Friday, February 27, 2009

Healing the Paradigms

Healing the Paradigms
by Jennifer Hoffman

Our life journey has a singular purpose, healing an aspect of our soul that has been wounded through our separation from Source. These wounds have followed us through different lifetimes, creating an energetic paradigm through which we could experience the wound, understand its origins, and learn its lessons to heal and release it. Because we experience pain, confusion and fear during this process we forget that the purpose of the journey is to uncover and heal the paradigms as we step closer to our own spiritual mastery.

The paradigms represent basic energies, all of them centered in a fear aspect of polarity that is our individual experience of separation. We each carry at least one of these paradigms as part of our emotional DNA, which is why we repeat lessons in every lifetime. It is also why we stay within our soul groups while we are in this healing process because we share emotional DNA patterns, energetic paradigms and soul wounds. Our purpose, which we often forget, is to raise our vibrations so we no longer experience the paradigms and wounds, allowing us to heal and move on. But we get stuck within the lessons, lifetime after lifetime, and we repeat them with the same partners until one of us sees and accepts the light of Truth and healing.

It is our tendency to look at life as something that is happening to us, rather than what we are creating to uncover and heal our paradigms that creates so much confusion. But when we stay focused on the fact that we are on a healing journey and every experience, without exception is part of that journey, our perspective changes. Asking the right questions, 'what aspect of healing is this uncovering' instead of 'why is this happening to me' will help us see beyond the illusion in front of us to the reality of the healing journey.

It also helps to remember that everyone is on this path. Even the people who seem to be going through life without a care, who appear to be happy, successful and enjoying themselves, are on their own healing journey. Don't get distracted by what you think other people are doing. Stay focused on your own path, remember that the paradigms you carry are also those of your soul group, so when you heal yours, you help them with theirs as well. And the entire family of humanity is healing the paradigms to clear the energy so that peace on earth can be created and we can live as fully integrated spiritual humans.

Article Copyright ©2009 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.