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The Council of 12: Tips for Riding June's Roller Coaster

The Council of 12: Tips for Riding June's Roller Coaster
Channeled by Selacia
June 12, 2011

Note from Selacia--"This message from The Council of 12 is intended to address the unusual cycle this month and next - with 3 eclipses occurring within just 6 weeks. During even 1 eclipse there tends to be significant balancing energy occurring and great catalysts for change. As divine changemakers we are here to help create positive changes for a more light-filled world. It's also our role to help others work with the changes and to be voices of sanity in a world that seems turned upside down. The Council's message gives key suggestions for how we can approach this cycle and find more peace." 6-12-11

Tips for Riding June's Roller Coaster

This month is full of amplified energies and unexpected developments - being felt on both a personal and planetary level. Most likely you are feeling the effects of this energy in your life as you attempt to move forward and carry out both big and small tasks.

How do your work with these energies in a skillful way? When you're having a challenging moment adjusting to the roller coaster of up-and-down energy, how do you explain things to your loved ones?

The following are some tips for moving through the rest of this month and into July. Allow these ideas to percolate within you as you read and tuck them away for reference later. You can be your own best friend - accessing and applying potent tools that will help to smooth your ride.

As background it's useful to remember that you live during a unique time in history. The revolutionary and transformational shifting now taking place across the planet could not occur in earlier cycles. The time was not right for the major reforms under way today.

Like a seed in the ground, nourished over time to grow into a ripened fruit, the seeds of transformational change needed to ripen. You see the ripening all around you. Some days you may feel excited about it and thankful to be alive now. On other days you may question if you are equipped for the fast-moving roller coaster ride of change. Perhaps you want to slow it down or even get off for a while. You cannot stop the roller coaster, of course, so how can you ride it more skillfully?

Guidelines for Skillful Navigating

Become friendly with the idea of unexpected developments. The current cycle of energy is full of twists and turns. Things that seem out of the ordinary will occur in your own life and in the lives of others. In the moment when they occur, they may take you by surprise. However, most things in fact stem from energies previously put in motion. Accidents in the way that you have learned to think of them do not really occur. There is a divine orchestration at play. Many times you won't fully understand the reason for something until much later.

Develop more patience. You may feel that you are already very patient - even more patient than anyone else you know. You indeed can become more patient and it's vital to your progress on the spiritual path. Invite your higher wisdom to work with you on developing more patience. A good place to start is to become aware of times when you want to force an outcome or when you obsessively ask when something will happen.

Take the initiative in making positive changes. Make them even if others around you aren't doing so. As a divine changemaker you will often be at the forefront. This means you will frequently be a few steps ahead of others around you. Your friends and family have their own path and timetable. You naturally want to see them progressing and learning as you are. However, avoid judging them for where they are now. Find your own language for explaining the energies of these times. You can base it on wisdom you have heard from others but you will want to put things in your own words. Keep in mind individual differences too. You won't be able to discuss spiritual topics the same way with everyone. It's best to tailor each conversation to the person you are speaking with. Factor in that person's understanding and also his or her current state of mind. Invite your inner wisdom to show you the optimal timing and content of conversations. If you choose the wrong time or attempt to discuss something the person isn't ready to hear, you won't have the desired results.

Remember that you are not alone on the roller coaster. When you are having a stressful day or moving through a crisis, it's easy to become self-absorbed. You can forget that you are but one of billions of people alive today - each of them having their own challenges. For you in the moment of your crisis, you are with you of course. You are attempting to resolve things as best you can. You are attempting to remember, too, all that you have learned along the way on your path. Your wise self knows that your crisis is temporary and that there are bright things in your future. You human self, however, may forget. When you are in crisis and encounter others in a market or on the phone, you may forget that they also have challenges living now. No one is exempt. Do what you can to prevent your personal crisis from coloring your interactions with others. Your highest path as a divine changemaker is to be kind to yourself and others - regardless of whether you are happy or in crisis.

Monitor your emotions. Become aware of what you are feeling, when you are feeling it. Only you can do this and it must be done in present time to be most useful. When you are in touch with your anger, it's easier to transmute the feeling before you act on it and harm someone. Don't be afraid of your feelings. Emotions are a tool for your spiritual growth; learn to work with them skillfully. Don't assume others know how you feel when you are upset. Learn to communicate your feelings without blame and without expectation. When you do that you are more likely to have harmony with others.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

We are The Council of 12.

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