Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pre-Solstice Preparations - Shifting Your View

Pre-Solstice Preparations - Shifting Your View

--A Message from The Council of 12--
Copyright by Selacia *

It is nearly the solstice, marker of seasons and a high-energy catalyst. What would you like to energize today? Consider visualizing three key intentions and imagine them being energized by spirit over the next couple of days - reflecting on them morning and night until solstice.

As you do this, contemplate how you view the world. There is so much happening now - at such a speedy pace. Sometimes you will like what you see; other times you will wish you couldn't see what you're seeing.

As a divine changemaker, you are relearning how to see. You are relearning how to view your outer world, yourself, and other people. You are relearning how to be integrated with the force of spirit and how to live in physical form as a spiritual being.

What You See

What you see out of your physical eyes is determined by your consciousness. It is the awareness you apply to your view.

Look beyond what you expect to see. The physical eyes will register what you expect to see and your state of consciousness as you are looking. When you intend a deeper and more far-reaching view, you may see something different.

Missing the Obvious

It's common for people to miss something obvious when observing physical reality. When you can learn to look beyond your expectations - beyond your conditioning - and apply a higher view, your life experience transforms.

When you gaze upon outer world circumstances - including people and events - you will be doing so through the eyes of spirit. This changes everything.

Spirit does not judge. When you integrate spirit into your looking, you can see the world as it is without judging it right or wrong. A self-realized being will continue to see the world's problems - what is there is there and he or she can view it without feeling threatened, sad, or worried.

Seeing as a Multidimensional Being

As you progress on your spiritual path, you become more multidimensional. With this ability, you will see and sense more of what is already there. You will become aware of goodness in people, having a sense of who people are beyond their personality. At the same time, you will see what you might label as "bad," noticing pain and suffering more than you did before.

When you see or sense suffering, know that you sometimes simply see what is there. You don't need to fix everything you see. You may notice a person standing on a corner, for example, and sense that he or she is facing a terminal illness. Seeing this does not necessarily mean that you need to act on what you see.

Sometimes the information will be for your personal unfolding, helping you to have more compassion for others. Sometimes it will be a reminder to help someone you know with a similar dilemma. And at other times, there is no particular action to take - except to remember to be present and awake to life and all that it shows you.

The Dance of Life

You are alive now to consciously participate in the dance of life - in a brand-new way. You live now to learn to embody spirit and to raise your awareness so you see and experience the world in a more light-filled way.

If you could see yourself as spirit sees you - with your light and the potential you have to shine it - you would be in awe. The next time you look in the mirror today, invite your higher wisdom to show you what you would see if you could look beyond your outer appearance and beyond your temporary mental-emotional state.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2011 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved