Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 1st Eclipse - Meg Benedicte's New Earth Forum - June Newsletter

June 2011 has already turned out to be an action-packed month of breakthroughs, breakdowns, shifting consciousness and global awakening. Hurtling towards the final days of June, the momentum of the two previous Eclipses is rushing humanity through the eye of needle and into a new world reality. Culminating this week on June 30th/July 1st is the third Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon in Cancer), forming a Grand Cardinal Cross conjunct with Star Sirius and visible from a small part of the ocean between Antarctica and southern Africa.

Eclipses are known to alter our electromagnetic fields - Earth's magnetosphere shifts when our planet is obscured by another's passing shadow. What scientists are recognizing now is the correlation between human emotions and physical health and the cosmological activity in our solar system. Accidents, aggression and violence peak during the New Moon events and intensive solar flares due to increasing ions in the atmosphere. An Eclipse will only amplify this charged energy by placing additional stress on already faulty, weak situations. In this environment, we may feel shaky, unsteady, and stretched to our limits as long-locked energy patterns break under the pressure.

The three Eclipses in June are repeating a central theme dating back to 1992, when we similarly experienced three Eclipses in the same mathematical degree, June 1, June 15, and June 30. Remember back to where you were in 1992, and what the central themes of your life were back then...for we are revisiting and rewriting the outcome now. Look at how your decisions formed the current life condition, and where you could have taken a different direction instead. We have at this particular time the opportunity to break free of our established timeline, and shift paths. In a way, we are being offered a second chance by the Universe!

The three Eclipses this June are interacting with the Galactic Center and the Pulse of Creation...the source of existence! We are being blessed by a Galactic Spiral Density Wave pulsing from our Galactic Core that is heading towards Earth now. There is evidence of significant changing weather on all the planets of our solar system as the external cosmic forces of the Ascension Wave is creating thicker atmospheres and higher frequencies. The infusion of photon particle-waves pulsing from our Galactic Center arises out of the vacuum state of Singularity. During the final Eclipse in June our beloved Star Sirius enters the unfolding drama as the gatekeepers to Earth's Ascension Plan. According to the Book of Knowledge, the stargates will open and allow the Ascension Wave of Singularity to enter Earth's magnetosphere and the collective field of Mind.

This will catalyze a Spiritual Revolution in the hearts and minds of humanity, as the Pulse of Singularity activates the DNA to awaken dormant codes of unity consciousness. The three Eclipses are serving as a global trigger of mass awakening to shifting ideas about the nature of spirit, how to connect with spirit and how to integrate spirit into our daily lives. We are being coded and catalyzed to re-unite with our divine spirit in ways that were impossible before. We will be triggered to uncover information from 1992 that was hidden from our awareness, so that we can accelerate our trajectory into more enlightened existence.

As the wave of higher consciousness inspires and awakens the minds of humanity, our perception of reality will shift and evolve into lighter experiences. No longer will we be inclined to thrash around, battling each other in the destructive competitive operating system of Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest'. Our new awareness will highlight and illuminate how rampant competition, unregulated capitalism and race wars are so harmful to each other, to nature and to Earth. For if humanity is going to survive...we must unite and collaborate to take care of each other and all life on the planet. We must embrace Singularity and the commonality that runs through all - the life force of Source!
Our DNA is receiving constant feedback from our electromagnetic environment, due to the curvature of spacetime and the swirling vortex in the Galactic Center. We must break the ego mind free from the illusion of separation and a polarized world, so that we can shift into living in a New Earth paradigm of Singularity. When our minds can see and feel our interconnectivity, we can feel empathy for others and compassion erases Polarity. The mirror neurons in the brain affect our biological responses to the external environment and how we perceive the world has a direct impact on our physical and emotional condition. Our bio-energetics system is constantly responding to the feedback from the Unified Field which alters the formation of our DNA coding.

When we see the world through unity consciousness we are able to feel our connection to Spirit and the Pulse of Singularity...we are able to jump into a different space, free of Polarity, and enter the Information Age of the 21st Century.

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