Sunday, October 26, 2008

Believe It and Then You Will See It

Believe It and Then You Will See It
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We will speak to you about the energy of “poverty consciousness’.
When you speak to another ‘I do not have enough money’–whether it is a
fact or fiction, you completely downsize and dilute your money
consciousness. Now whether you are making this up as an excuse or it
is a truth – it affects the very next amount of money that was coming
towards you. That money screeches to a halt, no matter what form it
was in. It turns around and goes the other way because you have given
it the high sign verbally, that it is not welcome.

With each spoken limiting word, you send the frequency of money
high-tailing it back into the cosmos. All energies and all particles
believe your every word. Your quantum world sees you as God. The
molecules of everything see you as God. They view the divine truth of
you. As a God-unit, they believe your words, your utterings, and your
mutterings. You are commander and chief of all life.

If it is a breeze that you want, do not push it away with the words –
‘There is no wind.’ ‘It is so hot.’ ‘It is so muggy.’ Why not
invite the wind in? You just sent it high-tailing away by your very
decrees. Look at your words about love. ‘No one is coming into my
life.’ ‘No one loves me.’ ‘No one has ever loved me.’ ‘No one ever
will love me.’ Why would love enter into such a moat of despair? Why
would anything enter into such a toxic park of hopelessness. Every
living thing sees you as God. We can not emphasis that enough. It
responds by you for you to you. EVERYTHING!!! If you mail a letter
and you have a fear that it will not get to its destination then that
is exactly what is going to happen. It is going to go land in the
elephant graveyard. .

When children write Santa Claus they know without a doubt that it will
reach jolly ole St. Nick. They know it in their heart and Soul. They
believe with every cell of their body. Why are you afraid to believe
so deeply? If you would just believe like the child that writes to
Santa then life would be so easy.

Now as far as your money awareness and money consciousness is
concerned, you must realize that you have all taken “vows of poverty”
in many lifetimes. The reason that you took a vow of poverty to begin
with was because you were about to embark into a spiritual field, or a
spiritual endeavor. This could have taken the form of a priest, a
holy person, a shaman, a nun, a minister or any other form. When you
walk into any type of spirituality, automatically all ‘vows of
poverty’ are reactivated and initiated. In many lifetimes you believed
that to be Godly, you must be poor, you must do without. You believed
that wholeheartedly, and took a vow of poverty to prove that belief.

Anytime new levels of Light, of energy, of divine declarations come to
earth, you automatically step into the DNA remembrance of your vows of
poverty. Every time a new expanded form of awareness comes to
humanity -- you stop creating prosperity. You deeply fear that when
you walk fully into your spiritual position, that you will not have a
cent to your name. You fear you will have to rely upon the good
nature of other people to feed you, to clothe you, to give you love
offerings or pay penitence.

Bringing this to your attention and bringing this to your
consciousness is one of the most important steps that we can take with
you. By acknowledging this type of thinking, you can then clear it.
This is important!!! Please heed these words. You have done great
damage to yourselves. You expand, you contract, you expand and then
you contract again. Your consciousness is very well equipped to
incarnate as a rubber band, because you have practiced so much
expansion and contraction. You stretch that rubber band essence of
you with great plans of propelling it forward into your world. But it
stops – popping you in the head – because you don’t let it go. You
are afraid. You are afraid to look forward, you are afraid to move
from where you are sit in your life, in your relationships, in your
jobs, in your judgments. It is time for you to become fearless. Ask
for that energy of fearlessness to dance in your veins, to beat in
your heart. Decree, “I am fearless

Why do you always think that to move forward you must fail? We have
spoken to you before of this. Moving forward feels as failing to you.
You feel that you cannot possibly succeed. So of course what do you
do? You command the molecules and that is what they create. God
speaks – they draw themselves that way. Then you say to others –‘I
told you so.’ ‘I knew it wasn’t going to happen.’ ‘I knew.’ You did
not know you CREATED, such an event. You hold your dreams tightly
within your bosom, not letting them breathe, not letting them birth,
not letting them out! These dreams are not for self, they are for God
and you are holding them hostage within the fort of limited thinking.
They are not for you. They are not for self. They are for humanity.
They are for your solar system. They are for God, and they are
asking to come out. The universe is not asking you to build a pyramid
or asking you to walk on water or asking you to build a bridge from
here to Europe. The universe is not asking you to do the impossible.

You each are laced with ‘the possible.’ The intricate details and
fine lines and fine threads are possible. You are not formatted with
impossibilities. It is time to remove the “m” from impossibilities,
and replace it with an “n”. All things are “IN- POSSIBILITY.” Release
the ‘m’ from yourselves and put an ‘n’ in there. Format your world
in-possibilities. It is very important!!! Until you are emptied out
of what you hold in your heart to do, you will not be refilled in the
21st century with the creators new dreams for humanity.

