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Pleiadian High Council: The Paradigm of Purposeful Play

Pleiadian High Council: The Paradigm of Purposeful Play
Channeled by Lauren C. Gorgo
June 7, 2011

Defusing Bombs

It's been nearly a week since the first (solar) eclipse of the summer celestial sandwich and that means we are officially off and circles. Well, spirals really. For the next few weeks we will be sprinting up the spiral staircase of (DNA) evolution at unprecedented rates, running toward the embodiment of our soulular self. And just like with any overexertion we can feel exhausted during these soul-jaunts, so as always its important to temper that annoying balance between what we want to be doing and what we actually feel capable of until our bodies catch up.

Speaking of which, I hope you took a deep breath whilst yer head was still above water because we are definitely going under again.deep see-diving into the depth of our core-self to make some final welds needed to fuse our two (polar) halves. And while my inner-petty Patty is dying to talk about the foreboding formerly associated with any eclipse, I will be all grownup instead and remind us all that the jolt of drama, dread and fear are never required for us to embrace change.that eclipses are powerful gifts of transformation and this one in particular can provide us with a thorough release from our past if we utilize our detached discipline to see everything that presents itself from a multi-dimensional, zoomed-out, and neutralized perspective.

And it will be well worth the effort because the unseens say that this solar/lunar support is the motor behind the release of our pain/fear body, the first phase of embodiment that they mentioned in the last update. In reality, those already focused in a fifth dimensional way have diffused so many internal (karmic) bombs, that even tho the buttons may remain, they are mostly duds. And if any buttons are still active, you will know before we complete this journey because they will all be by one.until we are reaction-less to all past wounds.

Navigating the Sandwich

"You are reclaiming each part of you that was separated or fragmented and now you are able to embody and reflect all of that inner radiance onto your outer world... in every sense of the word." -Pleiadian High Council

The solar eclipse sandwich (lunar in the middle) is providing us with what the Pleiadian High Council refer to as "a fusion of lower body and higher body consciousness".they also offer me an animated slideshow in my minds eye of our lower chakras (1, 2 & 3) merging with our higher chakras (5, 6, & 7) in the heart center (4) where we gain access to all 13 chakras of the new galactic-human system.

Thru this powerful portal of transformation we are exploring/purging the remaining polarity in our lives so that we can effectively utilize the masculine and feminine forces for the reunification of earth matter with etheric matter, as the Pleiadians mentioned in the last update. This merging of the spiritual and material.the awakening of unity happening through our heart centers as well as the pituitary/pineal glands so if you have been experiencing intense heartburn/nausea (heart opening), pineal/pituitary activation (sacred marriage) symptoms...vertigo, sleepiness, Fatigue, disorientation, insomnia, deep sleeps, sinus issues, headaches, sore/itchy scalp, watery/red/itchy/burning eyes, changes in eyesight, etc...and/or digestion issues (root clearing/grounding/cellular detoxification), most likely it's related.

They are also sharing that the level of our personal integration of these two bodies will be reflected to us in our outer world, thru our inner-capacity to remain in tact during this other words, we will know how integrated we are by our ability to forego the remains of any fleeting illusion in lieu of eternal love. Some things that may surface during this transit.especially around the Lunar (emotion) eclipse on 6/15.will be related to deep feelings of unworthiness.either from past wounds of childhood or from the collective experiences of our oversoul:

"We would also like to make it known that the parts of you that feel unworthy will be rising to the surface for release.take not these moments as replications of truth, but as serving contrast, a measurement of how far you have come in the reconnection of your god-self. These moments will be brief, but will reflect to you where you feel unloved, unaccepted, unworthy, unfulfilled, unappreciated, and so on." -PHC

To utilize this eclipse period in a powerful way would be to embrace and love all of our loveless parts...because if we do, if we can accept and truly love all our uglies, we have the ability to really leave the past break free from the self-judgement and inner-criticism that keeps us small so that we can live and create with true emotional freedom.

The council also mentioned that some resistance with regard to fears of our power may bubble up to the surface this month. In the past, the expression of our greatness was either abused or detrimental to our collective well-being in some way...and even tho this is no longer a reality, we must first express these repressed fears so that we can heal (love) and release them, which will ultimately enable us to fully embrace our power as co-creators for the second half of this year.

"Now is the time to embody greatness, but first you will need to bring forth, to release those parts of you that feel scorned by it.the parts of you that, in the past, have been burned by your passionate fire, blinded by your inner light." -PHC

Higher Purpose

Right now, things feel pretty eh and everyone around me seems drained. Even my flowers seem tired. During these integration periods when our energy is low, its pretty easy to tap into feeling frustrated, irritable, pent-up, annoyed and with a touch of cabin fever.especially here in the north where the increasing sunshine of the coming summer months seems to only illuminate more shadows.when a sunny day is just an obnoxious reminder of how little vitality is available to enjoy it. But I digress.

There is also a stillness in the air, a passionless-ness, especially with regard to our "purpose" or our contribution to this oceanic orb we call earth. Old projects may seem stale and played-out, new ones dull and uninspiring, and tho its all perfect, it's still perplexing because the higher part of us (our future self) feels the pull of readiness.of right time/place to contribute something tangible.but our lower self is still crapped-out on the couch. In the bigger picture we are just merging with a greater expression of purpose.

The unseens note that a major aspect of this sandwich.and the reason why you may feel so to bring us into alignment with the full extent of our soul's plan, which of course means that we must surrender any remaining ego-desires so that this plan can take hold without our (lower-mind) interference. This doesn't necessarily mean that we will have to throw out or disregard those things that we have been working on/toward, we just need to give everything enough space to fall into its rightful place.

We have to be beat up enough willing to let our ideas around purpose breathe so that it can blossom into its full potential whether that be a purpose that aligns with a career or not. Flexible is the meat to this sandwich.which must be why Maroon 5's Misery lyrics keep playing on repeat in my head: "So scared of breaking it, you won't let it bend." Speaking of Adam anyone else digging "The Voice"? You don't have to answer that.

The PHC is also making it clear that new opportunities are arriving and/or solidifying in the physical dimensions now..most are still swimming in the mental plane in the form of ideas, but are beginning to take hold in group collectives as we are drawn toward each other to co-create. These opportunities are not only the pillars for the new world systems...those new reality structures that solidify the foundation to the planets extreme earth makeover.but they will also serve as portals of abundance that so many of us require to move to the next level.

The key to these opportunities, they say, is in our willingness to recognize them as the gifts that they are, which mostly means letting go of what we thought we would be doing to allow for what we are really here to do. (Hint: these opportunities may be disguised as something that seems too effortless, too simple, too much fun to be of keep your mind and options open!)

Paradigm of Purposeful Play

"What we would like for you to realize most thru this spectacular summer event is that your only purpose is to breed joy. Your mission has always been to first, rise up to meet joy, to embody joy, and finally, to find ways to embrace and engage those things that bring you ultimate joy." -PHC

I realize how cliche those lyrical Pleiadian prose sound, but its important to understand the perspective shift that we must undergo in order to truly utilize the 5D energies and enlightened technologies that are now available for us to play with.

Most of us (starseeds) came to this 3d dimensional earth plane from other worlds, other dimensions, other constellations and galaxies, each with different "jobs" to do for the planet while making our personal and painstaking climb thru the dense dimensions of the lower form world to arrive at our destination vibration. What the PHC want us to realize now is that we are no longer serving the greater plan from this 3D mindset.

We are beginning to operate within an integrated head/heart paradigm which requires a shift in perspective with regard to how we value ourselves. This 5th dimensional way of being asks us to answer a very important question, one that determines our readiness to lead:

Is who you are enough?

(And while I would love to take the credit for that poignant question, it was actually my sister Kim who nailed it in a recent blog that has been ringing in my ears ever since.) We are now moving beyond the frequency shield of 3D which means we are required to leave behind the need to "Do" in order to feel valued. We are entering into the harmonious state of existence where all doing comes from a place of Want To and not Have To. A subtle, but profound shift.

As we come to terms with how we truly value ourselves and consciously release the heaviness of obligation and feelings of unworthiness (with the help of the upcoming Lunar eclipse) we will become much lighter and enter more fully into what I like to call the "paradigm of purposeful Play".where our passion, purpose and potential will be a direct reflection of our true Lightness of being...because ultimately, if we are not en-joy-ing ourselves, we are not whole-Heartedly contributing to the new timeline where "work" does not exist.

The value of purpose as something we "Do" is a necessary construct in a separated mindset (duality) because it provides us with the ability to project our worthiness onto an external "thing" in order to know it, to see it, to feel it. In the lower dimensions it is useful to project our perceived value onto the canvas of our lives so that we can recognize it and reabsorb, or integrate it.but now that we are becoming soul-infused, co-creation becomes about Play, about expressing our uniqueness in all that we do simply by being who we are and doing everything and only that which brings us joy.

"Are you starting to digest the enormity of this?" -PHC

The unseens reiterate that at the highest level, the purpose of a soul incarnate experience is to realize itself in form and to express its uniqueness through that which elicits joy. Our self-promoted purpose, or new J-O-B is to learn how to effectuate change by living freely & playfully as incarnated masters of light by reclaiming our birthright to simply exist and create. There is no longer any separation between who we are and what we do. Who we are IS what we do now, and as we become a living authentic, empowered expression of self, we simultaneously shift from (3D) human DOings to the (5D) human BEings we were always meant to Be!

I don't know any greater freedom than that.

Keeping Our Flame Lit

"We reiterate that you are only required to follow the inner guide within each of you that is coming forth now to serve you fully. To bring you into an ecstatic state of alignment, an inner harmony that brings heaven to earth." -Pleiadian High Council

Lastly, the unseens are saying that partly due to this potent eclipse passage and partly due to the upcoming solstice, that we are approaching a level of stabilization that results from moving beyond the 3D frequency field and that enables us to keep our inner flame lit at all times. As we do, we will not only begin to attract the light in others but we will have the ability to alter the dynamic of every situation by harmonizing our energy with those around us thru the radiance of pure love. We are becoming the dominant force of light and those days when we felt outnumbered.dominated by darkness.are over.

There is also a coming a shift in our relationships that will be palpable.relationships of all kinds will begin to restructure and align with the new frequencies which means some will simply fall away and others will be more drawn to us, while some just seem to click into place. The unseens say that the switch will be effortless, but noticeable and that no choices need to be made here...the choices will be made for us by resonance and universal law.

"This is a momentous time in history, and you are undergoing radical changes, so be resolute in your determination to see yourself thru. Be at peace with the coming portals, overjoyed with your success, and remain in child-like anticipation of whats to come.eager for the opportunity to step fully into you.

We are the Pleiadian high council and we bring forth this information to remind you of your power to release yourself from bondage during this critical passage, and to assist each of you as true representatives of your galactic heritage. May the radiance of your soul's brilliance shine forth in all your dealings." -PHC

To maintaining childlike anticipation!


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