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November 2008 Celestial Timings

November 2008 Celestial Timingsby Cayelin K CastellIn Special Memory of Nicole ChristineThe November 2008 Celestial Timings are dedicated to the passing ofNicole Christine who died peacefully at St. Mary’s Hospital at 2:11 pmon October 18, 2008. She was a Divine Creation High Priestess foundingthe Awakening the Priestess Within Process in 1994, The MagdaleneMysteries Process in 1996, The Global Citizen University in 2000, andThe Sacred Order of the Venus Templars and the Divine Creation HighPriestess process in 2007. She was also the author of several books,including The Temple of the Living Earth, My Ascension Journal, andUnder Her Wings, and The Making of a Magdalene.She was a mentor, sacred sister and beloved friend and I am grateful Ihad the opportunity to know her, work and play with her, and to bewith her in her last days on this Earth. I am still feeling radicallyaltered from the power of being so close to her conscious death. I amdeeply grateful for the gift of her life and death and all that shehas given to me and so many others. Her life benefited this world morethan words can express. For more about her work you can visit herwebsite at www.MagdaleneMysteries.comIn this month of Thanks Giving it is a time for giving thanks for allthe gifts of life we have experienced especially in the last year.With the state of the world so uncertain, gratitude is more importantthan ever. If you have a gratitude list it might be time to update it.If you don’t have one it might be a good time to create one and tospend time each day this month remembering all that you are gratefulfor, as that will help us stay out of fear as the old system continuesits inevitable collapse. The old must die to give way to the new andthis is the time of year that we celebrate the death mysteries as anecessary part of life and growth. This past month allowed me and manyin my spiritual community to witness a beautiful conscious, willingdeath. It is a powerful reminder about the gifts that willingsurrender brings when we let go and trust the process.Zeitgeist And A New Earth Economic ViewZeitgeist as defined by the dictionary is "the spirit of the age andits society" or “the ethos of an identified group of people thatexpresses a particular world view which is prevalent at a particularperiod of socio-cultural progression.”Understanding the issues of our current economic system helps us to beconscious participants in the death of the old economic system. Thatis why I highly recommend watching this movie Zeitgeist Addendumavailable free. Cut and paste into browser if it link doesn't work. .It is about 2 hours long, so be sure to set aside time for the wholemovie.The first part of this movie uncovers the shadow of our monetarysystem. It is important to know what these shadow elements are so wecan consciously change them. It is challenging and yet important to beaware of what has been going on for centuries. The last half or so ofthis movie describes a “Resource Based Economy” that uses sustainabletechnology to create a world that supports all people and life on thisplanet. This is so inspiring and uplifting I cannot recommend thismovie highly enough.I don't know if the plan this movie outlines is the ONE that willultimately work or not...but at least there is a solution beingoffered with an intent to create a New Earth Economic system thatsupports everyone and the environment as well. You will see what Imean when you watch the movie. Plus, I love that one of the solutionsoffered in this movie is called The Venus Project for the obviousreasons if you have been following the Celestial Timings this year.You can get more information here... Again I am not sure TheVenus Project is the answer but from a lay person’s vantage point itlooks promising and is inspiring us to look beyond the currentmelt-down to solutions that are outside the current establishment.The first movie was Zeitgeist is also available free on the internet.This movie has some fascinating history and is well worth watching ifyou are interested in the bringing the shadow of the current economicpolicies to the light of your awareness. It has three main parts. Partone is a fascinating piece on Cosmology and Religion...the cosmologypart is fairly accurate and interesting. Part two is about the hoax of911 and what that was all about. The last part is about the history ofour failed monetary system with some ideas