Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diane: Accept change in whatever shape and form it comes

Diane: Accept change in whatever shape and form it comes

You will notice that we encourage you at every opportunity to take responsibility for changing your reality. The more you can do to get started, the quicker matters will be able to progress once we come openly to Earth. If necessary, we can direct your activities and those of our allies from our craft, as at any time we can compute the overall situation. We can therefore say that you are now beginning to understand what needs to be done, and are grasping opportunities to forge ahead. Laying down the foundation for a new reality is led by your mass consciousness, and the foresight of those who see how changes will uplift Humanity. We have been helping you change to a new timeline that will leave the old one behind.

Those who are bound up in the old ways cannot see the new ones emerging, but they are aware that major changes must come into being. It is becoming apparent that you cannot continue to live within the old paradigm. It has never fulfilled your yearning for a life free from stress and worries, and the dark forces have deliberately prevented you from moving out of them. Your awakening has taken a long time, but suddenly the higher energies are reaching you and have opened your eyes to the truth of what has been happening around you. Now you seek another way that will at last allow you to be the masters of your own destiny.

Know that every individual soul contributes to the outcome of your change in consciousness, which continually fluctuates according to how you perceive what is occurring about you. With the financial melt down there are unavoidable worries, and the cleansing and changes are a prelude to a new way of organising your lives. There must be, and will be fairer distribution of wealth, and with it a stop to the mindset that encourages greed. No matter how wealthy you are you can only spend so much on your needs, and in the future no one shall experience poverty and abundance will become the order of the day. Nothing would please us more than to see poverty eradicated for once and for all, particularly in the impoverished areas of Africa. It is a continent that holds untold wealth, and massive potential that has never been developed. That will change in the interests of everyone and not just for those who hold power.

There will come a new way of thinking that will bring people together in a common purpose, to bring all into a society that looks to set high standards of living for everyone. The Earth belongs to you all, and was never intended to be at the mercy of those with the power to keep its wealth for themselves. There are sufficient resources to cover all your needs, except that in the past they have been used to line the pockets of the few who already control them. Be assured that a redistribution of wealth will be enforced in the interests of everyone, as part of the plan to provide you with the ability to have a happy and joyful life. By taking away the worries and depression that so many experience, Man will come together in a common purpose to raise the living standards upon Earth. Poverty must be eradicated as soon as possible, and to this end we shall be very active when we come amongst you.

It is your God given right to enjoy peace and happiness, but it requires a great lifting up into the Light so that it is achieved through the loving intent of you all. Once the new plan starts to manifest, you shall see the benefits of moving into a new way of thinking and sharing that will bring you all together. Gone will be the thrust that has promoted the class distinctions based on wealth, and money will quickly cease to be a measure of success. Each of you has something to offer for the good of all, and it will allow your participation in the coming together of all people. You will at last understand that you are One and have all come to Earth for the experience, and that soul growth through Light and Love are your goals.

You should not need to be taught how to love each other, as it is your natural way of being and has only become clouded in the darkness that abounds upon Earth. You have been led to believe that you are separate entities, and no more than by the multitude of different religious beliefs. Clearly many promote erroneous teachings, and in truth there are no such groups as the "chosen few." Certainly some carry a greater degree of truth than others, but by and large they are confused and unable to move forward. All knowledge is within, and in recent times more of you have broken out of the rigid disciplines of a religious nature. The truth will be brought into the open in due course, and it will be left to you as to whether you accept it. It will be your choice alone that will decide which path you follow.

If you can allow for our greater degree of understanding having gone before you, perhaps you will recognise the motivation and love we have for you is because of our elevation into the higher realms. We see you in essence as no different to us and do not look down upon you, because we know you have taken on the challenge of duality as part of your evolutionary experiences. As we often remind you, you were once at our levels and we greatly admire your faith that has carried you through them. Subconsciously you know that your destiny is to return to the higher realms that are your true home. It is therefore time to move into the Light that opens your eyes and hearts, to the truth of who you really are. You are great Beings who are awakening once again, and we come to help speed up that process and take you on to Ascension.

I am Diane from Sirius, and ask you not to forget your feminine side and bring in the gentleness and love that accompanies it. The days of the warrior are numbered, and a balancing of your energies is taking place. Male dominance has been too extreme, and now there is a shift to a more loving and peaceful approach to life. It is not without reason that in recent times, the feminine influence has moved into high places. Women have been subjugated and made second-class citizens in most countries, and that will totally change in the near future. Gender is not important, and people will be recognised for what they have to offer to each other. Accept change in whatever shape and form it comes, as in the long run it will allow for the new to emerge. Be love because you are love incarnate, and powerful souls that are awakening to your true selves and the god within.

Thank you Diane,
Mike Quinsey