Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uriel's Message -- You are the Co-Creator

Uriel's Message -- You are the Co-Creator

For lifetimes of experience on the material plane your path has been one of destiny, fulfilling your healing purpose and fulfilling your contracts with your soul group. A new day has dawned for humanity, the new earth is here and its energies are expanded. Now everything is possible, you have moved from destiny to creation, from karma to forgiveness, from victim consciousness to spiritual mastery and from limitation to limitless possibilities. But this is meaningless for you if you are unable to recognize your new responsibility in the new earth, to co-create your reality as you want it to be.

There are no restrictions of karma, hopelessness, powerlessness and lack in this new paradigm. These energies are still available to the energy for those who wish to choose them. But you, as Lightworkers, have the potential for so much more. You are the ones who have set the new vortices, paradigms and energies in place. There is no energy in heaven that will tell you what to do. Yet in your own lives you are lost, confused and unsure of where to go. Even for you, the concept of living without limits, of being a co-creator is somewhat frightening because it is unfamiliar. Once again, you are the pioneers and it is up to you to set the energies for this to occur.

As co-creator you work with the Universe to create your life. You do not require any knowledge or learning for this, everything you need to know is in your heart, which speaks to you of your dreams, your purpose and your truth. The still, small voice within speaks quietly of your purpose but is often drowned by the fear in your mind. It is aware of your limitless potential and your power, things which your mind cannot understand because its view is limited to what you believe and know. Your inner voice speaks of the Truth of your being and is unlimited by the smaller truth of your reality.

This is the time of co-creation, of allowing your light to shine brightly. The Universe is unwavering in its promise of unlimited abundance and boundless joy and prosperity and waits for you to receive. When you are willing to live an unlimited life you are open to receive its blessings. Be still in your confusion and open yourself to the voice of your heart. Whatever it tells you is possible is the Truth for you, follow its guidance to create the reality of your dreams and step into your co-creation. You have waited lifetimes for this moment and it is here. The Universe and the powers of heaven are waiting for you to join with them and create a reality that unfolds with blessings.

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