Friday, October 24, 2008

Crossing the Bridge into Abundance

Crossing the Bridge into Abundance
The New Ascended Masters- through Maurene Watson

Q: Is there a science that can make my abundance/receiving more
Each created being has equal capacity through a crystal/diamond
matrix, in DNA genetic streaming, or light inscription code links to
Divine Creation and Source. This includes the choice to be responsible
for unique direct Source contact. Eventually, the human cell/race will
seek to remember/feel itself in plasma or liquid light states, as many
more longingly gaze through their telescopes looking for the stars
they helped create. Abundance science is measured in the direct
relationship the human has with its spirit. The miracle/secret is;
that you hid the cosmos in your body glands, which really are diamond
liquid quantum computers using your nerves as superconductors of
light, which mirror the same processes as your cosmos! Just imagine
your own pineal gland as an astronomical map with your 88
constellations available in 3D virtual I-max story movies, and you can
just begin to grasp the enormity of who/ what humanity really is.
These inherent electro-magnetic signature vibrations of your own
information codes are stored in infinite choices in your body’s glands
and neurons, and subject to the physics of magnetism and reflective
multidimensionality in plasma light fields in multiple membranes,
which also create baby universes. When humans conceive; do they not
mirror this magnificent process in their own bodies?
Thought produces holographic images in the brain’s synaptic clefts,
between the ax ion and dendrites in your frontal lobe’s nerve cells,
triggering an electro-chemical transmission which is can be
translated/ measured as logarithms or subatomic particles in/as a
frequency of vibration. When you collapse energy through thought to a
place and time into the universe in which you exist, you triangulate
light into matter energy, and into your hands and use.
Communication of a desired request for a manifestation depends on your
relationship with your soul selves/aspects, in a phase match, of the
bio frequency that you directly source from your spirit In short, the
memory collection of all the bodies you have, or will experience. This
beloved relationship is the active expression of the multiple feedback
loops in parallel realities, wired in your atom’s spirit templates. Is
your relationship in the awareness that all life shares the same essence?
All existence is energy manifesting in infinite forms, and are you not
one of those forms? Do you entertain the ‘other side’; other
dimensions that live inside you? Are you able to create new imaging in
your brain, through coming to a still point and breathing your desire
into your own movie on your frontal lobe screen, till is shows its
form; or does your video streaming simply repeat old memory stories?
When the soul is first awakened, it remembers how its spirit created
outside time and form. The soul begins to query how it created in
other form bodies in order to recode those rusty spirit skills in this
body. But first it must decode memory that says it is not possible to
live you as your spirit, in the human form. Without memory, the
incarnation cycle can’t be transposed out of amnesia, and all the
multiple destinies you hid inside your body cannot find their beauty
and play!
To repeat, a request onto life to manifest is time variant in a Source
energy match, depending on any delay in communication time with the
heart core of the inner self. Your inner voice of clarity is dependant
on the completion of negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or
beliefs, of altered ego/reactive patterns, still firing in your brain
that live in your past. When the intuitive creative/magnetic mother
left brain and the manifesting actor right/electrical brain, merge in
the pineal and pituitary glands in sacred mind, then spirit’s heart
drives your nervous system on auto pilot and lives through you as
source life. Simple gratitude and love for life initiates and impulses
the breath of light in the human form.
The quality and intensity of emotion dictates the result. The more
passionate is the imagination, and the less limited emotion or
negation of life, the quicker the manifest. A momentum comes through
the ability to sustain uncontaminated focused thought which has been
lowered in frequency of vibration, or light field imprints, unfolded
into the moment you are in. Usually an overly excited positive or
negative emotion stimulates the electron. However, when there is an
absence, or freedom from emotion, then, creation comes directly out of
your awareness in an instant. In a state of neutral neural heart
awareness, detached and with no past, you are in being of the Presence
of life, moving in/out of still point dark matter into generative
fields. Here in, you become that which lives inside you, where you are
the object of your desire. This is love focused as creator.