about what to do that as Irecall are already somewhat outdated. I haven’t seen this movie inseveral months. Anyway that is why I recommend the Zeitgeist AddendumMovie first.Note: I had written an entirely different introduction to the NovemberTimings in early October before Nicole’s death. After Nicole died shecame to me in the dreamtime several times and the messages I got fromher are what inspired me to share about the Zeitgeist Addendum as NewEconomics was and is soemthing we had as a deeply shared vision. Venus with Moon 4th GateLooking west after Sunset you will see the Moon near Venus Nov 1.Daily Celestial TimingsNov 01, Saturday. A.K.A. All Saints Day began as a Roman Catholicobservance honoring the Saints who already reside in Heaven. Nov 2 isAll Souls Day is a day intended to remind those of us souls still onEarth to live a holy life and to pray for the souls lost in purgatory.In more ancient traditions Nov 2 honors those who have died. In Mexicoand parts of the Western United States, Dia de los Muertos or the Dayof the Dead dates back at least 3,000 years and has survived theSpanish Conquistadors attempts over 500 years ago to eradicate thisMeso-American tradition. Many other cultural traditions have also usedthis seasonal timing when the plants are dying and preparing theirseeds for rebirth to honor and remember the ancestors, those who havedied, and all who have come before. It is a time for celebrating andrecognizing the cycle of death as an important part of the cycle of life.The ancient Celts celebrated this cross-quarter time as their NewYear’s point called Samhain (sow-in) usually on the New or Full Moonclosest to the astrological cross-quarter. This year that is the FullMoon of November 12. This cross-quarter is a time when the veilsbetween all the worlds, especially the world of the living and theworld of the dead, are thinnest. The Celts believed this timing wasmost powerful for looking into the future and for accessing otherworlds more easily. This was (and is) a time to go within and seekguidance from the ancestors for the coming year. This was celebratedas a night of High Magic for those attuned to the mysteries,celebrating death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and that whichis yet to come. It was believed that this timing when worked withconsciously helped to set the pattern for the coming year.One of the factors that is occurring now that helps to set the patternfor the coming year is the Moon conjunction with Venus at the 4th Gatereferred to by the Sumerians as the Gate of Compassion. The "out ofbounds" Sagittarius Moon meets with Venus (17 Sagittarius) just afterMidnight Pacific Time. This marks the passage of the Queen of Heaventhrough the fourth gate on her return journey from the underworld.This timing is especially important for all those who turn a multipleof 8 (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 etc.) between August24, 2007 and mid-April 3, 2009 as you are in your eight year synodicVenus return representing a powerful 584 day initiation process withthe divine feminine.The current Venus cycle is now in her evening star phase where she isretrieving the vestments she was required to give up when she wasgoing into the underworld. The fourth gate is associated with thefourth chakra (a.k.a the heart chakra) where she retrieves her BreastPlate and her ability to truly love herself in healthy ways and thustruly love others. This powerful theme of Self-Love is being set intothe unfolding pattern for the coming year. Genuine healthy Self-Loveis perhaps the most primary key to living a fulfilling, joyful lifeand to navigating these chaotic times.Moon has moved beyond Venus on its way to JupiterLooking west after Sunset you will see the waxing Moon between Venusand Jupiter Nov 2 and on Nov 3 the Moon will be with Jupiter. This isworth checking out if you have clear skies.Nov 02, Sunday. USA goes off Daylight Savings Time (Arizona, Hawaiiand parts of Indiana do not go on or off Daylight Time). NeptuneStations direct at 1:40 am EST at 21 Aquarius 28 marking the stillpoint of the Neptune cycle and a magical access point into theCelestial Realms. Plus today we have the "out of bounds" Moon andPluto (29 Sagittarius) meeting at Galactic Center at 1:41 am PST justbefore the Moon crosses the exact December Solstice point of zeroCapricorn around 3:13 am Pacific Time. Over the last three years theCelestial Timings has focused a lot on the 19 year Lunar Standstillthat