Friday, October 24, 2008



The importance of your life on planet earth at this time reflects only
that you are here. The ‘why’ of your existence is a simple answer: 'To
experience in order to expand your soul.'
How much conscious awareness of your journey and your experiences that
you have, however, depends on how much you discover about yourself.
This discovery happens when you realize that you are here for you and
not to take care of someone else or do something special, although you
may experience those things. Your journey may include having a
disease, healing, getting rich, writing a book/song/play, living in
dysfunction, any number of things but you don’t have to become
anything different than you already are. You only have to discover the
process you go through to make your choices, what you react to and
what you don’t, and why. This mystery unfolds when you realize that
this is your only task and is done by you alone whether you have a
partner or not. Therefore your soul expands.
Your soul experiences encompass various parts of your life that can be
described as different types of dramas, like a collection of many
plays: detective stories, mysteries, comedies, tragedies, musicals,
one-man shows, chorus lines, vaudeville and various combinations of
them. You are all aspects of these stage plays: the actors and
actresses, the set and costume designers, the back stage crew, the
prompter, the wardrobe mistress, the make-up artists, the orchestra
conductor, the musicians, as well as the writer, the ticket taker,
usher, and janitor. Did we forget someone or some task? You could even
be the furniture or prop on the set itself, or the curtain…. the
curtain is important in putting on your play. It shows the audience
when the acts and scenes and intermission begin and end.
Remember, though, that everyone backstage are friends after the play
is over, after they are done playing their parts, so too are everyone
in your life. The villains or bosses or family members that are mean
to you, may be your friends behind the curtain, howbeit in disguise.
Likewise the people who are nice to you may be trying to enslave you
and keep you from expanding your experiences. The audience also gives
you feedback so you can see how you are doing. It reflects your
reactions to what is happening on the stage. Look to see if you have
empty seats in the back or front, or if you have a sold-out crowd. Is
your theater old and run down or new and modern with sound and light
special effects?
Here is another comparison if you are computer savvy. You are the
keyboard, the monitor and the liquid crystal inside it, the tower, the
speakers and the little camera, as well as the hardware and software
program writers, installers, and the end-user. Are you user friendly?
Are you wired correctly so that everything runs well and is compatible
and robust? Do you have enough ram and mega-bytes?
As you can see, all these aspects involve using your mind, your
physical body, your emotions and your intuitive self. It involves
paying attention, asking yourself questions, and looking at your
reactions and how, and when, your buttons are pushed. This provides
the depth of the ‘why’ of your life, the ever-evolving experiences
that you can only have while in the earth vessel you call your body.
Your self-discovery may be enhanced by reading a book, taking a class
or workshop, and also by chatting with friends and strangers, moving
to another town or country, and even by quitting your job or getting a
divorce. The timing of when you discover something about yourself is
different for every person. No two are alike. Airplanes did not go
from the bi-planes of the Wright Brothers in the United States to the
jumbo jets from France in one year. So too you awake to learn about
yourself in a gradual way, by building and experiencing one thing at a
time. Each new discovery leads to another. We reassure you that you
will not be building an airplane, for example, and also making a
violin at the same time, or even that you will do both in this lifetime.
Your soul writes the script according to what will provide the best
possible experience for you at this time. What does it look like?
Perhaps as you grew up, your family treated you as an outcast and then
your friends or lovers abandoned or smothered you. Did war or some
tragedy take everything from you? How did you react to all this? Did
you become a care-taker (nurse, doctor, social worker, teacher), a
comedian, an artist, or a derelict living on the street? Did you
become addicted, an over-achiever, or a perfectionist? Only you can
describe yourself?
Your self-discovery clues continue. What about your emotions? Did you
bury them, becoming meek and mild or did you become belligerent? Did
you use illness to get attention or become strong so you could fix
everything? Did you hide away with a job in a cubicle at the end of a
hall perhaps as an accountant or programmer, or become a repairman or
salesperson who travels around? Did you get married or remain single,
have children or not? Do you find solace listening to music, reading,
meditating or walking through woods, or playing sports? Do you enjoy
living in a high-rise apartment in the city, in suburbia or in a
secluded mountain cabin? Do you keep your emotions level or freak out
sometimes? What is your threshold for displaying anger? Fear? Joy?
Acceptance? And on and on.
More insight is revealed. How comfortable are you with neighbors and
other cultures? Various people that you come in contact with each day
are providing something for you to discover about you. Those poor
souls that you pitied and thought you had to help are really pure
souls, on their own journey. They were briefly in your life so that
you could learn something more about you. Animals, too, and how you
deal with them are also there to give you information about yourself.
Answers you find yourself denying or defending may be providing the
deepest part of your personality: In life situations are you confident
doing a task or hesitant about making a decision? Do you use your
intuition or try to control a situation? Do you do things in spurts or
maintain a steady pace? Do you like to multi-task or focus on one
thing at a time? Do you lead or follow? How does your body react to
your flow of life? Are you hung up on your way being the best way or
always give in to someone else’s suggestion?

In whatever situation you find yourself, instead of commenting how
lovely or awful someone or something is, both extremes apply, instead
ask, 'Why do I feel this way? Why am I repulsed or why am I attracted
to them?' If a friend or relative did not return your phone call or
someone was late for an appointment, or maybe didn’t even show up,
realize that they were just walking across your stage so you could
observe another scene of your play, another aspect of you, your soul.
In all of life you continue to learn new things and recycle the old.
Every part of you, everything that you have done, or not done,
reflects or creates the experiences of your soul.

Moving along, now we tell you that all of the self-discovery process
described above was the plan prior to the year 2000. By this time you
are beginning to understand how you have coped within the dramas on
your stage, and can describe your process of reactions, but now there
is more. You thought you had it all figured out and knew what
experiences your soul designed for you, then you began to see that
everything was amped up. With this added boost you realize that you
are the soul who created all this, what you call your life. That
curtain we referred to has been permanently lifted, so that now you
can utilize previously ‘hidden’ parts of your soul. In our stage drama
scenario, you have become The Producer and The Director. This is when
we tell you that you can change the script. How you do this is up to you.
Much help is available from human and mystical beings to support
whatever you want to do. (Whereas before you were being guided to stay
on the predesignated path.) Now, the only thing that you have to
determine is what part of the script you want to experience
differently. Have courage, laugh at yourself (and cry) and realize
that only you can make these decisions. Remember though, that you
cannot make a ‘wrong’ choice because whatever you do will expand your
soul’s experiences as only you can do it. Sing some songs, write in a
journal, doodle, fix your car or take a nap. At the end of each day
understand that whatever you did (or didn’t do) was okay, of course
purposefully harming no one. Everything is right… exactly right for you!
Look to see if your day was reflecting ‘the you’ of the previous self
or ‘the you’ of this new millenium? It doesn’t matter, though. Your
observations give added perspectives to your day, shining up the
windows of your soul. By expanding your perspective, you discard the
need to do or be something, to make goals or have expectations because
whatever you decide will open another door of discovery for your soul.
You can say YES or NO to something because both provide a new
experience. Relish all parts of your life while you are here on earth
using a simple melody… 'All things bright and beautiful… all things
great and small.'

Helenita Ziegler and Councils of Unity
ã 2008 York, PA