Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Energetic Alignment

A New Energetic Alignment
June 10, 201

At the present time, a new energetic alignment is being created for the Earth that is transforming the energies of negativity and separated consciousness that have previously been in predominance on the Earth. This new alignment is shifting the balance of light on the Earth so that significantly more will become possible of light manifesting within the consciousness of humanity.

In previous times, the energies of separation were embedded within the atoms and molecules of third dimensional physical matter, which then supported choices related to individualized and separated consciousness. This situation provided access by forces which oppose the expansion of light to control situations which would otherwise benefit from more light filled awareness and choices.

These attempts can be seen in many areas and especially in choices related to the needs of the Earth for more sustainable ways of living which have been blocked and delayed for so long, even in the face of increasingly urgent climate changes.

Now, as the cosmic balance of light and darkness is shifting towards greater manifestation of light, forces which oppose this expansion are doing everything possible to disrupt the process.

You may experience this in your own consciousness by sudden upsurges of fear, confusion, or amplification of your own vulnerabilities. Plans created by your higher self which you are attempting to carry out may suddenly be disrupted either from external forces or by sudden attacks of self doubt and confusion.

It is important to understand that something much larger than what your conscious mind may understand is happening on the Earth, and that God's light is stronger than all energies of separation, negativity and darkness. You have the choice at each moment where to focus your attention. You can focus on the negative energies, which then amplifies the darkness or you can focus on God's light and love, and pray for healing.

At this time on the Earth the energy of prayer is greatly amplified as the planes between physical and spiritual matter are much closer together now. Sincere and heartfelt prayer can transform situations that would otherwise appear completely hopeless.

At the present time, a great and significant change is happening for the Earth which is creating the foundation upon which the New Earth will be built. There is enormous suffering happening for so many right now, and your love, light and prayers can help ease the burden and open the energetic pathways so that light and love can flow more freely in each moment.

We give great thanks for your love, light and prayers for all who are working to bring forth the blessings of the New Earth at this time.

With all love and blessings,


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