In the art of precipitation, a pure thought can create a thing
directly from ether essence, change the form of a thing, or replicate
a matter molecule in the body. Since all matter and objects have
consciousness, one can merge their consciousness with an object in
order to change its form. Here, your conscious thought and the object
become one. Is it not your love that asks the object to change itself
by acknowledging you as its creator? This oneness with form translates
neural light messages from the higher physic brain centers, rather
than old neo-cortex lower mind brain. Have you noticed how your
thoughts affect the very devices in your home or car lately?
When all positive and negative emotions shift into your bio-molecular
awareness, then all life is revealed and re-valued by its freedom, to
mirror essence itself, without loosing any identification with its
creation or connection to its Source. This ends the human training
that one must: fragment, get rid of, or cut off, parts of self to be
accepted, get what is wanted, or be who one truly is, in any given
experience. This is love breathing light fields through you!
Of the 7 bio-energy field frequencies: hertz, infrared, visible light,
ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray, and cosmic ray; the brain must fire
ultraviolet, higher self circuits of a minimum of 22 video frames per
second in order to channel, reawaken, or create a bridge to soul
memory. The soul brings changes through recycling more negative or
positive emotional reactions to over- ride/short circuit any old brain
patterns of past programming, such as: ‘I’m better than other people.
Women can’t create what they want. Men must be aggressive.’ These
belief emotions make up the magnets that trigger the electrical field
vibration that makes up our body orb/sphere; that is interactive and
interconnected with all other energy forms. All intelligent beings
create through divine mind/heart energy or thought. Thought sustains
creation and materialization and is belief variant. The things in your
reality would simply disappear if your thoughts didn’t hold their
molecules together.
If the brain chemistry cycling is still lagging, at a basic 8.4 hertz
cycles/frames per second, instead of the desired higher midbrain or
soul bridge communication/ consciousness of ultraviolet cycle or
higher self connections; then choices are only conscious at a 70%
level with 30% judgment still a variable. This allows polarity to
linger in the body cells until the soul completes all old earth and
universal memory from the old reptilian brain, stored in the lower
cerebellum or hard drive at the base of the neck. The alchemy of the
higher self ultraviolet frequency, allows the hypothalamus to filter
out more and more negativity so the soul completes its
negative/positive memory files of archetypal parallel soul selves. It
is only when the body masters the higher brain frequencies/frames per
second through the whole body and not just the consciousness, that
magic, power, and authority can be yielded to precipitate through one
focused thought in seconds, where the electron is free to explore the
In the principles of manifestation, your lifetimes of both
negative/positive thought return to you in this body multiplied by
your frequency; till there is an understanding of the use of the power
you applied from your Source throughout your existences. This is why
the completion of all soul memory is so important in overcoming death
in the body. During this stage it is important to interrupt, self
correct, or UN-create common collective subconscious brain circuits or
media imaging. These old circuits contaminate or veil/amnesia access
to purpose codex in holographic brain logarithms that are wired to
access multiple dimensions of parallel realities. Once the soul
templates are completed and deleted, the spirit is able to manifest
from multiple field universes or realties of unexplored and
overlapping dancing perceptions. These wave holograms travel
throughout your body and your orb in multi-spiraling circles. These
templates stored in the brain, are coded to go beyond human death and
evolution and open to the birth of your new universe.
Love is a basic principle of manifestation. Love does not mean
something must be given or taken. It does not mean abuse,
accommodation, or obliteration. Love is: receiving/giving equally in
the divine right to commit to choices, as a unique creative identity
of active expression of newly desired experiences, in an intimate
focused communion with one’s spirit. There is no loss with
identification of self as part of creation but a direct atomic egg
membrane connection.