moves more than 28 degrees north or south of the Ecliptic (theplane of our Solar System and the path the planets follow).The Sun can only move 23.5 degrees north or south of the Ecliptic sothe Moon is considered to be "out of bounds" or outside the boundariesof where the Sun can travel from our Earth based perspective. Thismeans the Moon reaches beyond the boundaries of our ordinary realityto transmit the mysteries from the area of the sky the Moon istraveling through at this time. It just so happens that at this timein our Earthly journey within this Galaxy the 'out of bounds' Moon isreaching beyond at the Galactic Center and in about two weeks will bereaching beyond at the Galactic Edge. This is just one of manyfeatures that is indicating the radically powerful changing times.In addition to this the 'out of bounds' Moon is also occulting thefixed star Nunki late tonight or early tomorrow morning less than 48hours away from the USA elections on November 4. As stated in theprevious Celestial Timings Nunki is the star that marks the Vane ofthe Arrow in the constellation of the Archer and is pointed directlyat Galactic Center. The vane of the arrow is like a nexus point orconnection point or convergence where the energies are mostlyconcentrated. The vane of the arrow is where the archer holds thearrow drawn on the bow ready for release into the Galactic Center.Each time the Moon passes here (near where Jupiter stationed inSeptember) these concentrated energies are released into GalacticCenter and then resent out. If we consider all the distorted energiesthat are being gathered and sent to the Galactic Center (consider theeconomic crisis as one example) to be recycled and renewed especiallyas Pluto is now sitting at the Galactic Cross and adding powerfulcatalytic alchemical energy intended to transform.This is confirmed by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld in their bookStar Light Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing describing Nunki as “A star directlyseeded by the center of the galaxy...emanating from the galacticcenter where creative force originates stimulating “a new contextualview, a new idea, or a remembrance of an old idea now brought intoform in a new way.” Visual intentional connection with the Moon as itcrosses near Nunki (also known as Pelagus) is a powerful way to tuneinto these energies. Tonight the Moon is visible approaching Nunki andJupiter and will be visible just beyond Nunki tomorrow night enhancingdirect access to this doorway of energy. There is only one moreoccultation of Nunki this year on November 29/30.Daily Highlights (daily interpretations as in the sample above areavailable through the paid subscribers version of the Celestial Timings)Nov 01, Saturday. The Sagittarius Moon meets with Venus (17Sagittarius) just after Midnight Pacific Time.Nov 02, Sunday. Neptune Stations direct at 1:40 am EST at 21 Aquarius28. The Moon meets with Pluto as it crosses Galactic Center at 1:41 amPST and then passes over the December Solstice point around 3:13 amPacific Time.Nov 03, Monday. Venus (19 Sag) Squares Saturn (19 Virgo) and Uranus(19 Pisces) and Mercury sextiles Pluto.Nov 04, Tuesday. Election Day USA. Saturn and Uranus are in exactopposition at 5:33 am Pacific Time 8:33 amEastern Time. Mercury moves into Scorpio at 8 am Pacific Time 11 amEastern.Nov 05, Wednesday. The Aquarius First Quarter Moon (14 Aquarius) is at8:03 pm Pacific TimeNov 06, Thursday. The Aquarius Moon still in First Quarter Phaseoccults Neptune for the 11th time this year.Nov 07, Friday. The Moon moves into Pisces. November 6,7 and 8 are thethree solar days of the Cross-quarter. Today is the exact alignment ofthe Sun with Zuben Algenubi.Nov 08, Saturday. The Moon conjuncts retrograde Uranus (18 Pisces 59)Nov 09, Sunday. The Moon moves into AriesNov 10, Monday. The Sun (18 Scorpio 21) is sextile Jupiter (18Capricorn 21) and is trine Uranus (18 Pisces 52) later today.Nov 11, Tuesday. The Sun (19 Scorpio 34) is sextile Saturn (19 Virgo34). Venus is conjunct Pluto (29 Sag 30).Nov 12, Wednesday. The Taurus Full Moon (21 Taurus 15) is exact at10:17 pm Pacific. The Fullest Rise of the Moon is tonight. Venus Movesinto Capricorn traveling through this domain until December 7.Nov 13, Thursday. The Sun (21 Scorpio) squares Neptune (21 Aquarius30) and the Moon moves into GeminiNov 14, Friday. Moon is traveling through the Sacred Hoop.Nov 15, Saturday. Moon moves into Cancer and Mercury (18 Scorpio 48)trines