Monday, June 13, 2011

The Transforming Energy of the Platinum Ray

The Transforming Energy of the Platinum Ray
by Joe Weaver
June 2011

We have reached a juncture and exciting period of time in the evolution of humanity. Collectively and individually we have been clearing lots of energies, programs and patterns that no longer serve us. This continuous clearing of our physical vessels has been needed in order for us to ground more of our own love within our physical forms and here in the 3D reality. The Light that we are grounding now is exposing the denseness and control that exists not only within ourselves but within the collective. What was not easily seen in past is now in the spotlight. The shadow side within our individual and collective selves is now being revealed. It is this time that each individual has the "choice" to look past the darkness and illusion without fear. This has been the reason for spreading the information about the 144,000 collective love activation and need to focus on "being" love. It is through the act of living in the frequency of love that you ground it within your physical bodies and in the collective grids. It is the frequency of bliss/oneness that has no conditions. All it takes is the willingness to release all thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears that stand in the way of you being love in all ways. The embracing of this inner grace, trust and love expands the energy of the heart chakra and allows the ego to be released and the soul self to be acknowledged. It is through this clearing of the vehicle and descension of our expanded love within ourselves that allows more of our everlasting presence of all one to be known.

The grounding of more love and the continual act of opening our hearts has allowed our DNA to hold more Source Light. It is through this embodiment of higher frequency Source light we take on the Light codings that will assist us through the coming years of transformation.

As we continue the process of grounding more and more pure love through our physical and collective selves here on Earth. The Platinum Ray is beginning the process of grounding within this dimensional level of Creation. The 3D Earth has not had very much exposure to the Platinum Ray to this point. It is being grounded here now to assist humanity through the coming years of energetic changes. The Platinum Ray encompasses all the Rays of this level of Creation and more including the enhanced energies of the Goddess/feminine aspect of Creation. It has been through the willingness of the people living the love that has raised the collective frequency to the point to where the Platinum Ray can now start being integrated. The time period it takes to fully ground this Ray within the collective grids depends on the willingness of the people to ground more and more love. To release, more and more levels of fear, beliefs, and separation and embrace non-duality and oneness. It is through this we will allow a smooth transformation to take place.

To assist with the grounding of the Platinum Ray my friend Hari Baba is offering a collective activation happening on June 21st, 2011. If your heart connects with this information please assist in spreading the word and join in.

World Puja event: Activation into the Platinum Ray, June 21st 2011

It is through our own expansion of love we assist all. The time is now.

Love to all,


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