Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: June 5-12, 2011

Hilarion's Weekly Message: June 5-12, 2011
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Lightworkers,

The energies of these times are very intense and are galvanizing many of you to get deep within yourselves and seek a more conscious connection with your True Selves. There have been many layers and masks that you have donned during your current lifetime and from some previous lifetimes that are at this opportune time, coming up for acknowledgment and release. Many of these masks you have worn have been put on in self defense, as you learned early in your lives, that it was necessary in order that you live your lives in relative peace, turning the other cheek, so to speak, in order to gain approval from your family and loved ones.

Now, during these intense energies, these masks and layers are being dropped away as quickly as you are able to discern them for what they are and be willing to have them leave. All is about discernment of who your True Self is and this will be an ongoing process in the times that are before you. You are reconnecting with your Higher Selves and as you let go of the person you were yesterday there will be a transient sense of loss and sadness. Do not stay too caught up in this process, for all that is necessary is to recognize what comes up for what it represents to you, bless it for the lessons and expansion it has brought and watch it leave.

Those of you who got caught up in reliving your past experiences will have a harder time of letting it release but know that you have the tools within you to make it so. Determination and persistence is the key and the ability to detach from all emotional charge and recurring mental patterns within the situation you are currently working through. It is a time of self reflection and introversion, for as these layers and masks drop away, more of your True Being shines forth and more of your own personal power and sovereignty is returned to you to acknowledge and be grateful for.

Each of you is a Divine Child of the most High Father/Mother God. Your presence here on this Earth as you reconnect with your Divine Essence is helping to create and maintain the critical mass needed for the Light to continue to grow and expand through everyone and everything upon, within and around the Earth. This was and is your primary function and you have done this with great dedication and persistence to the point that success is at hand on the road to Ascension of your Planet and every man, woman and child who inhabit Her.

As you continue to work your way through feelings of inertia, lethargy, tiredness, irritation, listnessness, aches and pains in various points of your body that differ each day, remember to nurture yourselves and each other, for you are all in this together and keeping together is of mutual benefit and for the highest good of all. There is power in groups, whether a family unit or whether you join in worldwide meditational efforts to anchor more Cosmic Light and Love energies into the core of the Earth. Finding the energy each day to repeat your daily decrees or affirmations will help you re-energize.

You are all in the thick of the Ascension process and this is a very exciting development for it means that you are succeeding in the work you have come to do. Despite all current appearances in the way you might be feeling, you Are moving forward and are on the right Path.

Until next week.
I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,