reference points available in the new human on the old consciousness. You
cannot even remember in the new consciousness how it is to be greedy, or sad or
be angry. It is impossible. Thoughts soon become instant manifestations in this
new reality of Consciousness.

Many changes take place and especially on a
dietary level. The energies of ORME become essential to the new bodies and allow
for higher light integration to take place. The ORME allows for higher
integration and penetration at the molecular level and the atomic level of the
bodies. The white Ray merges with the Blue, Gold and the violet ray to activate
the Divine Monadic Blueprint. The Crystalline body holds the codes of the
Eternal Christ principle which brings the cystalline body into physicality and
takes you from Universal to Cosmic Ascension. Our bodies change and we only
require the liquid light of the IAM and food is no longer needed. You can
consume it if you want to, but it is not necessary for

Polarity Consciousness is below Unity Cosciousness. The New
divine Blueprint transmits the fire letters, the fire codes and the coding of
our personal and planetary DNA for Mother Earth.

I receive so many phone
calls from people saying, I know I have a mission. I just do not know what it is
yet. The first mission to yourself is to wake up. Symptoms of waking up are
having awareness's about other times where you had greater abilities than you do
now. Know, to use discernment and anyone, I mean anyone that is not connecting
you to your God Self, your I AM presence, is doing you a disservice. They are
there to take your energy and not teach you on how to come into your own power.
Thru the presence of the I AM, you come into your own power.

This Divine
Blueprint is being offered now to assist those on the acceleration path. These
people know who they are and will be guided to the activation. Just, go into
your heart space and ask. The benefits of this new Divine Blueprint are people
are more alert, you need less sleep, require more water, have a greater
connection to your I AM presence and your guides and this Blueprint assists you
in anchoring your I AM Presence in physicality. And, this is the ultimate goal
isn't it.

May you be divinely guided in your search for the impossible
which is now possible in this now moment. This now moment is Cosmic Time and all
time is now.

Thanks, Sherry Hill
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