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Archangels Michael, Metatron and The Guardian of Ethera:

Archangels Michael, Metatron and The Guardian of Ethera:
An Etheric Essence
Transmitted Through Elanthra
19 June, 2011

Archangel Michael:

Greetings Creative One and All ~

This is Archangel Michael. Today I come in on the wings of the recent splendid Etheric Manifestation And Anchoring.

During the last three weeks, The Etheric Realm has made itself manifest in novel ways, and know that this manifestation is a direct result of your thoughts and wishes, and therefore a culmination of Mass Consciousness.

The Spiritual, Airy Realm is An Etheric Realm, borne of Cosmic Christ Consciousness made manifest, and today the realm known as 'Ethera,' specifically, has been anchored onto the New Crystalline Earth.

What One should know is that this is a very higher vibrational world which will often feel like you are walking in a dream state, where your feet will barely touch the ground. It is ethereal and airy, and we suggest that you especially ground yourselves when tuning into it and anchoring it. The way that Ethera differs from the rest of the Etheric Realm is that it is a unique new manifestation that you have all been honoured to be a part of bringing about, and it is in tune with the Ascension energies and what you all resonate to mass consciously.

My comrade Archangel Metatron also stands in the wings with some news that you can celebrate, and know dear Ones that there is no turning back now.

The 'Hologram Of Your World And Of Your Earth' has altered, and contained within this Hologram is all of your heart's desires, awaiting for your instruction. I suggest that you consider the Hologram of Earth as a Revolving Storehouse of sorts, that is constantly altered, transmuted and changed. The concept is quite simple, and as you move into a mode of Believing Without Giving Your Manifestations A Second Thought, you will know that This Hologram will transmute to suit the needs that are to your highest good.

Congratulations dear Family of Light on having reached another level of ascension that is worth celebrating and getting excited about!

In terms of ascensions symptoms, you might find that recently or in the near future you have been or will experience exhaustion, unusual food cravings, and breakouts such as unusual skin eruptions or rashes on one side of your body only (i.e. your right or active side, etc.).

I would like to reiterate that there are many levels or dimensions of consciousness that are anchored on the Earth at this time. One will generally exist and experience whatever consciousness they vibrate to, and the Universe will deliver whatever you believe appropriately. With this new Etheric Anchoring I will simply say that I invite you to call on myself, Archangel Michael, and I will help you to work with The Hologram, to add to it and Manifest That Which Will Be Your World.

As you know, thoughts are powerful, as well as invocations and affirmations and just knowing and believing.

Without further adieu, let the Unique Vision that has been made manifest be revealed, and then my comrade Archangel Metatron will deliver his message to All. Call on me upon your desire, and I look forward to working with you all shortly. Blessed Be. Namaste. You are loved dearly, and All Is Divine.

I AM, Archangel Michael

The Divine Vision of Ethera Made Manifest:

On this Divine day we invite One and All to tune into the Crystal Clear 'Cosmic Swing' that sways back and forth lightly in the wind, on the glorious clouds, and 'An Angelic Being of Light' swings to and fro joyously as the buoyant bubbles permeate the manifestation. Clear Crystalline Bubbles gracefully float and flow forth freely, coalescing with the swing. Bubbly here ~ bubbly there ~ swinging wherewith it will. And on 'The Path Of The Bubble' we will travel until we arrive. We have arrived.

Here We Are at The Gates ~ The Gates of 'Ethera.' Can you experience or see the Guardian of Ethera? She is a gentle female presence, and here she is in all of her glory, with 'Elephant Trunks' affixed to her face in place of her nose. Know that she has a head that resembles a 'Bumble Bee,' and it has manifested complete with 'Bumble Bee Wings.' Her feet are 'webbed,' similar to that of ducks.