Manifestation has to do with things visible, that already exists in
matter such as: cars, homes, people; held in matter time. To repeat,
the neo-cortex, which is solution oriented in mass thought, must be by
passed in order to reach the midbrain. In grace, the hypothalamus
prevents you from manifesting every single negative thought you have
or life could be disastrous. So, the more one is free from the limited
thought or social consciousness of persons, places, circumstances, or
events; the quicker the manifestation. The ultraviolet lazar energy,
pulsing through the body like a potent flame, assists this releasing
mass programming.
Desired focus births life force energy. In this self loving focus, one
knows that their spirit supports and is their desire in the Presence
of all life, as they are in constant receivership. A being neutrino
state, requires that one images the desire as if the whole body is
experiencing it in the now. This could also be considered as one pure
thought in a state of neutrality; or uncontaminated pure awareness
devoid of judgment or emotion. Whatever you focus on and pour your
life energy passion into; produces your reality; your future destines,
until your pure awareness creates automatically, directly off the
body’s neural spirit templates. It is your diamond body manifesting
through directly through the spiraling orb around your body.
The attitude of the inner self bio-human must be in total agreement
the soul’s agenda to move beyond reactive thoughts and feelings;
and/or spirit’s overall DNA plan wired through the over soul’s
phosphene-flare patterns template; for the perfect action, object, or
desired imagine to manifest in the outer world. One images the desire
on the brain by imagining its touch, taste, smell, cellular feel,
vision, embodying a full flavored knowingness and brings its
being-ness into the present now moment. It then becomes the decree, or
fusion atomic membrane reality as a blend of human, soul, and spirit
in one’s experience. Again, in a pure state of playful receptivity,
one needs only to be the source energy of that which wishes to be
fused into experienced, in any given moment. What are you willing to
receive? What Source energy can you course through your body to
precipitate from light into energy matter?
Precipitation has to do with the non-visible and does not involve
time. Love collapses time and brings new creations through body fusion
awareness into existence, that before, did not exist. It takes place
in the midbrain where one is free from attachment and reactive
emotion. This greater love flow then passes through the brain and
spine; out to magnetize your entire orb frequency signals, to match
the desire. The brain wiring passes through the lower cerebellum, the
seat of divine memory for every life form in this universe and through
the spine. If the ultraviolet unconditional love frequency or higher
is consistent, (a base minimum of 22 cycles/frames per second in the
brain flashes); then breath takes one into the void of creation. There
is no thought, no feeling, no agenda, no attachment, no doubt, no
time. The inner attitude is in free energy and without opposition. In
this state, one’s whole being becomes the desire instantly; the object
of the image of your desire. The human Spirit gets to experience what
it knows itself to be in desire and in the reflection of its own love.
The object is breathed into being and can even arc right out of the
body. To repeat, an image, or its matrix blueprint, that was drawn up
from the frontal lobe imprint, was lowered into vibration through the
frequency of your consciousness into matter, through the momentum of
your thought, which is a quantum exponential of the frequency
signature you hold in high definition.
I Am this thing I create, where I is God and Am is law, allows the
power and the precipitation of that which I desire to create. (See for discourse) The object and/or experience
become one with you as creator. There is no thing that you can’t
command dominion over as creator, when spirit is fully fused in the
biology including: directing the elements of weather, healing the
Earth, instant body healing, or manifesting on behalf of another, or
any access stored in the DNA ultra-conscious abilities and gifts:
To love all live and Source your consciousness into direct matter
manifesting whatever is required---To be a well balanced joyful divine
human---To self replicate or regenerate body cells ---The ability to
levitate ---To access the universal library on command ---The ability
to communicate with beings from other realities beyond the
physical---To create objects from pure energy or transform
objects---To Move objects with one’s thoughts ---The ability to
teleport, tri-locate, or bi-locate; from inside your own body---To
disappear from another’s reality--- To allow the body direct
connection to multiple membranes in subatomic plasma light fields.

Maurene Watson author: The New Earth:
The Story of Love and Creation: 585-383-0829