Thursday, October 23, 2008

Expressing Love through Truthful Communication

Expressing Love through Truthful Communication
Kate A. Spreckley

Many of you do not understand or have forgotten how to communicate
with love. You spend your time communicating out of anger and fear in
every communication you have, whether it be with a loved one, a
partner, a child, or a friend. The emotions of fear and anger do not
make for truthful or light communication and keep you in a space of
negativity and fear. Many are fearful and are anxious as to how their
communication will come across. Many are afraid of being rejected or
laughed at should they express truthfully their love. Many live their
lives in this space and never enter into a truthful conversation
because they fear the pain. But we tell you that once there is loving
communication you will be in a place of love and will only feel love.
This may be hard for many of you to understand because you have always
been taught and shown to hide your emotions and to hold back on
expressing love. You are loving beings and you go against yourself and
the Divine by not expressing yourself in loving ways and especially
through communicating. You hold back on expressing your love and
expressing yourself because of fear – again we tell you that the
higher vibrations no longer tolerate fear based emotions. It is time
to let go of that “old” way of being and to embrace the loving spirit
that you truly are.

There are many different forms of loving expression and we urge you to
discover these tools that will help you to express your truth. These
tools will help you to create your life from a place of love rather
than fear or anger. These tools can be anything from painting,
writing, music, dancing or any other creative expression. Each
individual will resonate with a different expression and it will be up
to you to find the tool that will best resonate with you at this time.
As you work with the different tools your vibration will lift and in
due course you will begin to experience other ways of communicating
and will explore different facets of yourself through these expressions.

When you open yourself up to a higher vibration your heart chakra is
activated and the energy pours into this centre and radiates out of
all the chakras. You begin to feel as though your heart will burst as
it is filled with love, acceptance and joy. These emotions have not
been at the forefront of your lives for many centuries and it is
important for you to access them and utilize them in your daily life.
The patterns of old do not hold any substance and it will be harder
and harder for you to work in the old ways as they no longer exist. We
urge you to let these memories die and to allow yourself to become
receptive to the new vibrations. We have talked often of the new ways
of being and we are now here to work with you and to give you the
tools for living in the New Earth. All you need to do is ask for
direction and we shall be there to answer your prayer.

As you begin to enter into Paradise you will find that you will be
drawn to new and different ways of communication or expression. In
Paradise all are loved unconditionally and without judgement. There is
no fear of failure as each individual is accepted for just that –
being an individual. There are no others to follow or to please except
yourself. There are no masters as you are now the masters and the
creators of your own lives. You will bring the abundance, the love,
the joy, the peace and the happiness into your own lives. You will no
longer be reliant on others for these feelings, you will no longer
feel responsible for the emotions of others. In the past this has been
seen as selfishness, but it is time now for all to concentrate on
themselves and to enter into a journey of self discovery. Along this
journey you will find those that resonate with your higher vibration
and who will help you to see yourself truthfully and without illusion.
You will begin to see yourself as the loving, beautiful soul that you are.

Relationships are now built on energy resonance and therefore there
can only be truthful and loving communication. You will begin to
discover that the emotions and feelings of love that you have for one
another are reciprocated and there will be no fear of rejection or
failure. As long as your vibrations resonate so your relationship will
flourish and become more loving.

We are guiding, watching and celebrating Paradise along with you! Well
done Earth Angels you have done it!!!

With many blessings and lots of love