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October 2008 - Karmic Relationships

October 2008 - Karmic Relationships

* Levels of Understanding - Karmic Relationships
* Thought Forms - The Power of Words


*Levels of Understanding - Karmic Relationships

To understand the lives we create is to understand how we communicate
with the different levels of ourselves. The primary level of human
awareness is our conscious mind. Our conscious mind helps us survive
and thrive within our world. Our subconscious mind is our next level
of awareness. It operates in harmony with the functions of our
autonomic nervous system. Finally, there exists our Higher Self,
similar in vibration to our soul/spirit energy. Our Higher Self
contains all the information about our larger purpose—who we are and
why we are here at this time.

Two elements seem to be working at the same time in karmic
relationships. First, we draw people and events to us to master the
challenges and emotions of our lessons. Second, we seem to encounter
challenges that keep us from mastering these lessons. In a moment of
weakness or confusion, we are extremely vulnerable to outside
influences. In this state, we can accept into our energy fields the
negative influences and intentions of others, such as attachments or
spells. We can also create a fear-based belief. The distortion will
bring us directly to the opposite of what we are here to master.
Although many of us have been taught good and evil are separate forces
battling for supremacy over our universe, they are actually part of a
continuum. The possibility that dualities are actually part of
oneness, has special implications for the healing process.

Dualities are energies that encompasses polar ends. Dualities cannot
be separated. Love and hate are one duality, light and dark, good and
evil are others. Healing does not occur when we try to separate the
two aspects of a duality. True healing consists of understanding
consciously that each duality is part of each of us. This is the
confusing part about it. Because two energies compose a duality, we
often experience a duality as two separate energies and spend a
lifetime trying to separated or deny one aspect, usually perceived as
the negative one, from ourselves. Unless we experience all the
conditions that we, as humans, put on love, we could not have
unconditional compassion for all creation. Love and hate must both be
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One way this truth manifests is the realization that most of us have
had less than saintly lifetimes in which we may have committed both
good and bad experiences. Understanding and accepting this is an
important part of our healing process.

Understanding dualities requires that we expand and revise our
definitions of who we are. Being fully alive and present means
admitting and embracing all aspects of us. This includes aspects that
we may have blocked from our conscious awareness, because we were
uncomfortable with them. Forgiving ourselves for our wrongs, both
great and small, is to let go of judgment. In oneness, there is
nothing to judge, because the old system of duality-based values no
longer applies. Eventually, all we will see is perfection and oneness.

Until we claim every thought we have projected and every action we
have taken, no healing is going to make a significant difference in
our lives. We may change perspectives, but the pattern of illusions
will continue to distort our true abilities. Changing our perspective
and releasing judgment is a necessary start towards change. Most
importantly, the hidden side of our soul must be claimed and accepted
as part of our experience of enlightenment.


*Thought Forms - The Power of Words

Everything making up our universe is, in part, the result of a thought
form. All creativity in our third-dimensional world exists within this
realm. Power, abundance, intelligence, wisdom, and most importantly,
consciousness are organized within our reality as thought forms.
Thought forms are living keys to our evolution. They are one way
every living thing can become more than it is. When thought forms are
created within human consciousness, they become potent agents for a
powerful aspect of humanity: our free will. Directing thought forms
with a strong and focused intent can help change the thinking of an
entire culture. The shape of our reality in this dimension is, in
part, based on thought forms and manifests according to our level of
conscious development, intention, and understanding.

As human beings, we have four major generators of energy: our mental,
emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies of consciousness. These four
bodies are used as a foundation upon which we build our perceived
reality. Through these four principal forms of energy, we develop
additional thought forms to support our needs and desires. Our mental
and emotional bodies are primarily concerned with life experiences.
They develop according to the stage of evolution we achieve during
each of our life experiences.

Our physical and spiritual bodies are mainly concerned with thought
forms developed out of these evolutionary experiences. Thought forms
also hold the karmic records related to the freedom to be whatever one
chooses and the privilege to control one’s environment for self-growth
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We use our spiritual bodies to evolve. When our thought forms merge
with our spiritual energy, our personal beliefs are formed, bringing
passion to our life-force energy. Passion, when created by human
desire, is powerful. When thought forms merge with any of our energy
bodies, a thought image is created. When we are falling in love, for
example, our thought form of love unites with our emotional body and
creates a thought-feeling image of what that creation feels like.
Whenever any two such energies connect, creation is activated and
begins to manifest here on the physical plane.

In more than 50,000 one-on-one sessions, we have seen clients who were
affected by thought forms. How do spells become active? How do simple
words gain such power? Energy wants to be more than it is. Negative
thoughts placed with intent on a person or an object can compound. Any
distorted energy, with similar energetic makeup, is attracted to the
existing projection, in this case a thoughtform or pre-set pattern. If
an individual is energetically affected by a thought form like anger,
hate, or guilt, he or he may feel as if there is no escape from that
emotion. Everything done leads back to the controlling thought or
emotion. One could feel as if the thought is in the brain to stay, or
one can’t get away from it. Everything becomes related to the
obsession. Thought projections work like voice projections. The more
energy one puts into making sound, the louder it becomes. The more
energy one pu

We have a sign on our refrigerator that says: "You are the Master of
your words - until they are spoken. Then your words are the master of
you. Choose your words carefully".



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