retrograde Uranus (18 Pisces 48)Nov 16, Sunday. Mars moves into Sagittarius until Dec 26.Nov 17, Monday. The Moon moves into Leo and Mercury (21 Scorpio) issquare Neptune at (21 Aquarius)Nov 18, Tuesday. Jupiter (20 Capricorn) and Venus (8 Capricorn) arerapidly approaching their exact conjunction just after mid-night Dec 1in the Pacific Time Zone.Nov 19, Wednesday. The Leo Last Quarter Moon (28 Leo) is near Regulus(29 Leo)Nov 20, Thursday. The Moon moved into Virgo yesterday.Nov 21, Friday. Jupiter trines Saturn exact and Moon conjuncts Saturnand trines Jupiter. The Sun moves into Sagittarius.Nov 22, Saturday. The Moon moves into Libra and Mercury moves intoSagittarius until December 11.Nov 23, Sunday. Mercury (1 Sag) is moving to conjunct the Sun (2 Sag)exact in the early morning hours on Nov 25 and the Sun catchesunderworld Mars (6 Sag) on December 3 when they are both exactlyconjunct Antares, the magical Behenian star the ancients linked with Mars.Nov 24, Monday. The Moon moves into Scorpio.Nov 25, Tuesday. The Sun conjuncts Mercury as Mercury (4 Sag) movesfrom Morning Star to Evening Star.Nov 26, Wednesday. The Moon moves back into Sagittarius for the secondtime this month and Pluto returns to Capricorn where it stays until 2024.Nov 27, Thursday. The Sagittarius New Moon (6 Sag) is within 3 degreeof Antares and is conjunct Mercury (7 Sag) and Mars (8 Sag). Uranus isstationing direct at (18 Pisces 44)Nov 28, Friday. Venus (18 Capricorn 44) sextiles Uranus (18 Pisces 44)Nov 29, Saturday. The Moon moves into Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto(00 Capricorn 05) right at the December Solstice Marker.Nov 30, Sunday. Venus exactly trined Saturn late last night and isstill actively in a near exact trine with Saturn today. Plus the Moonis visible approaching Venus tonight, exact tomorrow…Keeping An Eye on the SkyThe more I read about and study how ancient cultures tracked the skymysteries, the more I understand how important and vital it was forthem to maintain a constant connection with this aspect of GreatMystery. Many cultures had specially trained priests or shamans whosejob was to keep a constant eye on the sky. This wasn't a monthly thingor a weekly thing. It was every single night, all night long thatsomeone watched the movement of the planets and stars for the benefitof their community and maintaining their balance with the naturalorder of life.More and more I am realizing the importance of The Celestial Timingsas an offering that keeps an eye on the sky on a daily basis. This isa more modern version of what the ancients did since it is not so easyin our current culture to have someone sit with the sky all night. Iam realizing that this means that when anyone reads the CelestialTimings they are assisting in the process of witnessing the Celestialmiracles that are unfolding on a daily basis. Plus as each of youconnect either visually or through your thoughts and awareness ofthese Timings you are engaging an ancient practice that benefits youindividually as well as the entire collective at this importantTurning of the Ages.I am continually awed at how much writing these Timings is a profoundpersonal initiation working me at deeper and deeper levels with eachpassing month. I simply do not have adequate words to describe theenergy I feel being activated as I write them and then deepened everytime I go back and edit them or read them myself and find howperfectly they fit with what is unfolding in my own life. An addedbonus for me is the wonderful feedback I receive regarding theexperiences many of you share about how these Celestial Timingssupport and enrich your journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you forall the love and support you share with me as we co-create a groundedexperience of Celestial Earth, where the Celestial is also embodied inour Earthly experience...Other Resources not already mentioned:The Astronomical Calendar 2008 by Guy OttewelThe Celestial Guide 2008 by Jim MaynardSky and Telescope Magazine January 2008 and Telescope WebsiteStar Maps are from Starry Night unless otherwise notedNote: The Celestial Timings listed on the archives page are availablefor sharing or quoting as long as you give author credit with a directlink back to the archived page. The current Paid Subscriber CelestialTimings are NOT available except in special circumstances withspecific written or verbal permission. You can call me at 520-834-8956or email Thank you for your support of this work.