Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From Metatron and Karen

From Metatron and Karen


I have welcomed the chance again to work with Karen, it has been 10yrs since we worked like this and it's good to be back working through her again.

Much of what we said in the late 90's is happening now, so we both thought it was time to remind and update you all.

Ok so what is happening now? You are in the middle of ascension, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and tearing down of the old so the new can come.

Our advice is still the same and that is two things: 1. breath 2. stay in the now!

When you find yourself going into fear or any other negative emotion Focus only on what is happening right now and deep breathing in through the nose and out through the nose, as you focus on breathing call my name and I will surround you in calming energy.

What else is happening is that your inner children or shadow selves are being brought up to be released, so with this comes emotions and memories that some of you may wish to ignore as they are too painful, but know this dear ones, once you acknowledge the memory and that hurt self you release it then and there, the light is waiting to welcome those damaged selves back home. And in return your higher self has more space to enter your body. So as one leaves another arrives.it is so grand to watch this exchange going in humanity at this time. Be at peace with this process and allow it to flow.

We advise once again to continue with clearing out your inner closets, and letting your light self in! only you can do this, no one else will do it for you, spirit, friends/healers may help out but in the end it's up to you.

Once humanity has reached a stage of peace and harmony then and only then will you're Galactic brothers arrive to welcome you in your new world. So please those of you caught in this distraction, focus on your own pathway and don't be mislead by these quick fix schemes. We will add here though that many of your Galactic family are helping unseen on different levels.

Now as the energies intensify you will find things breaking down quickly, you have already seen the money situation crash. You will be seeing relationships crash also, all sorts of relationships are being sorted out during these energies, where there is imbalance of any kind there will be change, and in some cases big change.

We ask that you understand that change is good, not a bad thing, it has to happen for many reasons. When the old breaks down it lets those who hold the light to step up and make new changes to ways that are outdated and no longer working for the greater good of humanity. Watch out for your sign for those reading this message you are a light worker and your time will come to utilize your unique gifts for the good of all.

When just one person steps up and is bold enough to make changes it has that ripple effect and many others are awakened to a new way of being and doing.

Many people are having lots of different physical symptoms such as: sore feet, sore joints, clicking shoulders, sore backs, hips, many strange complaints most of these things are ascension symptoms, but always get checked out by health professional if symptoms persist and are affecting your daily life.

Many may also notice the kundalini energy is on the rise also, this is a sign for many that this energy is useful for manifestation.

Time is also speeding up those who wake at 2am will notice how quick 4am comes by it's not your normal 2hr.

Also we must note also that males are being hugely affected by these energies, many men who shut down their emotional bodies as young boys are being awakened again, so expect to see many emotional males, be there for them and tell them it's all part of the process and to just breath through the emotions and send them to healers who deal with the emotional body.

So yes the human body, mind and soul has a lot going on with it at present and many are not handling the pressure it's putting on them. Many who are very sensitive can actually feel the pressure of the energies.

Now we wish to talk about the Blue Rays, to know if you are a blue ray please visit http://www.perl.co.nz/karen/ and see index.

These are beings that are aligned with AA Michael and work with him among others.

As you march through these seemingly tough times, know that it's the biggest sign you will get that indeed you are on the ascension path. Welcome the emotional days, let them flow for as they flow you are transmuting the old and allowing more of your light self in. Know that indeed you are working very hard on many levels not just this one. Many of you who are blue rays such as Karen, will know how exhausting transmuting energy can be at times, you find yourself in situations where people are wanting your advice and energy much more lately. You must learn to pull back sometimes and take time out regularly from this work. Take walks in nature, play with a pet if you have one, and most of all don't try and be a hero, as you will only burn out and be no help to anyone. Blue Rays are very sensitive beings and so they feel many things they are not aware of and transmute also totally unaware. So remember this and get time to yourself away from others and their dramas.

Spending just an hour in the presence of a Blue Ray can transmute many layers of someone's baggage into light again. So you see they work when they don't even know it. And with the energies more intense than ever before on earth this process is happening more often and quicker. That is why many blue rays instinctively avoid large crowds or spend only short amounts of time among them.

So we hope this has brought you up to date on what is happening, we know many other channels out there are saying similar things, but the energy of this message is two fold, it brings in the Blue Ray energy and my energy and our words of wisdom and light. Both of which will help you on your pathway to receiving your higher self.

We leave you now and when there is something new to report we will be back.

In the light we all shine brightly

Metatron and Karen
* karen@ashburton.co.nz *