This will come in different forms for each of you. For some of you, it
could come as falling in love, and finally trusting that love. What a
terrible job that is to ask you to do. To love someone!!! For some of
you it will come in the form of a new job or business that you truly
enjoy and love. What a terrible thing it is to ask you to love your
job, and earn more money! Anything that lives in your heart can be
accomplished. You have to believe it first. Walk into your heart’s
desire, you cannot procrastinate anymore.

You all walk around with blinders on – playing ‘pin the tail on the
donkey of my life.’ You do not know where you are going. You do not
know where you have been. You wear the blinders and you try to pin
whatever is in front of you, because – since it is there, it must be
for me. You trip over yourselves not knowing what you want to be when
you grow up. Ultimately what you want to be and what you want to
remember is that you come from the heart of the Creator, you are a
divine child of God. You have the same abilities as the Creator.

You are not a victim on this Earthship. You are each as a compass. A
compass has certain directionals. It is time to point yourself in
the direction of your heart’s desire. Is that so hard for you to see?
Cannot you look into your heart and see what it desires? Why are you
afraid to allow your heart’s desires to be made physical? Are you
afraid that your heart will hurt you again? It has done everything
for you – it has done nothing against you. Everything has always been
for you. You are all in a magnetic flux. You go around and around
and around chasing your tail as does that beautiful spotted dog. It
is time to stop running around and move forward. It only takes you
believing to make it happen –you. But point your compass in any
direction and move towards it with your words. Just because you move
from situation to situation, or heart to heart, or job to job, or
state to state, or fear to fear does not mean you are a bad person.
It just means you are confused.

Humanity is programmed to think that they should only have one
destination, and no variations from that path. If you vary from your
path then you are not a responsible person. You are not to be one
thing. Is God one thing? No!! God is a multitude of dimensions,
universes, star systems, galaxies. Multitudes!! You are a multitude
as well, a multi-dimensional being. If you fluctuate in your
creation, it is okay. When you beat yourself up for what you think is
a mistake, you beat up all of humanity for that mistake, not just you.
It is as one little blood cell declaring and decreeing to all of the
body –‘I am poison.’ ‘I am bad.’ ‘I am not a good blood cell.’ What
is going to happen from that? That little blood cell will draw to it
others that are like and of the same nature, eventually forming a
tumor of some type or a blood clot of some type. The goodness will
not be magnetized towards that kind of decree. So when you decree say
out loud –‘I am beautiful.’ ‘I am perfect.’ ‘ I am truly moving
towards my heart’s desires’. Just those words will move you in the
direction of the compass of your heart. Stop beating yourself up.

Do you think that God sends himself to his room when he creates
something that is not viewed as the highest good,? NO, he views that
creation and expands from it. He does not punish himself for what he
has done. He does not bring it out everyday to look at it and give
himself 20 lashes because of it. He realizes that he created it. It
is okay. It is then released, to be formatted into a higher state of
being, at the next level of creation. He does not linger in memory lane.

If such a thing were to happen to the Creator -- then you would not
exist. He would have stopped long before humanity and earth were every
birthed. There are many other existences and star systems that have
that are a million times worst then you -- even on your very bad days.
Understand it is okay. Do not punish yourself for your creations if
they appear to fail. They have just outlived their usefulness for the
moment. That is all.

We will end this talk at this time. We have given you much to chew
upon and it is not necessarily pleasant. Understand the effect that
you have on all things, not just yourself. When you do not love you,
you send that screech, just like that little blood cell did,
throughout all of existence. When you renew your vows of poverty, you
do it for all of humanity. Understand that you are effecting and
affecting everything. You are one drop in an ocean of life. One drop
changes the chemical outcome, the chemical balance.

Each day when you drop your negative thinking, your denser droppings,
shall we call them, into life – you pollute it, not just for you; but
you pollute it for everyone you love and everyone that you want to
love. Be responsible. Think responsibly. Create responsibly and
lovingly. That is the way that you were birthed. You were not thrown
together haphazardly. A lot of thought, a lot of love, and a lot of
time went into each of you. EACH OF YOU! God specializes in each of
his creations. Each is created through the heart of the Creator,
because he knows all creation is an outpost of self. It is an
extension of selves (little self, higher- self, soul self).

Your world -- every part of it, every person in it –is an extension of
who you are and how you create. If you don’t like the way it looks,
if you don’t like the backdrop of it, understand that it was your
creation and that it is your responsibility to shift it. We will
leave. We are the Council of 22, Pleiadian energy that is in
alignment with your highest truth, the brightest possibility of your
being, and the deepest love of your essence.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee