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Energy Forecast - Transformation Upgrade

Energy Forecast - Transformation Upgrade
by Emmanuel Dagher
June 1, 2011

Over the next few weeks, the celestial sky is showering us with a show stopping production intended to speed up the raising of our individual and collective consciousness many fold. This extraordinary display is manifesting itself with triple eclipses beginning on June 1st with a Solar Eclipse, which is an excellent time to reaffirm our highest visions to the Universe. Then on June 15th the sky blesses us with a full moon Lunar Eclipse which has the gift of bringing to the surface most of the out-dated energies we've been holding on to deep within ourselves that no longer serves our greatest good. The third Solar Eclipse will grace us with its presence on July 1st setting the solid foundation for the new heart-centered world to make itself known in our physical realm these coming months ahead. And if all of this wasn't enough, the combination of the current solar activity along with the upcoming triple eclipses, and the June 21st Solstice together are setting the stage for one heck of a shift!

What does this all mean in simplified terms? It means that each of our personal (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) & collective transformation process will receive a major boost. It means the expansion that we experience in the next months will be equivalent to the expansion that 'once upon a time' used to take years to manifest itself in our lives. There's no holding us back now!

Some of the physical symptoms we are experiencing right now as a direct result of the heightened energies may be showing up as waking up in the morning and our body feeling exhausted as if we just exercised, migraines, anxiety (nervous system being upgraded), shifts in digestive system, sensitivity to certain foods, craving more sugary foods in diet, overactive thinking, more emotional and reactive, general fatigue, skin issues, vivid dreams, hot/cold sweats, and procrastination. These symptoms are indicators that our physical and emotional bodies are integrating with a new higher vibration. All that is asked of us is to just be super gentle on ourselves and not to try force or control any aspect of what's going on. The purpose of sharing these symptoms is not so that we wallow in them as victims, it's to empower us with the understanding that it's completely normal. This knowingness allows us to accept and recognize these experiences as blessings and part of our current process which creates a space for us to shift our attention back to the areas of our lives that already feel good.

A Higher State of Being

Shortly after the conclusion of the final eclipse, many of us will feel like a completely new person. Similar to when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, we will feel completely re-invigorated and more alive than we have in years. This metamorphosis will upgrade our ability to express compassion, love, gratitude, acceptance with more ease. It will feel more natural to operate from this higher state of being.

An Epic Turning Point

In the past, many of us felt we had to 'work' extremely hard to maintain a space of compassion, non-judgment, and love. It just didn't feel like second nature yet. The concept of 'Oneness' probably felt like New Age lingo to us that didn't register as even being a reality in our experience. Much of this happened due to the conditioning passed down generation after generation with the prime focus being mainly on survival.

Gradually, things began to shift and we began to think outside of the box. We began to go within ourselves to release, release, and release some more of those programs that kept us in a state of separation. So, we became resilient in our pursuit of remembering who we really were. No matter how challenging it seemed, we consciously chose to move into a space of compassion, neutrality, and love with all of our surroundings. Often we would feel tested, and found ourselves back in those energies of separation. Many of us would get more upset with ourselves for being in a space of separation, than with the actual experience that triggered us back there. And the cycle would continue back and forth becoming progressively easier to move out of it each time.

And now, we are here. An epic turning point, where soon if not already, it will become second nature for us to operate from our highest selves. It will feel easy and natural to love, accept, and have compassion towards ourselves, others, and the world. In fact, it's already beginning to feel more difficult to operate from energies of separation. It will become more and more of a distant memory, and if we ever find ourselves back in this space, it will be much easier for us to move out of without judging ourselves through the process.

Releasing the Facade

A dominant part of our collective conditioning up until now has been so much about pleasing others in order to fit in or to be liked. The core root of this conditioning stems from a deep desire to be validated. Many of us searched outside of ourselves for validation to find self worth. We began measuring our self worth with how much we accomplished in life or how much we amassed. Unfortunately this kind of validation is only temporary: The truth is, when we realize we are worthy simply because we were born, we no longer look outside of ourselves for validation and approval. We know that because the Universe itself is absolute perfection, each one of us as physical extensions of that Universe that created us are also perfect which makes us worthy. When we release the facade that we are anything less than worthy, we reclaim our Divine Power by no longer looking outside of ourselves for validation.

Asking For Support

Because many of us have been so used to feeling isolated and alone in our life journey up to this point, we may have consciously or unconsciously closed ourselves off from the support around us. The Universe is always supporting us, no matter what. The Universe sends 'Its' support in many ways, whether it would be through people, circumstances, messages, or personal insights. If we continue to close ourselves off from this support, we could be missing out on powerful opportunities to expand, grow, and evolve in ways that can make our heart sing.

If we would like a bit more support from the Universe, the only thing we need to do is just ask. Immediately the Universe will start to present an overflow of opportunities in our lives whether it would be through upcoming events that we resonate with, books, insights, friends, personal guides, family members, teachers, holistic practitioners, our community, etc... It's safe to come out from hiding and allow ourselves to feel the support of the Universe, as it's always here for us and never against us.

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