Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Power of Human Consciousness

The Power of Human Consciousness

The power within you is greater than any externally generated power
source. Or as the Master Jesus says: “The power that is within you is
greater than the power that is in the world.” For you hold within
your very being a reservoir of creative potential which through intent
can transform all things seen and unseen. Do not give your power away
to those who seek to keep you mired in the soil of fear. You are free
to choose where and how you use your creative energies. We ask you to
choose light. We ask you to choose love. We ask you to partner with
the energies of Source and build that which is the foundation for the
new creation.

Do you not know how powerful your thoughts are? Do you not know the
power of your spoken word? For each sets into motion an energy which
gathers force through time until delivering at your door that which
was initiated energetically. So we ask you to create from a place of
consciousness. For unconscious creation leads to confusion and the
diffusion of your creative potential. You must be clear and concise in
your intentions. You must empower your desires with the fuel of love.
You must master your words and the machinations of your mind, so that
they can work for you not against you.

Look at your life circumstances at present. Look at the circumstances
of the world in which you live. These are the culmination of creative
powers at play. If you do not like what you see, know that it can be
changed. Become conscious; become aware of what the projections of
your minds are mirroring for you. If you whish to change course, know
that in any moment, you can. For life is about choice. In the world of
duality choice is a freedom and is offered anew in each moment in
time. How will you use your gift of choice?

It is important now more than ever to participate in your life from a
place of knowing, from a place of wisdom. No longer will it serve you
to play the victim or the martyr. Do not get caught up in the
pronouncements of fear which would hold you in drama and paralysis.
Responsibility must be taken for the creations which are put into
play. You are a Master. You have the power to create worlds anew. Use
the gifts of focus and intent to clearly state your desires. Intend to
align with Divine Will and see your dreams manifest in the blink of an
eye. For all that serves the greater good also serves you. For you are
invaluable aspects of the All.

Intend to become conscious on a global level. Move beyond the limiting
walls of your self and your personal reality. For this is a time of
collaboration. This is a time for blending of gifts and talents in
order to create from a place of collective good will. And if you dare,
look even beyond the global realm and open to the cosmic. For you are
not alone in this universe. There are others who populate the many
worlds which also have a stake and a responsibility in the formation
of the new world which is upn you. Know that these ‘others’ are as
family to you in ways that are inconceivable to you at this time. But
the reunion is in view. The plans are set for the celebration of
remembrance. Open to more than you ever thought possible. Dream big.
Open to joy. Let love set your hearts on fire.

Use the power of your creative potential to vision and envision peace
on earth. Do not get lost in the imaging of how it is to be
accomplished, just focus on the result. See first in your mind the
reality you wish to create. Then join with others and together hold
the vision of the new world. For the power of the collective can move
more than mountains. This is the time foretold. You are as Columbus
setting sail for the new world, knowing in your heart of hearts that
there is more than can be seen or imagined. You are the pioneers of
the new age. Hold true to your vision. Keep the faith. Set your
course. Remain steady and true. Be willing to face the unknown all the
while knowing that the power of love provides the path that lies
before you.

“The power that is within you is greater than the power that is in the
world.” Know this. Feel it in the depths of your being. Hold it in
your heart. For it is up to you to acknowledge who you are and the
power you hold to create a world beyond your wildest imaginings.

Cathy Olsen