The Guardian of Ethera Speaks:

Welcome to Ethera dear One and All. I would have you know that I AM one of many Guardians of Ethera, and you may as well go ahead and call me Ethera. Ethera is a Manifestation of the Collective Consciousness, and here you will find many wonders. The manifestations of Ethera defy the laws and rules of your world. Here there are no boundaries to what you can experience. There are not really words to describe the 'Endless Wonders And Infinite Possibilities' that One can encounter in Ethera, and in your Holographic World you may even dub the experiences here 'surreal.' In the Spiritual World or the World of Ethera, cosmic thoughts float and obey God and Goddess, cosmic thoughts manifest in obeyance to your imagination, day dreams, prayers and thoughts.

Even the thoughts of insects and animals are made manifest here, in fact the thoughts of all sentient beings swirl into existence. And. speaking of animals, here you will experience animals of many concoctions, but not just any animal, 'Cosmic Animals.' This is a world of higher dimensional thoughts. of Cosmic Christ Consciousness out of the Diamond Heart of God.

I invite all those that this resonates to to call on myself, The main Guardian of Ethera, and I will take you on your own tour, at your Highest Selve's will, that will be geared and catered to your unique needs and life's lessons. And know dear Ones that the more creative and open your thoughts, the more creative will be your experience, but is this not the way it is of the Holographic World that you reside in right now? Have you garnered that your present world that you live in is a world of your own making? So, if this was true, stop and think about it for a cosmic moment. can you imagine what kind of world you could create in the future, if you adopted this principle, and flew with it?

You as a whole have achieved much thus far. You have only to look around you to see ~ holographic sacred geometry swirls almost everywhere, and there has been the anchoring of The Rays of Light and Colours of the Rainbow. Masters ~ this is your time, and your time is now.

The movie 'The Matrix' contains many hidden messages that await your deciphering; I suggest that you consider re-visiting it. When you create, don't second guess it. Add to 'The Well of Creation ~ The Holographic Matrix, Web, Veil, Storehouse' (call it what you might).; fill it up, at your will. Play with it As If It Already Is, Knowing Without A Doubt That It Already Is. You Are the Universal Magicians. You Are the Masters.

I could go on forever, really, but I will leave this with you. Call on me and let me help you add to the Holographic Future of Your Crystalline New Earth. I look forward to playing with you. Enjoy the journey, and know that no thought will go unnoticed, so you might as well create it exactly as you would like it, detail for detail. Have you got the gist of it? ~ LOL!

I look forward to your arrival at Ethera, as it has been anchored onto your Crystalline Earth and is accessible at your beck and call. Yes, It Is That Simple.

Blessings in the Light of Ethera, and may all your imaginings and creations be crystalline.

I AM, Ethera, Guardian of Ethera

Archangel Metatron & The Golden Cosmic Light Coils:

Blessings dear Master Magicians ~

I AM Archangel Metatron, and in light of the new Etheric Emergence, I come to you today at this opportune time with a very important message. Today, in conjunction with the anchoring of Ethera, I send out a clarion call.

I ask that you all tune into this clarion call very carefully. If any of this resonates with you, even slightly, please call on me. The message is as follows:

I would like you to envision the 'Cosmic Coils of Light' that have just recently swirled in. Carried on these Cosmic Coils are codings that are destined to be anchored. All that are willing can anchor these Cosmic Coils of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, but I would have you know that there will be '7 Main Light Code Anchorers.'

I will send out a few 'key words' now, and they are as follows:

'Light Code Carriers,' 'Light Code Anchorers,' 'Light Code Beamers,' 'Light Code Bearers.' If any of these words Awaken something within you, or even if you are just curious, if any of this message resonates with you, I Am asking that you call on myself, Archangel Metatron.

The Cosmic Hologram for the Earth and the Universe houses these codes, and they are overlighted and guarded by myself. Individual 7 Light Code Anchorers, when you call on me, I will instruct you individually how to proceed. In terms of the general anchoring of these codes, they can be swirled around your person for protection, energy, clearing and revitalization. You can be creative in terms of how to use these Golden Coiled Swirls. I suggest that you anchor it in your heart or anywhere you feel drawn to on your body. The Golden Light Coils can also be expanded to swirl around your houses and a myriad of them can be called upon. Please know that the ascension energies are accessible to all, and that creations will manifest that much quicker, in ways you have not even imagined.

