Monday, October 27, 2008

Sacred Relationships

Sacred Relationships

November, 2008


Dear Ones during the month of November seekers have the wondrous
opportunity to infuse seeds of intent with spiritual purpose. Intents
can be raised to a higher, purer level causing them to manifest
quickly as they become "quickened" with spiritual force.

In the spiritual dimensions there is no waiting time like you
experience in the third dimension. As a thought or intent clarifies,
it quickly manifests. For instance when we think of an orange with
intent, its essence coalesces--it manifests. The density of the third
dimension prevents such easy manifestation. This lag is good, dear
ones, for many earthlings can be compared to children who have not yet
developed the maturity to consider the greater good. However, as
energies accelerate a wave of heightened energy draws humanity
forward. The New Age--the Golden Age of Enlightenment--harkens.

November provides the opportunity to raise intent upward. Lift your
hearts and minds into what can be, not just what you know. We
encourage all humanity to lift their hearts, to reach beyond earthly
constraints, to look beyond known paradigms and to let their soul
provide guidance. Reach into your own heart of hearts. You have come
during this most auspicious time to be spiritual teachers. Project
love and light to everyone and everything encountered. This is what
you came to accomplish--to draw all humanity into the heart of God and
to manifest a heaven on Earth. We salute everyone who strives to
manifest this great event. In the love of our hearts we bid you
good-day or God-day. We are One. (c) 2008 Richela Chapman


Dear Ones, we (in the spiritual dimensions) embrace you in love! We
welcome you to the arms of Source, creator, the Mother-Father-God
within each soul. November is an auspicious time upon Earth. The
seeds of your intent have developed and as you focused upon them
during October they solidified in your energy field. Keep holding to
your intent, dear ones. Cling to what you hold most dear. As you
maintain balance, keeping your intent constant, you weather the tides
of change.

Change must come. Inhabitants of the Earth will enter the Golden Age
of Enlightenment. As the dawning nears, souls come together with
their twins, with spiritual family and join hands to cross the veils.
Your world has been in turmoil for some time. Seekers long to leave
the past behind and join with their Higher Self, accepting the cloak
of divinity.

Let me speak to your hearts and minds, beloved ones. I have watched
over you and heard the deepest longings of your hearts. As an aspect
of the Divine Mother, I represent the nurturer and bringer of your
heart's longings. I love you so dearly. Can you feel me near you?
Open your heart and let me embrace you in the love of the most high.
Join with me and with your Higher Self that leads you upward into the
kingdom of heaven. Yes, the kingdom of heaven draws near--the kingdom
of heaven lies within your sacred heart, but it is also outside you.
Your home, your haven, beckons.

As November comes, the seeds of your intent will manifest if you
remain focused upon them. Keep balanced. Imagine that you ride the
storms of chaos upon a safe, secure raft. As the seas of change
churn, remain above the fray. Humanity will observe some old concepts
going under, so to speak. Do not be alarmed. Realize that you
participate in a wondrous event--you chose to assist in ushering in
the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Do not be thrown off balance by the
vaudeville shows occurring upon Earth. Know these events for what
they represent and take up your staff. Don your cloak of divinity.
As you remember who you really are and why you incarnated during this
great turning of the cosmos, you remain ensconced in the heart of God
safe and removed from the appearances of upheaval.

Oh, dear hearts, I am nearer than breathing, than hands and feet. I
am with you always. Just call and I am with you. Hold me in your
heart, as I do you in mine. Let me be your life boat, lifting you
above turmoil and radical change.

Earth's pattern must change dear ones. Gaia will ascend and all
humanity has been welcomed to ride her into the next dimension. Of
course, humans have free will. We would never refute your free will
that has been decreed from above. At the same time, I urge you to
flow--flow with the many adjustments that must come and hold tight to
the intent of your sacred heart.

In the love of the most high, I am Lady Saleina. (c) 2008 Richela Chapman

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sharing is given to humanity with the intent to encourage, empower,
uplift and inspire. Blessings, Richela