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Archangel Michael on Truth, Love and Peace

Archangel Michael on Truth, Love and Peace

Archangel Michael addressing the September 23, 2008 Ashtar Teleconference:

I AM here, and I AM the one that you call the Archangel Michael, and I bring such glad tidings to all in this magnificent gathering of Family. We are close. There are in this Family even those who have great places; they are Angels in human bodies. We recognize also you from the stars, and the planets, in human bodies on human missions, and we recognize that you come accompanied by your guides, and that you carry with you that which you might call the soul memories, even of those whom you honor as the Ascended Ones.

And there are those of you who are representatives in human bodies of those you call the kingdom of the fairies, and the wee ones; well you call them 'wee ones,' but they are mighty, if you could see how big their Lights are Beloved Ones, and we know that some of you do. Now I AM here tonight, because I AM here with Truth. We know that you know a great many Truths. And we know that you all have ways to access even more Truth.

And we know that you know, that the greatest Truth of all is WHO YOU REALLY ARE, whether you come from another planet, or Star, or from the Kingdoms of the Angels, or the Ascended Masters, and the Truth of it is that many of you have what you call the seeds of all the Kingdoms. You've been to all of them, and you've lived in all of them, and learned in all of them, and grown and evolved your Lights to be as bright as they are. That is a great Truth.

And we know that you know that you are of Divinity, because you have the Love of Creator-Mother-Father within you. And you have that spark of Love within you, that you so beautifully fan into these grand flames of Light. Love it is. And we know that you have Truths about what's really going on in 3-D Earth. And we know that you have not always been listened to outside of Family, the Family of Love we are , that is.

You know that even some of your earth families, in fact for most of you, your entire earth family says, "We know Truth, and you don't!" And that is a Truth, is it not? It's changing, Beloved Ones, it's changing fast. More and more are waking up, but they're in kind of a mental zone. They're waking up to the fact that the lies they have been told are not Truth. But they don't know what Truth really is anymore. They don't know how to discern anymore. They're confused.

Somebody goes on what you call your national news media, and makes a statement full of lies, and these beautiful ones who are waking up know enough to know that they're hearing lies, because they have that knowingness, and they can remember, but they don't know what Truth is. They don't know that they're Divine. They don't know that they have all that they need to find Truth and to discern Truth, and to be Truth. That's where you come in.

So we are going to ask that we do an exercise together to bring Truth in its fullest and most beautiful form, clothed if you will, in Love. The basic Truth of who everyone really is, and beyond that, the ability to discern what comes before them, what is told to them, what is presented to them, as to whether it is Truth, or not.

Now Ashtar has told you that Truth is Peace Now. Peace is Truth Now. So we'll start with these concepts, messages, if you will, and that, Beloved Ones, is our mission for this Family gathering. Now those of you who see, all of you close your eyes, and as always do the breathing, relaxing the totality of who you are, and permeating every part of your being. Breathe in the Love, Beloved Ones, and breathe in the togetherness.

Let's make a circle of Love. There is no beginning, there is no end. We're all here. We are joined together in this grand Love. And there's plenty surrounding us, and coming into all of our energy fields. All of the bodies, whether it be the Lightbody, or whether it has the Lightbody with a human body, and other bodies in between. We're all one. We're all connected. And we're all Love, and that is Truth.

And now some of you may see that I carry with me the sword Excalibur. It is a representation of Truth. It is so easy, is it not, to see Excalibur, and to see the Blue Flame, to see the Blue Flame, as I wave Excalibur in the air, see that Blue Flame going out? Feel it now, coming into your fields.

Breathe it in; it comes in even faster that way. Breathe in the Blue Light of Truth. Allow Excalibur to send it to you. All of the energy that Excalibur sends out is charged with Truth. It's all Love. It's wrapped in Love, and it carries the message of Truth.

And that Truth is peaceful. That Truth is reassuring and comfortable and divine, as you are. That Truth needs no facades, no disguises, no trojan horses to get it in the door. That Truth encompasses all. That Truth is simple. It is the truth of who you really are, indeed of who everyone really is.

It is the Truth that even though the person you're focusing on might be wearing a hat of the dark, it is only a costume, a mask, if you will. Everyone created by Mother-Father has that spark of Love, Divine Love, somewhere in their being. And if they find it hard to speak the Truth of who they are, you Beloved ones, because you have Excalibur each and every one of you, are able to discern the most important Truth of all about each and every living being, and that is that they all have a spark.

Try as they might to extinguish it, to forget it, to program it away, they all have it, and they're all honored for the service they have given. Some of them may need a time-out that is somewhat extensive, but they are all honored and thanked for the service they have given, no matter what they have done, no matter how heinous it might seem to be. That, from and out of Truth, it's all Love.