I, Archangel Metatron would like to commend all the Lightworkers and Humanitarians of every persuasion for all your hard work. I know you have gathered by now the benefits of working as the Team and Family of Light that You Are.

You each have a piece of the puzzle, you are literally bouncing off each other, and awakening and contributing to each other's growth, conjointly. I urge you to continue on in this vein, as you continue to contribute towards your Holographic Crystalline Future. Please know that the Hologram of the Crystalline Earth awaits your unique input, and you have just to send your thoughts, intensions, and 'put in your order' so to speak, and it will be done. Have faith dear Ones and believe. All is in Divine Order, as always. I Am forever with you.

All my best in Crystalline Light always,
Blessed be. As above so below.
I AM, Archangel Metatron

Note From Elanthra:

Dearest All ~

I have been encouraged by Archangel Michael to share with you an experience that manifested just this morning for me that moved me to tears, left me in cold chills for hours, and inspired me.

I would have you know that this experience manifested to be shared with all of you, as I understand that the message was not just for myself, but for all.

So, the experience manifested like this:

This morning (19 June, 2011), just slightly after 12 noon EST, I was sitting outside a Country Style Coffee Shop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I sat on the edge of the parking lot and proceeded to meditate.

As I tuned into the latest energies, a caramel-coloured young lady (approximately between 17 - 24 years of age) suddenly manifested and began walking directly in front of me into the Country Style Shop.

Her back was turned to me, and I could not help noticing that she had a large 'Diamond-shaped Symbol' carved into her 'Green Dress,' and a long 'Rose-coloured Scarf' that flowed and left a 'trail' on the ground as she softly moved. She emerged out of the Country Style Shop and I noticed that she had a paper bag which she grasped and held up with her two hands, that transmuted into a Radiant Golden Diamond Shape before my very eyes. At this point in time, I noticed that she had wrapped the scarf more securely around her neck. Nevertheless, it billowed in the wind, silently beckoning and calling out to me ever so subtlely and rhythmically.

Having completed my Masters' Initiation training with Kari Chapman, Master Teacher and Walk-In, of the Namaste Retreat Centre of Wisconsin in the past, whereby I was often instructed to "Pay attention," this is exactly what I did.

Upon further assessing this fascinating young woman, I noticed that her hair was combed back and pinned in a soft bun. She wore 'Light Beige Little Orphan Annie Shoes' and 'Pastel Gray Tights.' She began to venture towards me, and I thought to myself, "Great, I knew it... here we go." I couldn't help noticing that this beautiful young woman possessed a maturity and air of wisdom about herself, as she said to me, "Why don't you come to church, it's about to begin?" I retorted that I was not showered and dressed and would come another time, and she replied, "It does not matter, come anyway." I said to her, "I like your colours," and she replied, "Thank you." She then smiled her lovely, precocious smile and sauntered on her way. Feeling like Alice in Wonderland, I endeavoured that I was going to follow her, as there was definitely something here I did not want to miss, and that is exactly what I did. I quickly ran after this Light Being, but, "yes," you guessed it, she was nowhere to be found. I found the church service that was being held inside the hotel that she had alluded to. It consisted of a small gathering of less than 25 people. I peaked inside several times over the next hour, and the young lady was not in attendance there.

Lo and behold, I did sit down outside on the couch and the main message that I took away with me, that the pastor belted out feverishly, consisted of the message: "You may go through your hard times and trials, but you will always emerge victorious and stronger."

Archangel Michael would like to reiterate that a 'church' can be any dwelling consisting of a gathering of one or more people who are gathered in the name of 'spirituality,' whatever resonates with you, and can occur almost anywhere, even in the parking lot of a donut shop. I will leave this with you. We Are so blessed to be a part of these momentous times.

Blessed be. Namaste.
In Love and Crystalline Light,
Always ~ Elanthra ~ xxoo

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