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Living Without The EGO

Living Without The EGO
Written: October 26th 2008

Many people go through life experiencing the wide variety of positive
and negative experiences and situations. Most people from time to time
think about their "perfect world." When asked, these same people
describe their "perfect world" differently but mainly it fits the same
criteria, being fundamentally based upon energies, feelings, and
attitudes of love, peace, and joy. Why does everybody's "perfect
world" contain the same basic blueprint and structure? Coincidence? I
beg to differ.

Going back to talking about the envisioned thoughts of our "perfect
worlds", there is one more quality that exists. That is NO EGO. By
EGO, I am talking about the part of you that since birth has been
trained to understand division, separatism, non unity and equality,
and most of all, understanding the need to be judgmental. This doesn't
exist in our "perfect worlds." That makes the question "Why?" seem
more interesting! So let's delve into understanding that.

Are we all connected? Is our consciousness connected to one another?
Of course the answers to those two are emphatically YES. Most people
these days, whether spiritual or not, can comprehend that concept once
pondered. See, most people don't like these qualities: division,
separatism, judgmental, fear, non unity and equality. The truth is
etched into our RNA/DNA strands and our subconscious mind. These
qualities are not in our "perfect world" because we know that is how
life is supposed to be. Every single one of us knows and understands that.

Of course though, our "perfect worlds" are not the ones we live in
now. But that doesn't matter right now because within our thought
patterns of what life is supposed to be about, we all fully know,
comprehend, and understand the Universal Truths of Life in Creation
and the significance of it.

"Why are you telling us this?" It's simple. By telling people things,
you start to spark their awareness from within. As you can see by the
title of this message, I am laying the groundwork for a more complete
understanding. "Living without the EGO" is more than something we
should do; it is something we NEED to do, and everybody knows that. I
go back to the thought of our perfect worlds. Ponder that for a while
and you shall better understand what I am talking about.

Universal laws and truths are always there, are always fact, and are
always true. We live in a world that exists merely because of EGO.
Some people may say, "Okay I agree with that, but so what?" To those I
ask the following. Are you happy? Most people who live in this world
are not. So if majority of people are not happy, how could you change
that? And people that are happy, why is that so? The sources of those
questions are based upon EGO. It is no error to come to the conclusion
that those that live primarily with EGO, are not happy most of the
time, and those that do not live primarily with EGO, are happy most of
the time. It all comes down to the way our brain functions. When you
break the common paradigms you have been trained to think, you free
yourself of the common qualities that can bind you towards having a
negative experience.

We are all God. We all have god like abilities. We all have infinite
amounts of potential. What hides us from the truth? What makes us
think there are impossibilities? What controls self esteem that could
directly hinder our potential? The answer for all of those questions
is…EGO. We need to get rid of the old paradigms our mind attaches
itself to. We need to learn to live without the EGO!

So, how does one begin to live without the EGO? Well, of course for
some it could be very challenging. Look within for that answer. People
tend to look outside of themselves for answers when we already hold
them. Always look within. Of course, outside outlets can create the
awareness (the so called "inner spark") that could help you to attain
some inner knowledge. That is what I am doing now.

The choice is up to us. Do you want to live in the world you have been
since birth? Or do you want to start to change that world? It all
starts with EGO. Because when one lives without EGO, they can start to
live in their "perfect world." And when everybody does this, then the
true fabrics will start to form that world.

Ponder that for a bit!

Love and Light,

Commander Adama

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