All that Mother-Father ever created was Love. And you, Beloveds embody that Love, and that Truth in the all of your beings, so let it just radiate even more, enjoy it even more, allow it even more. Send it throughout your whole beings, and with it is Peace. Joy to be sure, and Bliss to be sure, but Peace is the foundation for it all to be in you, of you, part of you, permanently, infinitely and forever. Peace You Are!

So enjoy it. Feel how it feels, because you're going to be speaking Truth about it, even as you send it out on the waves of Love, and you can begin that any time you choose. You can begin by sending it to someone you care about, or send it to someone whom you have perceived to be troublesome to you in some way. And you can pinpoint it to anyone you choose.

But beyond that Beloved Ones, send it to the world. Send this Peace and tell the world that it's Now, and that is Truth. The peaceful hearts are joining together as one. And when there is Peace in the heart, there is Peace everywhere. So bring the Truth to all, and invite all to join their hearts with yours in Peace. Show them Excalibur, invite them to use Excalibur at any time they choose, to discern Truth, to know Truth, to recognize Truth, and, Beloveds, to speak Truth.

You speak Truth in all that you do, in all that you say, and yes, in all of your conscious and unconscious thought forms, so use Excalibur, use the Blue Light of Truth, and send out Peace in the Blue Light, and let it permeate the entire world, below, on, and above, and let this Light shine so brilliantly, that it literally goes around the world, always Truthful, always Peace.

And let others know that they can use the Blue Light at any time they choose. I will it to them freely, even as I have given it unto you in this time. Peace is Truth, and Truth is Peaceful. It cannot be any other way; this is law, and this is the law of the universe. And all those who swear to tell the Truth, need to get your message Beloved ones. They need to get your permission to do exactly that. There is a reason for asking that officials tell Truth, and be true to those they serve.

And those being served are starting to understand that the leaders are not telling Truth, but rather have betrayed the trust that the people have in them, and so it is all right for that to be a part of your Truth, so long as you are in honor of all of the cast of players, each and every one. And if you will share that Truth with all, you will be doing great service to the World, as Peacemakers. Even though you may be enjoying Peace, your neighbor may not.

And so we charge you with this mission of speaking Truth, presenting Truth as Peace, presenting Truth as Love, Gratitude and Appreciation, and sending it out on wings of Love to the world. And in your daily comings and goings, speak your Truth, and be your Truth, recognizing who you really are, and showing it to the world.

And if there be someone who asks you some questions, 'How can you be so truthful when so much is happening, when your dollars are not worth anything, or worth almost nothing. How can you be so peaceful?' You can share with them that it's all been a part of a grand plan, that all events are leading Home, Home to who you really are, and Home to the Truth that is Peace and Love, and that is all that was ever created.

Thank you, Beloved Ones, for this mission completed and perfect upon this gathering of Family. We're all One, and as we have sent the Blue Rays to you, we invite you to open to receive at any time after you have left this gathering. You are special ones, Beloved Ones, because you come together at these times, and you recognize Family, and so it becomes a special time for you and for us to be together, and that is Truth, because it's Love.

So take this Blue Light, and take Excalibur into your hearts, and access it at anytime you choose. And know that all is in divinely perfect order in your world as it is in the world that you are coming to. And know that you have brought yourself to that world at this moment, and shared it all around Mother Earth and beyond. And so we say to you, well done Beloveds, and thank you! We cannot express completely enough our gratitude. We are flying together in these moments, and we invite you to use your wings any time you choose.

And so Beloved Ones, I AM Michael. Thank you on behalf of all, all of us together in this wondrous gathering. And I AM asked by Sananda to combine our energies now, and just stop and feel. Feel the Love, and share the Joy in our togetherness. And allow your own special guidance team to come forth, and shower you with the Love you so richly deserve, and allow yourselves to join together in perfect enjoyment of the Truth in all that we have done, and in all that is yet to come. And the greatest Truth of all is Love and the Peace that it brings. And so we thank you Beloveds and we say in Family as before, as now, and as always. Namaste!

I'm Susan Leland, and I have the honor of serving as a voice for Ashtar and others from the Lighted Realms. I've had several careers, beginning in a family-owned retail business, then as a wife, mother and community volunteer. In 1985 I became a real estate agent and was blessed with many clients who came to my community to attend an ancient wisdom school. Through my association with them, I "woke up" and started upon my own spiritual quest.

I learned from these wonderful students and from other teachers, and I connected with my own guides in 1996. Then came an intensive period of attending healing classes and workshops and almost daily practice, while quitting real estate along the way in 1999. I have earned 6 Reiki degrees along with other certifications in energy healing and spiritual ministry.

Today my "work" is joyfully fulfilling as a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings. Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!


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